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Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Jack Herer 55S / 45I 18% THC Daytime
Moby Dick CBD 60S / 40I 5%/5% Anytime
Northern Lights Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S 19% THC Evening

Order Midland Cannabis Seeds Online for Delivery

To get cannabis seeds delivered to your door quickly, order your seeds online from Growers Choice Seeds. We have the finest selection of cannabis seeds for sale anywhere online, all fully feminized and competitively priced. As the best place to order Midland cannabis seeds online, we’re excited to bring you high quality cannabis seeds from around the world. All of our seeds are supplied by experienced cannabis cultivators with decades of experience growing marijuana plants and producing seeds for the industry. Find your favorite strains in our online inventory and check out using our secure server and your payment method of choice. We’ll ship your cannabis seeds right to your door using our fast and discreet delivery, with tracking available on every order so you’ll know exactly when your seeds are arriving. Shop now to find the seeds that are right for you and find out what makes us the best place to buy cannabis seeds in Michigan today.


Is it Legal to Grow Recreational Cannabis in Michigan?

As of December 2018, recreational cannabis is officially legal in the state of Michigan. Medical marijuana legislation has also been in place for several years. The state provides for access to legal cannabis via local state licensed dispensaries. Additionally, adult residents of the state may choose to grow their own cannabis plants for either medicinal or recreational use. Individuals can cultivate up to 12 total cannabis plants, at any stage of maturity, on their own property. Cannabis plants can be cultivated in either outdoor areas or in indoor growing rooms. Marijuana plants grown outdoors must be blocked from public view by a fence or other structure. Now that cannabis is broadly legal in Michigan, there’s no reason not to grow your own cannabis plants. It’s easier than you might think. Growers Choice Seeds carries a huge selection of easy to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds to help you get started.

Best Indica Dominant Weed Seeds For Sale

If you’re looking for a relaxing experience from your cannabis, then opt for one of our indica dominant strains. Indicas are known for their relaxing, calming effects, and are best enjoyed before bedtime. Our favorite indica weed seeds right now are

Try any of these great indica dominant weed seeds from Growers Choice Seeds today.

Buy High Quality Cannabis Seeds Online Today

For the best cannabis seeds online delivered fast, choose Growers Choice Seeds. We’re the number one place to buy Midland cannabis seeds online, with dozens of strains in stock today. Order online now for fast and discreet delivery right to your doorstep in as little as one week.

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Germination Guarantee for Peace of Mind

When one of my seed packs failed to germinate altogether, I made sure to reach out to the customer service team. They were able to get replacement seeds sent out to me through their germination guarantee. Now my plants are growing well!