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An Introduction to Lowell, Massachusetts

Once the home of the Pennacook, Pawtucket, and Wamesit Native peoples before being colonized by the English in the mid-1600s, Lowell, which is located along Merrimack River’s Pawtucket Falls, is now the fourth largest city in the State of Massachusetts.

Home to the Lowell National Historical Park, which was the first urban national park in the country and serves as an homage to the once-booming New England textile industry in the 19th Century and the so-called “Industrial Revolution,” Lowell is now considered to be a prime setting for both businesses and residents thanks to its close location to Boston, which is just 27 miles away.

Known for being the birthplace of Beat poet and novelist Jack Kerouac, Lowell boasts a vibrant arts scene, a culturally diverse population, charming cobblestone streets, and… a welcoming setting for those who are users and growers of cannabis for medical and/or recreational purposes!

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Laws in Lowell

In 2012, Massachusetts legalized the use of cannabis by qualified patients for medical conditions–making it the 18th state in the country to do so. Despite it taking some time for these laws to go into effect, by the end of 2015 qualified patients with medical marijuana cards were able to legally access medical cannabis products.

Just one year later, in November 2016, state voters took things one step further by making Massachusetts the seventh state in the U.S. to fully legalize recreational marijuana.

Three small female cannabis plants in their vegetative stage
An exploration of the vegetative stage of a marijuana plant
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Medical Marijuana Cultivation Laws in Lowell

  • To become a qualified patient in Lowell, and all of Massachusetts, an individual must be 18+.
  • A licensed healthcare provider must determine that a person meets the criteria for becoming a qualified patient.
  • Qualifying patients are allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants that are in their flowering phase and 12 that are in their vegetative growth stage.
  • Qualified patients with a Hardship Cultivation license may cultivate enough weed plants at home for a 60-day supply (no more than 10 ounces).

Lowell’s Recreational Cannabis Cultivation Laws

  • To be a legal adult user, one must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Individual adult users are permitted to grow a maximum of six female cannabis plants at home.
  • Households with more than one adult user may grow up to 12 weed plants in total.

Landrace and Hybrid Cannabis Strains

If you’re relatively new to the world of marijuana strains, you may be wondering what cannabis terminologies like “landrace” and “hybrid strains” even mean.

Without getting too heavily into the biology of it all, landrace strains of cannabis are either a pure indica, like Purple Kush, or a pure sativa, like Panama Red. Hybrid cannabis strains, such as indica-dominant Black Cherry Punch, sativa-dominant Cat Piss, and evenly-balanced White Russian, are any varying combination of the two. In addition, some, like autoflowering feminized Diamond OG, also contain ruderalis.

However, before we talk more about hybrids, let’s make sure you have a sense of what the differences between indicas and sativas are.

Indica Strains

Indica landrace strains are mainly found in Asia and India, and generally provide cultivators with short, bushy plants that rarely exceed 3-4 feet in height–making them especially advantageous to indoor growers with a limited grow space.

Indicas usually have a short flowering time of 6-9 weeks and are known for producing small, round buds that are very tightly packed together.

In terms of effects, indicas are what causes users to feel “stoned” with their relaxing, and often, sedative effects that many refer to as “couch lock.” As such, indicas are best used in the evening when your only real plans include going to sleep.

A female-presenting person of Asian descent surrounded by outdoor cannabis crops and recording data on a clipboard under the soft glow of sunlight
Most everything you need to know about growing weed outside
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Sativa Strains

Sativa plants, which are generally found in Equatorial regions like Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, and South India, grow to be quite spindly and much taller than indicas–averaging six feet in height, but with some reaching 12-20 feet tall! As such, sativas tend to make for better outdoor plants than indoor ones–unless you have vaulted ceilings!

With a longer flowering stage than indicas, sativas can take anywhere from 8.5-13 weeks before they’re ready for harvesting. The buds that they produce are also the total antithesis of those of an indica as they are elongated and very loose, or “fluffy,” in their structure.

Effects-wise, sativas are particularly popular strain choices with wake-and-bakers as they tend to impart cerebral euphoria and a boost in mental, and sometimes even, physical energy. As such, sativas tend to be best reserved for daytime use or when you need a pre-game boost before heading out for a night of happy revelry.


Now that you know the hallmark traits of sativas and indicas, let’s talk about hybrids, which are what the majority of strains are these days. Basically, a hybrid strain is simply any combination of a sativa and indica, or a sativa, indica, and some ruderalis. This blend provides users with the best traits of an indica and sativa both in terms of effects and cultivation.

For example, if you need to grow your cannabis as indoor plants but don’t have a lot of space while wanting the effects of a sativa, something like Royal Highness, which contains 60% sativa, will be perfect as its plants are short and compact like an indica.

Or, if you want the soothing effects of an indica without the heavy couchlock, an evenly-balanced strain like Pineapple or an indica-dominant hybrid like Kushberry, are just two of the fabulous options available via Growers Choice Seeds.

Where to Buy Quality Cannabis Seeds in Lowell

With so many online seed banks around it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the “right” one. So, to save you time, allow us to officially introduce ourselves: We are Growers Choice Seeds–your one-stop shop for all of your weed seed needs!

Not only do we sell a massive selection of only the finest quality cannabis seeds, but we back all of our seeds with a germination guarantee. Our guarantee promises to replace any duds for free if 90% of your marijuana seeds fail to germinate, as long as you use our simple and pennies-cheap germination method, which is provided in the section proceeding this one.

We also only sell feminized seeds, be they photoperiods or autoflowers, as they have an almost 100% likelihood of producing all-female plants! As if all of this isn’t good enough, we at Growers Choice provide fabulous deals on all of our seeds sold in bulk, and on a rotating offering of all kinds of top-notch, quality cannabis seeds that include new, rare, award-winning, niche, classic, and fan-favorite strains!

Close-up of a feminized cannabis strain in its flowering stage against a black backdrop
An in-depth look at the differences between feminized photoperiods and autoflowering feminized seeds
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How to Germinate Your Marijuana Seeds

Before you start growing your cannabis crops, you’ll first need to germinate your seeds so that they can enter their seedling stage.

Fortunately, doing so is exceedingly easy and affordable if you follow our simple germination method, which is provided below.

  • Items needed
    • A glass of lukewarm water that is distilled, rain, or spring water
    • Paper towels
    • A plate or tray etc.
  • Instructions
  1. Soak your seeds in water for 14-18 hours.
  2. After your seeds have finished soaking, place some paper towels onto a plate or tray and pour the water and the seeds onto the paper towel(s), making sure to drain off excess water.
  3. Fold the moist paper towel(s) over the soaked seeds so that they are fully covered.
  4. Set your tray of soaked and covered seeds in a dry, warm, and dark space with zero light leaks that is consistently between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. During this stage, keep your seeds moist by pouring more distilled, rain, or spring water onto the paper towels so that they’re saturated, but not “swimming” in water.
  6. Once your seeds have a taproot that’s 1/4 to 3/4 inches in length, you can then plant them in your grow medium be it soil, hydroponics, etc. Note that while it usually takes 3-7 days for the taproot to achieve the proper length, it can sometimes take up to two weeks.
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