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Move over Colorado! Marijuana lovers know that the new ‘it’ place for cannabis in Maine, is one of the first states on the East Coast to say ‘Yes’ to the green dress! As of November 2016, residents of the Pine Tree State are legally able (and ready and willing) to use and cultivate North America’s other, more contentious tree – cannabis. Is your mouth watering for some local lobster yet? Bring the cannabutter, the game is on! At Growers Choice, we’re all for the new laws allowing the planting of Maine cannabis seeds.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Maine?

If you’re looking for premium Maine cannabis seeds, look no further than Growers Choice – we’ll ship your order straight to your front door!

A highlight of the east coast, Maine is everything you’ve heard about on TV – idyllic scenery, rich in history, and the food? You’ve never had lobster quite like this. Situated along the Atlantic, Maine is the place to watch the leaves turn in fall at Acadia National Park or experience one of the most important historical homes of the nineteenth century at Victoria Mansion (also known as the Morse-Libbey House). Wherever you go in Maine, you can rest assured that your views on cannabis culture are well met here.

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Stephen Hawking Kush 80I / 20S 5% THC Evening
Holy Grail Kush 60I / 40S 22% THC Anytime
Avidekel CBD Medical 80I / 20S 2% THC Anytime

Is it legal to use cannabis in Maine?

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It’s legal in Maine to grow your own medical cannabis

Cannabis was decriminalized in Maine, and you can use or be in possession of up to 2.5 ounces without penalty. Medical cannabis is allowed under state law, as is cultivating your own cannabis plants for personal use, up to six plants. That means you can feel free to order Maine cannabis seeds from Growers Choice! Public consumption, however, is subject to a nominal fine, so we suggest limiting your personal and medicinal treatments to the comfort of your own or a friend’s home.

How do I know my cannabis seeds will germinate?

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Growers Choice cannabis seeds are covered by a 90% germination guarantee

Even the most amateur gardener can rest assured when purchasing Maine cannabis seeds from Growers Choice: your seeds will grow to produce healing buds come harvest time. We are so confident in our product that we back every sale with a 90% germination guarantee. If fewer than 90% of your cannabis seeds don’t germinate (these are natural products and some small degree of failure must be expected), we’ll ship you new ones to ensure your investment remains safe.

All you need to do to make sure your investment is covered by this awesome promise is follow our germination guide. Simple and straightforward, our guide recommends the water glass and paper towel method and walks you through each step with care. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this method, and you should see taproots sprouting from your seeds in a week or less. Some of our gardeners have reported soil-ready seeds in just two days! It’s well worth it to follow our guide because, for nothing more than a small shipping fee, we’ll replace the seeds that don’t sprout (beyond 90%).

Cannabis Seeds Maine Are Awesome

What Comes After Cannabis Seed Germination?

We’re so glad you asked! While germinating your seeds is vital and pretty straightforward,  it’s certainly not the end of the road! After those little seeds have sprouted their long, white taproots, it’s time to pop ’em into the soil or another growing medium and get this show on the road. After all – you want the big, beautiful, resinous buds they’re going to produce, right? Once you’ve tucked your seeds into their soil beds and covered them ever so gently with soil, and watered them just a bit, it’s sort of a waiting game till you see them burst through the surface. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week, and it’s important to practice patience and not go digging to make sure the seed is ok – that’s a good way to hurt them! Once you finally see a little shoot, you’ll know the wait is over, and you can start enjoying watching your seedling progress!

Can I get weed seeds in Maine?

Throughout the state of Maine, you will find a number of medical dispensaries carrying weed seeds, but when you want a great selection at your fingertips, visit Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. On our website, you’ll find a catalog of high-quality cannabis seeds in the palm of your hand. Purchase on the go! Our mobile site is easy to navigate, and we have representatives on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Cannabis Seeds Maine
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Can I grow medical cannabis in Maine?Marijuana Seeds Maine Are Available

From cannabis seeds, you can harvest cannabis that can be used for purely recreational purposes, or for its medicinal effects. Recreational users often look for cannabis strains higher in THC because of its psychoactive effects, while users looking for therapeutic effects are often seeking cannabis strains higher in cannabidiol, or CBD (though THC also has many medicinal properties), though there are definite medical benefits to strains containing moderately high levels of THC, as well. Growers Choice carries many high-THC and a few high-CBD strains of Maine cannabis seeds.

Buy cannabis seeds online in Maine

Your customers might ask you why they should buy feminized cannabis seeds instead of regular ones, especially since feminized varieties can be a bit more expensive. We’re happy to help you help them understand why it’s worth the few extra cents to choose seeds like those sold by Growers Choice. Feminized cannabis seeds are great for people who solely want to grow cannabis flowers or buds, for the purposes of smoking, vaping, baking, or making hash and other by-products. When you buy feminized cannabis seeds and begin the germination process, there’s no question about how many full-grown plants you’re going to end up with (besides possible deaths due to environmental factors).

Buy Mazar cannabis seeds—and have them delivered to your home

Cherish Marijuana Seeds In MaineMazar offers you a strong relaxed sensation that targets both the body and the mind. Because you’re unlikely to feel up to jogging or doing much productive work, this strain is best saved for evening or nighttime use. Depending on your body chemistry, you may experience some brightly psychedelic effects in the early stages of the Mazar high, fading into relaxation, or you might be quickly put to sleep. Though Mazar cannabis seeds are a great recreational choice, they also provide considerable medicinal benefits. The deep relaxation – sometimes progressing to a couch-lock effect – can aid sufferers of insomnia, and beat back the looming aggravation of stress and anxiety. If you feel the euphoric effects, you might find an uplifting of your mood and spirits, even as you are lulled to slumber.

Our high-CBD cannabis seed varieties:

  1. CBD Critical Mass
  2. CBD Moby Dick
  3. CBD Blueberry

Learn About Top 3 Cannabis Strains in Maine

Growers Choice cannabis seeds in Maine:

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
Mazar 80I / 20S 18% THC Evening
Great White Shark 75I / 25S 16% THC Evening
Marijuana Seeds Maine

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Most excellent work, ladies and gents. Awesome job on the covert package, and they were super fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend Growers Choice to grow your community. Cheers.

Thomas R., Maine
Rated 5 out of 5

Gotta love Maine for cannabis growing. But I’d still never get my seeds from anywhere but Growers Choice. Tangerine Dream, ordered like clockwork, and delivered the same way. You’ve got a long-term customer here.

Bruce R., Maine