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Buy Sterling Heights Cannabis Seeds in Michigan

Get to Know Sterling Heights, Michigan

Located in Macomb County, Sterling Heights is the second largest suburb in the Detroit metro and is the fourth largest city in the state of Michigan. It is located approximately 25 miles northeast of the Motor City of Detroit and is one of the state’s largest in regard to population and land area.

As is often the case with the suburbs, Sterling Heights is more conservative than the metro that it is a part of–Detroit. One example of this is that even in the autumn of 2022, this city suburb was still debating whether or not to allow cannabis dispensaries despite their being legalized in 2018. However, thanks to Sterling Heights’ location, easily obtaining both medical and recreational cannabis is not an issue as there are plenty of licensed provisioning centers, which is a Michigan-specific cannabis term for medical and recreational dispensaries, within a very short distance of the city.

In addition, those who call Sterling Heights home are legally permitted to practice outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation. As such, being able to buy cannabis flower from a neighborhood provisioning center isn’t exactly a hugely limiting issue. Furthermore, since we at Growers Choice Seeds offer a free and informative blog that includes everything you need to know to get started with cultivating healthy cannabis plants, and also provides instructions and info on how to make your own edibles, infusions, etc., having or not having a local provisioning center is hardly a problem for indoor and outdoor growers in Sterling Heights.

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How to make your own cannabis edibles and infusions at home
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Cannabis Laws in Sterling Heights, Michigan

The Wolverine State of Michigan wears the crown for being the first in the Midwest to legalize medical cannabis in 2008 for qualifying patients ages 18 and older, and recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over just ten years later. As a point of interest, “marijuana” is spelled as “marihuana” in all of Michigan’s official regulations and formal communications.

In the section below, we will quickly go over Michigan’s laws as they relate to the legalities of growing weed indoors and out in Sterling Heights. To find out more about purchasing, possession amounts, usage, etc. in the Wolverine State, please see here.

The legality of cultivating outdoor and indoor weed plants in Sterling Heights

Both medical and recreational users are allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants at their residence, so long as they are growing them in a secure grow space that is out of sight from the general viewing public.

Both groups of users may cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants in total per entire household. However, there is one caveat for medical marijuana users who are also licensed caregivers, in that a caregiver can be both a patient with their own medical marijuana card and also help a maximum of five other patients who each have their own medical marijuana card. In this specific scenario, the caregiver is legally allowed to grow a total of 72 female cannabis plants and have up to 15 oz. of marijuana in their possession, provided they have all six medical cannabis cards.

Sterling Heights’ Cultivation Climate

If you are planning on practicing outdoor cultivation in Sterling Heights, you can usually do so for just over 170 days, from the 1st of May until the 20th of October.

In terms of environmental conditions, like temperature and humidity levels, Sterling Heights has a humid continental climate that sees warm, humid summers. Traditionally, July is the hottest month where temps usually peak in the low- to mid-80s (Fahrenheit), but have been known to hit the low 90s. As such, the outdoor growing of marijuana is completely feasible, and once the first frost of the year approaches you can simply switch to growing your cannabis indoors.

How to Grow Weed Indoors for Novice Growers

Speaking of transitioning to indoor cannabis cultivation during autumn and winter months in Sterling Heights, provided below are some of the most important basics you’ll need to invest in and consider for growing healthy indoor weed plants.

  • Grow lights: Since Sterling Heights growers are restricted to a maximum of 12 plants per household, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be cultivating your cannabis crops in a large indoor space where you will need to use high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. Assuming that you’re growing in a relatively smaller space, like a grow tent or a room in your basement, then using fluorescent or LED lights are both viable lighting options. You will need to make sure that your grow space is 100% “light-tight.” This means you don’t want any of the light to be able to “leak in” when your feminized photoperiod plants need their specific hours of darkness during their vegetative growth stage and flowering phase.
  • Ventilation: Unless you’re a commercial grower, an everyday fan should more than suffice as a source of air circulation that helps to prevent mold and mildew from forming on your indoor crops, which like all living things, require fresh air. In addition, if you are growing a particularly pungent strain, using an exhaust fan, or even a small window fan that pulls air out, can help in the redirection of airflow.
  • Temperature and Humidity Levels: While Sterling Heights isn’t excessively humid, it definitely gets enough humidity in the summer and snow in the autumn and winter, so using a dehumidifier would be a good idea. If you happen to be growing your indoor weed plants in a larger space, like your entire basement or garage, you may want to consider installing an a/c and heating window unit.
A hand holding scissors and topping a cannabis plant in its vegetative stage
A look at the question of: “Is it worth topping your marijuana plants?”
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Other Things to Consider When Practicing Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

  • Containers: The three main areas to keep in mind when you are selecting a growing container for your indoor weed plants are: space, drainage, and oxygen flow. Advanced growers recommend starting off with a 1-gallon pot, and then as your indoor plants mature, you can move them to a larger container like a 5, 7, or 10-gallon pot.
  • Growing Medium: If you’re a novice grower, you will probably want to choosing seed strains that can be grown in some good quality soil before attempting other indoor mediums like hydroponics, aeroponics, and so on.
  • Training and Topping: Once you’ve started gaining more confidence with growing low-maintenance strains that only require things like healthy nutrient solutions and some basic trimming of their larger fan leaves, etc., you can then move on to ones that require a bit more care, involving things like training methods, such as Sea of Green (SOG), Screen of Green (ScrOG), and topping.

Landrace and Hybrid Cannabis Strains

You’ll often hear cannabis terminologies like “landrace” and “hybrid” bandied about when reading or talking about various marijuana strains.

In brief, landrace strains are either:

  • 100% pure indicas, like Master Kush and Hindu Kush, which mainly hail from countries in Asia and India. They are generally known to induce deeply relaxing and sleepy effects and to mature into short and bushy plants.
  • Or they are pure sativas, like Pineapple Thai and Durban Poison, which are traditionally found in Equatorial regions like Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, southern India, etc. Sativa strains will usually leave users feeling more energetic and alert and produce plants that can well exceed 12 feet in height.

If you’re curious to find out more about the various hallmark traits in terms of structure and effects when it comes to indicas vs. sativas, make sure to click on the link provided.


Hybrid cannabis strains are any varying combination of an indica and sativa, or of indica, sativa, and ruderalis. For example, there’s indica-dominant Purple Punch, sativa-dominant Schrom, and then there are strains like MK Ultra that are an even 50/50 blend of indica and sativa. A good example of a hybrid that contains ruderalis, which is known as an “autoflowering strain,” is Haze XL.

This blending of indica and sativa genetics serves to provide both users and growers with the best traits of each when it comes to their effects, growing needs, and characteristics.

For example, if you are an indoor grower but don’t have a very large grow space for growing a pure sativa as an indoor plant, then a strain like Grapefruit, which has a sativa-to-indica ratio of 70:30, is a prime candidate for indoor growing as it offers the rousing effects of a sativa in the form of short indica-like plants.

Close-up of a very young cannabis plant in its seedling stage, growing in soil
Feminized photoperiod seeds vs. autoflower seeds

Why buy your marijuana seeds in Sterling Heights from Growers Choice Seeds

Numerous cultivators from novices to experienced growers in Sterling Heights consistently choose Growers Choice Seeds as their number one seed bank for procuring all of their favorite weed seeds.

The reasons that so many growers rely on us are manifold. For starters, we offer an extensive selection of top-notch feminized cannabis seeds that are fully backed by our germination guarantee that pledges if 90% of your marijuana seeds fail to germinate we will replace the duds for free, so long as you follow our easy germination process. As if this isn’t enough already, we feature regular rotating sales on a wide variety of our seed strains, and ship orders out quickly in discreet packaging.

Another thing that Sterling Heights residential growers greatly appreciate about us is that we only sell feminized cannabis seeds in photoperiod and autoflowering seed form. The reason we do this is because feminized seeds have a 99% chance of blossoming into all-female plants that provide the THC– and/or CBD-rich buds that most growers and users are seeking. This is also why we do not sell regular seeds, as they produce both male and female plants, and, long story short, male plants are generally only useful to breeders and the most advanced growers who need to utilize them as pollinators in the creation of new strains. So, when you buy your seeds from us, be they photoperiod or auto seeds, you can germinate and plant them knowing you have an almost 100% likelihood of cultivating female plants only.

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