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Can I legally buy pot seeds in Plymouth?

Not only are you allowed to legally buy cannabis seeds in North America, but Massachusetts allows you to grow up to six plants! Plus, you can even carry up to one ounce on your person.

Where to buy Cannabis Seeds in Plymouth

When you’re looking for Plymouth cannabis seeds, Growers Choice is the only seeds. Not only do we have a number of strains for you to choose from, we also have a 90% germination guarantee. Use our THC and CBD charts to find which variety is best for you, and you’re halfway to getting your seeds delivered right to your mailbox!

We are dedicated to providing you with only the best for your garden. Our weed seeds are all feminized, so you are sure to be harvesting marijuana buds in no time. The Growers Choice website has growing tips to get you started. What are you waiting for?

Buy Plymouth Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts

Cannabis and leaf septoria

Leaves looking yellow and brown? Your cannabis plant may have leaf septoria which causes the lower branches of the scab and turn yellow before it spreads. Usually, this disease shows up in the summer when high temperatures and moisture can leave the leaves damp. It can also be caused by nitrogen deficiencies. It won’t kill the plant, but it can affect its yields. Be sure to remove the leaves and spray with a fungicide to slow down the disease from spreading.

What is the cannabis vegetative state?

The vegetative stage of your weed plant refers to the development of your plant before it produces flowers. The vegetative state can take up to six months to complete, although indoor plants generally range from 4–6 weeks. During this stage, your cannabis plant will need to be kept warm and be provided with plenty of light. As well, humidity is good for your plant. Be sure to read up on how to set your plants up during the vegetative stage to promote healthy growth.

Plymouth sightseeing

Welcome to Plymouth! If you’re not sure where to start your visit, start where the pilgrims did at the Plimoth Plantation. The original settlement for English settlers in the 17th century, this place has made history. From here, you can actually see the Mayflower II. You can even head down to Plymouth Rock and Pilgrim Memorial State Park, the landing spot of the pilgrims. You can climb aboard and imagine what it may have been like to travel like the pilgrims. Sticking to the historical circuit, the 81-foot-tall National Monument to the Forefathers is an incredible sight. You can also tour a series of historical houses that these settlers built and lived in. Wow!

Emulate those impressive settlers by using one of their go-to herbal remedies: healing marijuana flowers grown from our own cannabis seeds.

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Quality, Quality, Quality

Quality is the number one thing that I look for when purchasing from a company I’ve never bought from before. The Growers Choice germination guarantee certainly caught my attention, but I didn’t even need it. All 4 plants I planted sprouted.

Jazzmine L., Plymouth, MA

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