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Living the Good Life in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Chances are, far more people around the world are at least aware of Cambridge, Massachusetts than they probably are of larger U.S. cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma thanks to this historic city being the home of the upper elite and highly prestigious universities of Harvard and MIT.

It probably won’t come as a huge surprise that Cambridge is considered to be one of the top places to live in all of Massachusetts. What may come as a surprise, though, is that despite being one of the most highly-educated, affluent, and expensive cities in the States to live in, it is also exceptionally diverse scoring 98 out of 100 in its diversity score–making it far more diverse than other major cities in the nation.

Located in Middlesex County across the Charles River from Boston, Cambridge is so much more than its Ivy League schools and serves as a backdrop for many a well-known Hollywood film. It is home to the phenomenal Museum of Science, countless historical sites and squares, scenic nature walks, independent bookstores, fine dining, and charming cafes, and it also serves as the Head of the Charles Regatta–the largest regatta in the entire world. In addition, it is also home to a thriving cannabis cultivation scene since the possession, use, and growing of marijuana plants is fully legal in the State of Massachusetts.

The History of Recreational and Medical Marijuana Laws in Cambridge, MA

In 2012, voters said “Yes” to the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative, making their state the 18th in the nation to legalize the use of cannabis by qualified patients for medical conditions. However, as is often the case with any form of legislation, there were wrinkles to be ironed out and it wasn’t until the end of 2015 that qualifying patients began to be able to legally access Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs) to get their medical marijuana products.

Then, in November of 2016, Massachusetts became the seventh state in the nation to legalize the adult use of marijuana for recreational purposes, and just months later the first recreational sales in the state were made.

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An examination of the potential medical benefits of marijuana
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The Basics of Medical and Recreational Cannabis Laws for Cambridge

To become a qualified patient in Massachusetts, and therefore Cambridge, individuals must be 18+ and be approved by a physician to legally access medical marijuana from a dispensary. Once approved, they can cultivate a maximum of 12 marijuana plants in their flowering stage and 12 in their vegetative growth stage. In addition, those with a Hardship Cultivation license are allowed to grow enough marijuana for a 60-day supply, or 10 ounces, for their own use.

Those who are 21+ are allowed to buy adult-use cannabis flower and marijuana products, and can legally cultivate up to six cannabis plants at home, or 12 marijuana plants in total per household.

Why Cambridge’s Cultivators Buy Their Cannabis Strains from Growers Choice Seeds

While dispensaries in Cambridge do sell marijuana seeds, they don’t have the kind of extensive inventory that Growers Choice Seeds does, which is one of the big reasons that so many locals turn to us.

Other reasons that cultivators of all skill levels in Cambridge from first-time to experienced growers rely on Growers Choice for obtaining their high-quality cannabis seeds are described in brief in the subsections below.

Cost and Shipping

It pretty much goes without saying that our affordable prices and speedy and discreet shipping services are appreciated by customers everywhere, including in Cambridge.

Special Deals

We at Growers Choice Seeds offer discounts on all of our wholesale marijuana seeds for sale, as well as regular, rotating sales on a rich selection of landrace and hybrid strains.

Germination Guarantee

If 90% of your seeds do not germinate, we offer the highest germination rate guarantee in the industry, in which we promise to replace the duds for free, provided you follow our simple germination method.

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What to do if your cannabis seeds aren’t germinating
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Seed Types

We only sell feminized photoperiod and autoflowering feminized seeds because they have a 99% chance of producing all-female cannabis plants, which is what your typical at-home cultivator in Cambridge wants, as female plants are what provide cannabis cultivators with the cannabinoid-rich buds that are high in CBD and/or THC levels that they are seeking. We don’t sell regular marijuana seeds because they will produce both male and female plants, and are therefore mainly only useful to breeders who need the male pollinator plants for creating new strains.

Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

Feminized strains are photoperiods that require outside intervention with their light and dark cycle in order for them to transition from their vegetative stage to their flowering stage. This means that cultivators have to switch them from what is usually an 18/6 light cycle to a 12/12 schedule.

In a place like Cambridge, which has a good outdoor growing season in the spring and summer but an inhospitable environment in the autumn and winter months that require indoor growing, strains like indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Kimbo Kush and Golden Goat–a 65% sativa strain–are just two of our numerous excellent options for growing as indoor and outdoor plants in this area.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering feminized seeds are genetically imbued with the ability to automatically flip to their flowering phase from their vegetative stage without having their light cycle changed. They also usually produce plants that are faster-growing, smaller, and hardier than their feminized photoperiod counterparts thanks to the added presence of ruderalis in their genetic makeup.

Three prime examples of autoflowers with a shorter flowering time are Power Kush, Deep Purple, and Pez, each of which should both flower in about 7-8 weeks.

Cultivating Cannabis Crops in Cambridge

Cambridge gets all four seasons in full effect, with an annual average of just over 200 sunny days. With a frost-free outdoor growing season that usually starts sometime between the first and second week of May and ends anywhere from the 21st to 31st of October, outdoor cultivators in Cambridge have just under 210 days for growing their favorite strains outside before needing to transition to indoor growing.

With July traditionally being the hottest month in Cambridge, where temperatures tend to peak in the mid-80s but can climb into the 90s, strains like Platinum Wreck and Strawberry Lemonade should do well, as they do best in a setting where daytime temperatures hover between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips for Outdoor and Indoor Growers in Cambridge

Provided below are some basic cultivation tips for both indoor and outdoor growers in Cambridge.

Soil and Nutrition

No matter where you are planning to cultivate your cannabis crops, we should first make clear that one of the most important factors to ensure the successful, healthy growth of your outdoor and indoor plants is to use high-quality soil, as doing so will encourage root growth, nutrient intake, and the overall well-being of your plants.

Some of the main things you want to be mindful of when selecting soil are pH levels, consistency, and fertility. If the quality of your soil isn’t up to snuff in terms of its nutrient levels, you can usually just add manure or mulch to help remedy this.

Close-up of a hand with soil and planting a cannabis seedling in the ground
A look at what some of the best nutrients for cannabis cultivation are
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Outdoor Growing

If you are growing your marijuana plants outside, some things you will want to be mindful of are where you germinate your seeds, strain/climate match, and where you plant your seedlings–each of which we will cover in a bit more detail below.

Germinate Indoors

Cambridge can see as much as 60 inches of snow during its winter months and a frost-free season that doesn’t start until the first half of May. Germinating your cannabis seeds indoors allows you to get your seedlings going before the first outdoor planting day of the year. In addition, germinating indoors helps to prevent your seeds from being gobbled up by birds, squirrels, and insects.


What will grow well outside in Southern California isn’t necessarily going to thrive in a place like Cambridge, Massachusetts, which isn’t known for its tropical or Mediterranean-like summers. As such, when you are selecting a strain to grow outside in this locale make sure to read the product descriptions that we at Growers Choice Seeds provide with every one of our marijuana strains to see if its environmental needs match the actual weather patterns of Cambridge itself.


When planting your cannabis seedlings outdoors in Cambridge, you will want to think about which parts of your yard get the most sun, shade, breezes, protection from the elements, and so on. If you live in an apartment and are going to grow some plants on your balcony, but it doesn’t get much sunlight or wind, you may need to stick to indoor growing.

Indoor Growing Tips

Whether you prefer to grow your marijuana indoors year-round or just during Cambridge’s autumn and winter months when the temperatures are too cold, here are a few things you will need to know for putting together an indoor growing space. While the three areas listed below are far from everything you will need for your indoor setup, they are three of the most important factors you will need to be aware of.


Lighting is everything, especially if you are growing feminized photoperiod strains inside. Generally speaking, High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) light bulbs are the best option, but LED and metal halide lights can work too. It’s important that your bulbs have a minimum of 250 watts, but 400 watts and above is even better. In short, the stronger your lighting source, the larger, denser, and more plentiful your buds are likely to be.

Temperature and Humidity Levels

While every strain has its own needs, the general rule of thumb for an indoor grow room or tent is that the temperature should be somewhere between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The same applies to humidity levels in that, not all strains have the same needs, but generally speaking, humidity levels should be at 65% to 80% during the seedling stage, 55% to 70% during the vegetative stage, and 40% to 60% during the flowering stage.

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