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Cannabis in Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Aspiring cannabis growers looking to buy cannabis seeds in Dartmouth, Massachusetts have come to the right place. If you’re curious about developing your green thumb, we are here to provide the vital ingredients to a bountiful garden.

Surrounded by dense forests, the city of Dartmouth is ideally situated for city-dwellers looking to conveniently indulge in natural beauty and coastal views. It is also home to a budding cannabis community. Below, we delve into everything locals may want to know about nurturing a weed garden. 

Am I allowed to grow cannabis at home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts?

Indeed! Even though legal cannabis growing is still somewhat of a rarity (especially in comparison to legalized recreational use) Dartmouth residents live in a state that allows them to both enjoy and grow their very own cannabis. 

Specifically, residents may cultivate up to six plants at any one time so long as the grow space is within their private residence. We recommend Dartmouth locals research their local laws for additional details to ensure they have all their bases covered before planting their seeds.  

How do I know which strain(s) to grow? 

On the one hand, having access to the depth and breadth of strain seeds in our online library means there are plenty of options to meet a variety of preferences. From effects to THC levels, light cycles to flowering times, these details are all covered in each strain profile. 

Auto or photoperiod weed seeds? 

To narrow down the selection, consider whether you’d like photoperiod or autoflowering strains. All our marijuana seeds are fully feminized, which means they have a near-certain likelihood of producing exclusively female plants. Strains referred to as “feminized” on our site indicate a photoperiod plant. 

What are photoperiod plants? 

The name is a throwback to the Ancient Greek terms “phôs,” meaning “light” and “períodos” which translates to an “interval of time.”  Photoperiod cannabis plants develop based on the natural light cycles that occur between spring and fall. Quite literally, photoperiod cannabis plants require specific timeframes of light to prompt flowering and ensure a successful harvest.

Thankfully, LED lights and other grow lamps can emulate these natural cycles of direct sunlight during an indoor grow. While monitoring these light cycles demands a bit more of a hands-on approach than auto-flowering strains, it’s typically well worth the effort.

For instance, if your heart is set on Runtz Feminized cannabis seeds, we don’t recommend switching to an auto strain just to avoid manual adjustment of lights (unless getting an auto strain is your top priority). Ultimately the decision between autoflowering seeds and photoperiods is just one aspect you’ll weigh in on when selecting a strain. 

Auto-flowering Strains

Autoflower seeds tend to produce smaller plants that are generally a bit less delicate than photoperiod strains. As the name suggests, they flower based on maturity rather than light. 

We tend to recommend autoflower seeds for first-time growers or those who prefer smaller plants. Our seed catalog has a broad selection of auto strains, from indica-dominant beauties like White Tahoe Cookies Auto-flowering Feminized seeds to stellar sativa-dominant hybrids. 

Psychoactive Effects and THC

You’ve probably heard about two of the most famous cannabinoids in marijuana: THC and CBD. While they are both very well known, they achieve significantly different things. 

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is known for its psychoactive properties. This cannabinoid is what causes the euphoric high many people associate with marijuana. These effects will vary from person to person depending on their chemistry, but typically, one can expect elation, euphoria, relaxation, and an altered perception of time. 

Others report heightened sensory perceptions such as an enhanced experience of color, light, and sound. Ingesting strains with THC may also cause increased hunger (aka the munchies). 

Selecting a strain based on aroma

One of the most powerful qualities of cannabis is its impact on our olfactory systems. Every strain has its own unique scent. Depending on the terpene profile, your marijuana garden may emit one of the following aroma profiles. 

Floral and Herbal

Cannabis strains in this category are excellent for those who enjoy sweet and delicate notes. Oftentimes, strains that emit a highly floral scent contain the terpene linalool, such as Lavender Feminized seeds (also known as Lavender Kush). Gelato Feminized seeds, on the other hand, walk a fine line between floral and fruity, and are known for melding both scents into one. 

Bright and Fruity

Many cannabis strains greet you with a waft of fruity bliss. These strains are usually very easy to find, as their name usually hints at their aroma. Fans of citrus, tropical, or otherwise fruit-like notes may naturally be drawn to strains such as White Berry Feminized Seeds.

Fuel or Diesel-like

Unlike some of the more straightforwardly pleasant scents above, this category is more of an acquired taste (or rather, scent.)

While not everyone will naturally gravitate towards diesel strains, some find them unusually appealing. Strains with this quality often have the term “diesel” right in the name, and are therefore easy to spot. 

Earthy, Pungent, and Woody

Myrcene is another common terpene that is often associated with a soil-like, musky, or earthy scent. If you’re a fan of nature and enjoy the aroma of soil or forests, know we have a variety of strains for beginner growers that will delight your senses.

Specifically, you may want to explore strains known for their pine-like scent such as Jack Herer Feminized Seeds.

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Learn how to appreciate the aroma of cannabis 
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What should I know about the different stages of cannabis growth?

If you’re a beginner grower, one of the best things you can do before getting started is to review cannabis growth cycles. Read on for a brief explanation of each.

Germination Stage

This period lasts approximately three to ten days. We recommend soaking your seeds in a glass of water for roughly 14 to 18 hours, then pouring the water seeds onto a damp paper towel on a paper plate. (We suggest you simply pour the glass of water onto the towel itself; let any excess water drain off.)

One of the qualities that sets Growers Choice seeds apart is our industry-leading germination guarantee. So long as you follow the recommended method, we will replace any seeds that do not germinate free of charge. 

Seedling Stage

Once you plant your germinated seeds in your growing medium, their taproots will fasten themselves downwards and begin to grow roots. At first, you will see two small leaves grow. In turn, these leaves will each begin to sprout additional leaves. Keep an eye on this leaf growth; once you see seven in total, you’ll know your plants have entered the vegetative stage. Under ideal conditions, this process will typically take about two to three weeks. 

Cannabis seedling in pot
Learn about the seedling stage
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Vegetative Stage

The vegetative phase is where your plants do the hard work of growing bigger and taller. As a general rule, you can expect the vegetative stage to last somewhere between two weeks and two months. Throughout this period, your plants will develop their structure, stems, and leaves. 

Flowering Stage

During this period, your plants will produce bud sites. These sites are important as they are home to the majority of your plant’s cannabinoid production. The flowers themselves are the portion of weed plants that are ultimately dried and consumed thanks to their high cannabinoid content. 

The flowering phase is, arguably, the most visually magnificent of the cannabis growth stages. The buds tend to be quite beautiful, and once they’ve developed, signify a job well done.

Flowering times will vary from strain to strain. Some varieties are quite fast-flowering, while others are more drawn out. Auto-flowering varieties and indica-leaning marijuana strains tend to have a shorter cannabis flowering stage than photoperiod or sativa-dominant strains.

Harvest Time

How do you know when to harvest? Your best bet is to simply check the flowering time on the strain you purchased and then observe. There are a  few visual cues that signify your plants have completed the flowering stage. Oftentimes, the pistils will turn red, the resin will begin to darken, the stems will broaden, and the leaves will begin to yellow.

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Browse our recommendations for fast-flowering strains
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Why Growers Choice Seeds?

We welcome experienced growers and aspiring growers of all skill levels to our seed bank. To us, the cannabis cultivation process is fascinating for several reasons, including the variety of training techniques and strategies that can be used for healthy growth, which we have many articles about on our blog.

No matter your level of experience, there is one thing that all home growers need: high-quality seeds. Shiny, rich-colored seeds from a reputable seed bank ensure healthier plants and a more fulfilling experience. Thankfully, one of the best ways to buy cannabis seeds in Dartmouth, Massachusetts is right here at Growers Choice. Happy gardening! 

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