Baltimore, Maryland is a pretty cool place. Did you know that the Star Spangled Banner was written here? Or that Edgar Allan Poe, Billie Holiday, John Waters and Babe Ruth all hail from Baltimore? If you stop by, make sure to check out the National Aquarium – there’s a walk-through rainforest!, Port Discovery (for the kids), and the Baltimore Museum of Art. Or, explore a new hobby by collecting Baltimore cannabis seeds from Growers Choice.

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Is cannabis a good medical treatment?

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Considering Baltimore cannabis seeds? Here’s how cannabis can help you:

Depending on your personal constitution, cannabis can be used to treat a number of ailments. In fact,recent research has discovered that cannabis has been successful in alleviating symptoms associated with:

  • cachexia
  • anorexia
  • wasting syndrome
  • chronic pain
  • nausea
  • seizures
  • severe or persistent muscle spasms.

Find Your Favorite Seed Bank in Baltimore

Maryland doesn’t have much for dispensaries or regional seed banks, but Growers Choice ensures you don’t need either of these. Much better than a seed bank, Growers Choice carries only their own tried-and-true cannabis seeds, tended and harvested by horticultural and botanical experts with knowledge gleaned from decades in the industry. Why would you take your chances with marijuana seeds from a company that sells dozens of different brands when you can reach out to Growers Choice with any questions, and get assistance from a real customer service person?

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How can I get weed seeds in Baltimore?

For the time being, weed seeds are not available through medicinal dispensaries in Baltimore, however, you can still purchase premium quality cannabis seeds through Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online as adult souvenir products. We carry a wide variety of popular seeds, including Northern Lights, an indica-dominant strain with dark green leaves and bright purple flowers, and OG Kush, a mysterious strain that benefits from the effects of both sativa and indica.

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Ordering from Growers Choice is easy:

  1. Choose your seeds and add them to your cart.
  2. Enter your shipping and payment information, which is safely stored on our secure server.
  3. Sit back and wait for your cannabis seeds to arrive, quickly and discreetly.

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How can cannabis help treat eating disorders?


Cannabis encourages appetite, which is a constant struggle for people with anorexia.

The stereotype is true – cannabis is notorious for causing users to get “the munchies”, which can be an extreme boon to people suffering from eating disorders like anorexia or those suffering from a loss of appetite related to undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Cannabis safely stimulates the appetite by heightening your taste and smell senses, and it also affects the brain’s endocannabinoid system, which controls appetite. After medicating with certian strains, you’re likely to feel peckish, so make sure you’ve got a lot of healthy treats hanging around!

What’s New In Maryland Cannabis Legislation?

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Recently, government organizations in Maryland have been discussing the expansion of medical marijuana cultivation licences for business owners. In April, 2018, the House of Deegates allowed the issue of 20 new growing and processing licenses in a way that appears to make it racial disparity in the distribution less of an issue. Prior to this new approach, the clear bias of the licensing process was leaving the state open to legal attacks on the basis of equality.

Get Ye To The Auto-Flowers

Pondering autoflowering strains? We’d recommend not wasting another moment on contemplation and rushing straight to our fantastic selection of auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Whether you’re seeking general relaxation, relief from occasional headaches and stress, or something a bit more serious, we most likely have an auto strain to suit your needs. And if you already know your favorite regular variety, we could have that one in auto form, too! For instance, we’re proud to carry Cheese, Hindu Kush, and Northern Lights as premium, fully feminized auto-flowering options! What are you waiting for?

A Tour of a Maryland Cannabis Facility

Recently, a Maryland news agency took readers on a tour of one of the state’s licensed cannabis cultivation facilities. The aseptic space requires all entrants to wear protective suits, to keep the plants from getting sick – pesticides are not permitted during cultivation, so cleanliness is key. A specialized fertilzation room uses reverse osmosis to remove harmful chemicals from the water used in growing the cannabis plants, and computer technology adds the fertilizers needed for each plant and records essential information. In the genetics room, original plants are stored so clones or “cloves” can be taken from them and rooted to grow into more plants. LED lamps are everywhere, along with fans for heat and circulation, and every other conceivable addition one might expect in any state-of-the-art cultivation facility – regardless of what’s growing behind closed doors!

Is cannabis legal in Maryland?

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Purchasing cannabis seeds is legal in Baltimore.

In Maryland, the purchase and use of cannabis products is permitted for individuals registered under the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Patients so documented can hold up to a 30-day supply of prepared marijuana to treat conditions like cachexia, anorexia, severe chronic pain, glaucoma, nausea, and PTSD.

At this time, unfortunately, Maryland residents are not permitted to cultivate their own cannabis, though they can purchase Baltimore cannabis seeds from reputable sellers like Growers Choice, to keep as adult souvenirs or collectables.

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