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About Warren, Michigan

Warren, which is a part of Wacomb County, is the third largest city in Michigan, aka “The Wolverine State,” and, like Sterling Heights, it is one of Detroit’s largest metropolitan suburbs. In a family-friendly city that is politically moderate, Warren is often referred to as the “City of Progress.” Perhaps one of the more unusual things that this locale is known for is its annual Pumpkin Festival.

Warren is considered to be an excellent place to live for those who wish to lead a simpler life in the kind of place where neighbors are still quite “neighborly” with one another. Locals have easy access to the thriving metropolis of Detroit, which lies approximately 15 miles to the north of this suburb. In addition, this welcoming city features an abundance of green spaces, such as Shaw Park, which affords its residents the chance to pursue plenty of outdoor recreational activities.

While the City of Progress was initially more resistant to the legalization of recreational cannabis and the opening of recreational dispensaries, state laws eventually prevailed in 2018, and now there are numerous medical and recreational dispensaries, or “licensed provisioning centers,” as they’re officially known as in Michigan, located in the city. Plus, since the indoor and outdoor cultivation of marijuana is completely legal in all of Michigan, Warren’s locals can save money by growing their own female cannabis plants at home.

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Everything you need to know about female cannabis seeds and female marijuana plants
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Michigan’s Medical and Recreational Cannabis Cultivation and Possession Laws

In 2008, Michigan became the first Midwestern state to legalize medical marijuana and captured this title again by also being the first in the Midwest to legalize recreational cannabis.

In regards to Warren’s current cannabis laws, here is a general overview of things:

  • To apply for a medical marijuana card one must be a legal resident and at least 18 years old.
  • Recreational users must be 21+.
  • Recreational users are not restricted by a “per-day purchase limit” at provisional centers. Instead, the limit is 2.5 ounces per transaction. It is worth noting that the same law applies to medical users, provided they don’t exceed 10 ounces of medical cannabis in one month.
  • Both medical and recreational adult users may cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants per household, so long as the plants are being grown in a secure grow space that cannot be seen from a public viewing space.
  • Medical and recreational growers can keep 10 ounces of cannabis along with any harvested from growing at home. However, any amount over 2.5 ounces must be securely stored away, and we highly recommend that you store your cannabis buds in an airtight container to keep them fresh.
  • Licensed caregivers can be both a patient with their own medical marijuana card and also help as many as five other medical marijuana cardholders. In this case, the caregiver is legally permitted to cultivate as many as 72 female cannabis plants and have up to 15 oz. of marijuana in their possession, so long as they have all six medical cannabis cards.
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Our best tips and tricks for successfully cultivating marijuana outdoors
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When to Grow Indoors in Warren

With an outdoor growing season that goes from May until early October, it’s a good idea to have the right kind of dedicated space indoors for growing weed plants during Warren’s autumn and winter months.

Plus, while Warren’s environmental conditions during the spring and summer months are generally conducive to the growing of numerous strains, such as Grape Kush and Atomic Northern Lights, that thrive in daytime temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and moderate humidity levels, there are others like Blue Dream and Lamb’s Bread, which require a more tropical setting. For strains like these, you will probably want to grow your cannabis indoors, as indoor growing affords cultivators full environmental control over temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions.

Lastly, if you don’t have a lot of space for doing some indoor cultivation, you can always use a small grow tent or set up an unused closet as a space for growing your weed indoors.

Seed Types Available From Growers Choice Seeds

We at Growers Choice Seeds only sell feminized cannabis seeds in photoperiod and autoflowering form. The reason we do so is because, unlike regular seeds, feminized seeds have a 99% chance of producing all-female plants, which are what provide growers with cannabinoid-rich buds come harvest time.

In addition, all of our marijuana seeds are fully backed by our germination guarantee, which promises to replace any duds for free if 90% of the weed seeds fail to germinate. The only condition is that you must follow our exceedingly simple germination process.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds, such as Gelato and Warlock, are unable to transition from their vegetative growth stage to their flowering stage without their light cycle being changed from what is usually 18 hours of light per day and 6 hours dark per evening to that of a 12/12 schedule. As such, these types of seeds produce what are known as “photoperiod plants.”

It is also worth pointing out that while not all feminized cannabis seeds are autoflowering cannabis strains, all of our autoflower seeds are fully feminized.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds, like Ice Cream Cake and Nebula, have had the cannabis landrace strain of ruderalis added to their genetics. This addition is what gives them their fabulous ability to automatically flip to their flowering phase from their vegetative stage based on their age and not their lighting conditions.

Furthermore, auto seeds tend to produce female plants that are faster-growing, smaller, and more resilient than their feminized photoperiod counterparts.

Cannabis Growth Stages

In the sections below, we go over the various stages of cannabis growth after your seeds have completed their initial germination stage.

The Seedling Stage

Once you have successfully germinated your feminized or auto seeds, they will enter what is known as their seedling stage, which usually lasts anywhere from 10-15 days. The way that you will know that your weed plants have completed their seedling stage is when their leaves have developed seven full “blades” or “fingers.”

A young cannabis seedling with its roots
An in-depth look at the seedling stage of a cannabis plant
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The Vegetative Stage

The vegetative growth stage is an incredibly important period in the life cycle of a cannabis plant. Depending on the type of landrace or hybrid strain you have planted, whether you are growing your marijuana indoors or out, and if it’s a feminized or autoflowering strain will all determine how long the vegetative phase lasts.

To make things really vague, the vegetative period of a cannabis plant can last from as little as a week to as long as six months! However, as a general rule of thumb, indoor plants usually have a 4-8 week vegetative phase, and autoflowering strains tend to have a shorter vegetative period regardless of whether you are raising them as indoor or outdoor plants. In addition, indica-dominant strains usually need to be kept in their vegetative period for longer than a sativa strain because indicas don’t tend to grow much more once they’ve entered their flowering time, whereas many sativas have the potential to triple in size once they start to flower.

Ensuring a solid vegetative growth stage for your cannabis crops is incredibly important for achieving healthy growth and an eventual successful harvest, as this is the time when the stems and branches of your plants more fully develop their structure and strength. This is also the time when you will want to make sure your plants are getting the nutrients they need. If you are growing them indoors in a hydroponic setup, the nutrients are administered with every watering, whereas if you are growing them in soil, then the nutrients tend to run out after 2-3 weeks, at which point you will need to feed them the right combination of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K), aka “NPK.” Just make sure that you don’t over or under-feed your plants as both can result in issues like nutrient burn, nitrogen deficiency, etc.

The Flowering Stage

Lastly, there is the flowering stage, which is the one that all cultivators eagerly anticipate, as the end of this period is when the buds of your marijuana plants are ready for picking. Eight to eleven weeks is a solid approximate estimate for how long your weed plants will take to complete their flowering period. Just like the vegetative stage, the exact amount of time varies from strain to strain and whether you are growing a feminized or autoflowering crop.

Some key indicators that your cannabis plants are in the final leg of the flowering stage and are ready to be harvested are provided below.

  • The trichomes on the buds will turn white and the resin will be amber in color.
  • Its white hairs, aka “pistils,” will start to darken and curl. Once, roughly, 70% of the pistils have darkened, it is time to harvest your buds and start to cure them!

One last important thing to mention before wrapping things up is that once your plants are nearing the end of their flowering period, you will likely need to stop feeding them any nutrients and only use neutral pH-balanced water, as this will help to flush any remaining nutrients from your crops. Doing so should help to improve your nuggets’ flavonoids.

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