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Buy Lynn Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts

Lynn, Massachusetts: The City of Firsts

With a reputation for being an epicenter of sorts for innovation, which includes being the place where the first jet engine in the country was built in 1942, Lynn proudly bears the nickname of “City of Firsts.”

As the largest city in Essex County, the coastal city of Lynn is only 10 miles to the north of Boston. It is a culturally diverse city that is proud to say it is home to the third largest Cambodian community in the country and where almost one in five of its population are Latinx–with the majority being of Dominican descent. Thanks to its rich mix of ethnicities, Lynn features fabulous cuisines from all over and incredible events like the Khmer Cambodian New Year and the St. George Greek Orthodox Festival.

As a moderately liberal city that offers its users a fabulous urban suburban kind of vibe, Lynn, like all of Massachusetts, is also a legal safe space for those who practice the indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis plants. Plus, the fact that Lynn has a frost-free growing season that ends around mid-October and starts as early as May 1 and as late as May 10 means that outdoor growers have approximately 5-5.5 months to grow their marijuana plants outside if they so choose.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis Cultivation Laws in Lynn, Massachusetts

To become a qualified patient in Massachusetts, including in Lynn, individuals must be 18+ and be approved by their healthcare provider, or even a licensed physician online, to legally access medical marijuana. Once they receive their medical marijuana card, medical users can legally cultivate a maximum of 12 weed plants in their flowering stage and 12 in their vegetative growth stage. On top of this, those who have received a Hardship Cultivation license can grow enough indoors or outdoors for a 60-day supply so long as it does not exceed 10 ounces.

Those who are 21+ can legally cultivate up to six cannabis plants at home, or 12 marijuana plants in total per household.

Cannabis Growth Stages

If you are a first-time grower, you must understand a bit about the different stages of cannabis growth from the germination stage to harvest time.

A person spraying her tall indoor cannabis plant with water
A guide for beginner growers of cannabis
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The Germination Stage

When you receive your high-quality cannabis seeds, like Bruce BannerDiesel, Berner’s Cookies, etc., from Growers Choice Seeds they will arrive to you in their ungerminated state. While the germination process may sound like something requiring a background in horticulture, it’s actually so simple that even a child could successfully do it!

In fact, if you follow our simple and pennies-cheap germination method provided here, all you will need are the following items: a glass of distilled, rain, or spring water that is lukewarm; some paper towels, and a plate or tray.

Plus, all of our feminized cannabis seeds–be they photoperiods or autoflowering strains–not only have a 99% likelihood of providing growers with bud-producing, all-female plant, but they are fully backed by our germination rate guarantee that promises if 90% of your weed seeds fail to germinate, we will replace the duds for free.

An autoflowering marijuana plant  growing outside in the light and shadows in an aqua-colored planter
The main differences between feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds
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The Seedling Stage

Once you have successfully germinated your feminized marijuana seeds, they will enter their seedling stage, which usually lasts anywhere from 10-15 days. The way that you will know that your weed plants have completed this stage is when their leaves have developed seven full “fingers.”

If you live in Lynn and are planning on doing some outdoor growing, you may want to get your seedlings going indoors before the outdoor growing season starts in May. This allows you to get a bit of a jump on things and also means that various critters and insects won’t be gobbling up your marijuana seeds before they have a chance to take root.

A cannabis plant displaying signs of nitrogen deficiency in part demonstrated by its yellowing leaves
The signs, symptoms, and solutions for addressing nitrogen deficiency in cannabis plants
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The Vegetative Stage

The vegetative growth period is a vital period in the life cycle of a female cannabis plant. Providing your crops with all the care they need during this time is key to achieving healthy plants and a successful harvest. This is also the time when you will want to make sure your indoor and outdoor plants are getting the nutrients they need. For example, if you are growing them indoors in a hydroponic setup, the nutrients are administered with every watering, whereas if you are growing them in quality soil, then the nutrients tend to run out after 2-3 weeks, at which point you will need to feed them the right combination “NPK,” which stands for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K).

As for how long the vegetative phase will last, factors like whether you are growing a landrace or hybrid strain, if you are growing your cannabis indoors or out, and if it’s a feminized or autoflowering strain will all come into play.

Although the vegetative growth stage of a pot can greatly vary, indoor plants tend to spend 4-8 weeks in this stage, and autoflowering seed strains tend to take less time no matter if you are growing your marijuana indoors or outside. Also, indica-dominant strains usually need to be kept in their vegetative stage longer than a sativa strain because indicas don’t tend to grow much more once they’ve entered their flowering phase, whereas a good majority of sativas can triple in size once they’re in their flowering stage.

The Flowering Stage

Lastly, there is the flowering stage, which is the one that all outdoor and indoor growers look forward to because the end of this period culminates with reaping a, hopefully, successful harvest. Just like the vegetative phase, the exact amount of time that the flowering period will last varies from strain to strain and whether you are growing feminized or autoflower seeds.

Some of the main signs that your pot plants are ready to be plucked are provided below.

  • The trichomes on the buds will usually turn white and their resin will be amber-hued.
  • Their white pistils will start to darken and curl, and once 70% of them have darkened, you should be able to harvest your buds and start the drying and curing process.

Experienced growers recommend that you stop feeding your outdoor or indoor plants once they are coming to the end of their flowering stage and only use neutral pH-balanced water. Advanced growers say that doing so tends to help improve their flavor profile.

Where to Buy High-Quality Seeds in Lynn, Massachusetts

With so many online seed banks in existence, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing which are considered to be trustworthy purveyors of weed seed strains. As such, allow us to introduce ourselves: We are Growers Choice Seeds, one of the most reputable seed banks around.

However, don’t just take our word for it, keep on reading to see why so many cultivators in Lynn from total novice growers to the most advanced growers consistently choose us as their one-stop shop for feminized and auto seeds.

  • Extensive Selection: We at Growers Choice have an incredibly diverse seed catalog of hundreds of top-notch feminized and autoflowering seeds that include rare, new, classic, award-winning, and popular strains.
  • Feminized Seeds: As touched upon earlier, we only sell feminized cannabis seeds that are photoperiods and autoflowers because they have an almost 100% chance of producing female marijuana plants that provide growers with THC- and/or CBD-rich buds. As an aside, this is also why we do not sell regular seeds, as they will produce both male and female plants. While breeders, commercial growers, and highly seasoned cultivators use male plants to pollinate the female mother plants when creating new strains, your average residential grower has little to no use for them.
  • Affordability: All of our incredible seed strains such as Purple Punch feminized seeds, Pineapple Express feminized seeds, and Corleone Kush autoflowering seeds, are priced at very fair rates. In addition, we offer discounts on our wholesale seeds, as well as regular sales on a rotating selection of all of our inventory.
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Quality cannabis seeds

I’ve never had much luck with my plants, because I constantly got male plants without knowing. A friend recommended Growers Choice because they have feminized seeds, and now I’ve got 2 plants growing right in my living room.

Michael H., Lynn, MA

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