Where to buy cannabis seeds in Massachusetts?

buy marijuana seeds in massachusetts

For cannabis seed aficionados, Massachusetts is the place to be!

From Boston Harbour and the infamous Tea Party to the millionaires playground of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts is easily one of the most eclectic states in America. Don’t let the accent fool you, because this state is arguably also one of the most learned – are museums to suit every fancy (the Boston Museum and JFK Presidential Library and Museum number among them), and a handful of some of the country’s most prestigious post-secondary institutions (like Harvard, MIT and Berkeley). No matter where you are in Massachusetts, here they know the benefit of supporting the burgeoning cannabis culture, and they know there’s no better place to get Massachusetts cannabis seeds than Growers Choice.

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Bruce Banner 40I / 60S 25% THC Daytime
Power Plant 20I / 80S 19% THC Daytime
AK Auto-Flowering 50I / 40S / 10R 19% THC Evening

Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Massachusetts

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If you are looking for Massachusetts cannabis seeds, search no further than Growers Choice. We’re proud to supply the highest quality cannabis seed, all of which are backed by an outstanding guarantee and our excellent customer service. All the seeds you purchase from us are covered by our industry-leading 90% Germination Guarantee. This promise ensures so long as you follow our simple germination method, if less than 9 out of 10 seeds germination (less than 90%), your investment is preserved! We will ship you replacement seeds, free of charge. Try Growers Choice today – you’ll be glad you did!

Get Massachusetts cannabis seeds?

In Massachusetts, you can either venture out to one of the state’s medical dispensaries, or you can visit the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds website and take advantage of our online catalogue. We carry a wide variety of cannabis seeds, both suited to recreational and medicinal purposes. Simply place your order and your seeds will be shipped directly to your home, no fuss, no muss!

Is it possible to be allergic to cannabis?

Cannabis can help headaches and relax muscles. It can ease anxiety and help you fall asleep. But unfortunately, some people are allergic to cannabis, just like they might be allergic to strawberries or hay. The main reason experts believe cannabis causes allergies is the pollen that it releases, which takes only the slightest breeze to waft throughout the air and right into your nostrils. It’s also possible some people are allergic to specific cannabinoids, such as THC. Whatever the reason, if you find cannabis gives you the sniffles but you’re determined to make it work for you, there could be ways around it. THC allergies could be bypassed with high CBD strains, while edibles might be a way around the pollen. Don’t give up!

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Can I grow weed seeds in Massachusetts?

At Growers Choice, we welcome all growers to try our weed seeds, regardless of their previous cannabis gardening experience. The product page for each of our 21 cannabis seed strains is outfitted with a detailed product description that outlines the qualities of the strain, as well as some growing tips and the medical conditions with which it is best aligned. And don’t forget to hop over to our Characteristics tab, which lists all the important information for each strain, including genetics, THC content, and growing difficulty.

Popular Seed Strains

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I Can’t Find Any Cannabis Dispensaries Near Me

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Medical cannabis is readily available for patients participating in the state’s medical marijuana program. Legalized back in 2012, qualifying patients who are 18 years and older can pick up a 60-day supply (about 10 ounces, give or take) of their favorite medical strains to treat certain debilitating medical conditions if they have certification from a physician. The same can’t be said for recreational cannabis use yet, however, as Massachusetts is still waiting for dispensaries to open their doors to the eager public. The groundwork for the retail pot industry is being laid as we speak, but retail sales aren’t expected until July 2018. Until then, you can’t buy it, but you can grow it and gift it!

Is it legal to use cannabis in Massachusetts?

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Cannabis is considered legal in Massachusetts, the state has decriminalized possession and usage. You can have up to an ounce of cannabis on your person at any given time without fear of penalty. In Massachusetts, you are also allowed to buy cannabis seeds and grow up to six plants, as long as the harvest is strictly for personal use.

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Blueberry Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S / 10R 16% THC Evening
Cheese Auto-Flowering 50I / 30S / 20R 10% THC Evening
Chemdog #4 80I / 20S 18% THC Evening

Is cannabis hard on a first-time user?

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Our Best Low-THC Strains

  1. Cheese Auto-Flowering
  2. Great White Shark
  3. Super Silver Haze
  4. CBD Blueberry (and our other two CBD strains, as well!)

Though we can’t say for sure exactly what you’re reaction to cannabis will be on first use, we do know that some cannabis strains-those higher in THC-can produce stronger effects than others. AK autoflowering has 19% THC, so we’d suggest going easy if starting on this strain because it can cause paranoia or a headache. American Haze is another high-THC strain, and a little goes a long way.

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