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Buy Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Michigan

Ever wonder why Growers Choice is better than local seed banks in Michigan? Growers Choice offers the best cannabis strains and the most potent genetics the world has to offer. The best seeds are sourced from across the US, and other parts of the world such as Amsterdam and Spain so we can bring you the best of the best. Whether you are looking to make THC extracts on your own, or smoke resin covered buds with the strongest terpenes, growing your own cannabis in Michigan has never been easier with Growers Choice.

Here are some tips on the best cannabis growing methods in Michigan, along with indoor cultivation. We will also go into why feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds are advantageous for growers in Michigan, and discover the most popular cannabis seeds in Michigan.

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

The cannabis plant has been around for a long time, so long in fact that we can’t really know. What we can know is that many people enjoy the output of the cannabis plant. That’s because the marijuana plant is cannabis. All your favorite weed plants have been of cannabis origin. If you would like to become an at-home cannabis cultivator, instead of buying your cannabis products cultivated and distributed by somebody else racking up a real profit, it makes sense to start with cannabis seeds.

Now, all marijuana seeds and weed seeds are cannabis. However, if you don’t have much of a history with cannabis, you might not know that hemp, sometimes called industrial hemp because it is used for, well, industrial means more than anything else, is also cannabis. The key difference between a marijuana plants and an industrial hemp plant comes down to the definition of hemp. In essence, it boils down to THC, the psychoactive chemical compound that makes your favorite marijuana strain have psychotropic effects on your cerebral perception. The definition of hemp is about the THC percentage found in the plant.

If a cannabis plant falls below a certain level of THC content, it meets the definition of hemp, because it is essentially not smokeable for psychoactive purposes, and as such is not treated as a controlled substance in the same way. Of course, those in the cannabis industry know at-home growers aren’t looking to grow hemp, so when you see cannabis seeds for sale, they are almost definitely weed seeds or marijuana seeds, such as it is.

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Why to Grow Your Own Cannabis Crop in Michigan

If commercial growers are out there doing their thing, and you can go buy weed plants cultivated by somebody else, why bother with the pot seeds to grow your own plants? Well, if we can romanticize for a bit, isn’t there something nice to the idea of planting marijuana seeds, tending to your plants, and then enjoying the fruits of your labor? Hey, people have gardens for a reason. To be more practical, the marijuana industry has to turn a profit, and people have to be paid properly.

When you buy marijuana products from a dispensary, you are paying for the time and labor being done by marijuana industry professionals. When you buy seeds, though, a lot less effort goes into that, so seeds are cheaper. Considerably cheaper. An at-home marijuana garden will save any fan of cannabis quite a bit of money in the long run. If you don’t want to mess with the outdoor conditions, then you can always eschew outdoor cultivation and be an indoor grower. That is quite popular, all in all.

Different Kinds of High-Quality Seeds

Aside from the wide variety of marijuana strains out there, there are a couple of different types of marijuana seeds to know as a beginner grower. First, feminized seeds are vital for the at-home grower. You want a marijuana garden full of fully feminized seeds. The reason for this is that only female marijuana plants have buds, which is what you harvest to smoke and enjoy. Feminized marijuana seeds can almost guarantee you female plants, and it’s not just about getting buds. A male plant will, in time, fertilize your female plants, hindering your yield and your harvest. Feminized marijuana seeds are the way to go.

The other type of seed to know is the auto-flowering seed, sometimes called an “auto seed.” Your typical cannabis plant is photoperiod. That means they flower based on exposure to a certain light cycle. Auto seeds, though, flower based on the age of the plant. This can make auto-flowering seeds an ideal choice for novices, but if you have limited space for indoor growing, you may also find auto-flowering seeds an ideal choice, as they produce compact plants.

Michigan Cannabis Laws

Before delving into growing their own plants, Michigan-based growers should know the laws. The federal government of the United States has left it to said individual states to set their own laws. Will there be legal repercussions if you decide to grow your own plants in Michigan?

In 2008, medical marijuana was legalized in Michigan. Of course, that only allowed medical marijuana patients access to legal cannabis. Then, in 2018, marijuana laws changed again thanks to a vote. Recreational marijuana was legalized in 2018, paving the way for adult-use cannabis across the state. You are allowed up to 10 ounces of marijuana at your home, but the cultivation laws also changed. You can grow up to 12 cannabis plants at one time, giving Michigan some of the best cannabis laws for users, as well as growers.

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Finding an Online Seed Bank

How do Michigan-based growers of cannabis get their seeds? Most of them use an online seed bank. If you find a reliable seed bank, you will be able to have high-quality marijuana seeds shipped right to you quickly and discreetly. Be on the lookout for quality customer service, such as germination guarantees, lab-tested seeds, and so on.

Whether you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, or for recreational reasons, we recommend going with an online seed bank for the sake of convenience, selection, and quality. It’s the easiest, most secure way to get your hands on the best seeds. If you have not used cannabis for medicinal reasons in the past, you may want to give it a shot as well. Anecdotal evidence in research suggests that marijuana might help in addressing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and much more.

At this point, Michigan has plenty of experienced marijuana users, but now it is time for more at-home growers to get in the mix. It’s legal, and with the help of a reliable online seed bank, it’s easy. From Detroit to Grand Rapids to Marquette, you can order up seeds for your favorite strains, and get to growing, be it indoors or outdoors. Cannabis seeds are the best way to get the most out of the cannabis plant.

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Learn how to grow cannabis outdoors
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