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There has been a rising wave of cannabis adoption in many countries, following recent research into the medicinal values of cannabinoids and weed plants. Maybe there are certain clamp-downs on its recreational use, but medical marijuana is fast becoming a thing.

Not for the US feds, though. Federal laws in the US still declare cannabis a no-no, whether medical or recreational. Cannabis in any form is off-limits, as far as the federal government is concerned. But you, dear reader, don’t have to worry too much. Since states have the freedom to make their own laws, certain parts of the US allow people to use cannabis even though the substance is being heavily regulated.

Today, we will be looking at the legal stance on cannabis in Kansas. The Sunflower State has been somewhat behind in legalizing cannabis, preferring to stick with the federal stance on the cannabis industry. For now, at least. Let’s see what has changed; perhaps you might be able to enjoy your God’s Green Crack smoke after all?

Photograph of Kansas City, Kansas.
Kansas hasn’t legalized cannabis cultivation…yet. But it might happen sooner than you expect.
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Is Marijuana Legal in Lawrence, Kansas?

We will be straight with you; marijuana is illegal in Kansas. No buts. And yes, that’s a bummer, especially when you consider that the neighboring Colorado State has legalized both medical and recreational uses of marijuana products for over 10 years.

Kansas has one of the strictest legislations against the cannabis industry in the country, so you won’t be able to get that high you want in Lawrence. There are moderate to severe penalties for being caught in possession of any cannabis products or plants in Kansas. Unlike other states, employers in Kansas have it easy to schedule marijuana drug testing procedures for their employee prospects, provided they offer a conditional job offer first.

But there have been some revisions lately. Kansas State Governor Jeff Colyer signed SB 282 in 2018, allowing users to keep CBD products containing 0% THC. Just the following year, Governor Laura Kelly signed Claire and Lola’s law, permitting patients with debilitating medical conditions to hold CBD products containing less than 5% THC. Apparently, medical marijuana is gaining ground in even the strictest environments. It’s not so much, but baby steps…

Can I Grow Marijuana At Home in Lawrence?

As we all know, individual states’ legislations have different perspectives on cannabis and its use. The laws might be relaxed on the use of medical or even recreational weed, but growing weed is still a sore topic in many places.

Kansas is one of such places. Seeing as both medical and recreational cannabis are banned in Lawrence, you shouldn’t dabble in growing marijuana plants at home. So long as you are in Kansas, both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation are off-limits. The punishments range from Class B fines of $1,000 for first-time offenders to $2,500 for second-time offenders and 12 months in jail.

Just as you cannot grow marijuana in Kansas, you can’t bring any marijuana product from any other state into Lawrence, or any part of Kansas for that matter. The state’s legislation against cannabis covers possession, cultivation, and distribution; basically, the authorities in Lawrence (and Kansas) don’t want to see any cannabis on Kansas soil. (That Sour Tsunami blunt you’ve got could turn sour faster than you think!)

All that can change very quickly, though. The pressure is mounting gradually on the Kansas government and legislature to pass favorable marijuana bills into law, especially those concerning medical cannabis. Kentucky is the latest state to legalize medical cannabis in the US, and Kansas State Governor Laura Kelly seems to support the idea of a medical cannabis law.

So, fingers crossed for a turnaround in the cannabis industry in Kansas.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal In Lawrence?

The laws are strict–almost harsh–against cannabis in Lawrence, but you can still get cannabis seeds as a matter of novelty. So long as you don’t cultivate them, you are safe from any legal actions.

So while you are at it, it’s not a bad idea to get some background knowledge of what to do with marijuana plants and use to get legalized in Kansas. We know we have said you should not dabble in growing weed, but you can be sure that some Kansan green thumbs are already deep in the theories of cannabis cultivation. They are already getting in place for when the Kansas State Legislature passes the cultivation laws before they get their hands dirty (busy).

You can use the knowledge too; with cannabis legislation easing all over the country, you want to be prepared when the wave hits Kansas.

Rows of young cannabis plants in an indoor growth setup.
Photoperiod feminized plants need a specific amount of hours in light before they start flowering.
Source: CRYSTALWEED cannabis unsplash

Cannabis Seed Selection

If you’re new to the cannabis space, this is for you. If you are an old-timer, well, you’ve got yourself a refresher course.

Selecting your preferred cannabis is largely based on your preferences, although you have to consider the available resources, like space and ambient light while deciding which strains of cannabis seeds you want. And thanks to intensive agricultural research, any cannabis seed you get from us at Growers Choice is sure to sprout female plants.

The advent of feminized marijuana seeds has hastened the life cycle of cannabis cultivation. There are two forms of feminized seeds, depending on whether they need specific light intensity to form marijuana buds or not:

  • Photoperiod feminized seeds: These seeds will transition to flowering stages after they reach a range of hours of light exposure. Outdoor growers don’t need to worry too much about the change of light; they only need to ensure their plants get enough light during vegetative growth. Indoor growers will need to adjust the light exposure on their own.
  • Autoflowering feminized seeds: These seeds don’t need any change in light hours to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Once they are mature enough, they start to produce marijuana buds.

The auto-flowering strains are better suited to beginner cultivators. If you’re familiar with cannabis light cycles, you can get the photoperiod varieties.

Indica Vs Sativa Vs Hybrid Strains

Speaking of varieties, you will be stumped for choice with the vast weed seed collection at Growers Choice. We have the indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, each producing marijuana buds to serve different parts of the cannabis market.

Indica strains like Presidential Bubba Kush seeds grow to be short, bushy plants with numerous leaves. The indica cannabis buds bring a soothing, relaxing feeling, instead of the vibrant, energetic high from sativa strains. On the other hand, sativa strains like Sage N Sour autoflowering seeds grow into taller, more slender plants in their flowering stages.

You might want to cultivate a strain that is equal parts sativa, equal parts indica, and that’s where our diverse hybrid marijuana seed collection comes in. They could be sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant, and we sure have plenty of either category.

How to Store Your Cannabis Seeds

You do know you can’t plant those cannabis seeds after getting them, right? Not if you’re living in Lawrence. So your next best bet is to store them properly and prevent them from getting damaged or germinating.

Your cannabis seeds should remain under certain environmental conditions to ensure they are inactive and unaffected. Wherever you store them–pantry, storage containers–you need to maintain the following:

  • Temperature at 40 – 45 F
  • Low levels of humidity and moisture. Ensure the storage containers are dry and air-tight always.
  • Opaque containers prevent light from destroying the seed’s viability.

If you maintain these conditions for your cannabis seeds, they can remain viable for elongated periods, even years at a time. That way, you are prepared for cultivation as soon as it gets legalized in Kansas.

 Weed seeds stored in a jar.
What will it feel like to be the first cannabis cultivator in Kansas when the bill is passed?
Source: New Africa shutterstock

Cannabis is illegal in Kansas…but not for long!

Long story short; cannabis use, cultivation, and trade is illegal in Lawrence and all of Kansas. So don’t get any funny ideas. But since a lot of states are legalizing cannabis, especially for medical purposes, Kansas might soon relax its laws.

But till then, you can always learn the essentials of growing marijuana plants so you’re not miles behind when marijuana gets legalized. Plus, the law still allows you to have cannabis seeds for novelty, just not the planting bit. And Growers Choice is your go-to for high-quality cannabis seeds.

Our seed stock is not just quality; it’s diverse. So whether you’re looking for the classic Durban Poison or the trending Pineapple autoflower seeds, we’ve got your pick right here. Get your marijuana seeds today and follow the guide above on how to store them properly.


1. Is weed legal in Kansas?

No, cannabis in all forms is illegal in Kansas. The only legally accepted products are CBD products containing 0% THC and CBD products with less than 5% THC for patients with debilitating illnesses.

2. Is medical cannabis allowed in Kansas?

The only form of medical marijuana products allowed are CBD products containing less than 5% THC. Other forms, including recreational cannabis, are legal.

3. What is the punishment for possessing weed in Kansas?

First-time offenders are fined $1,000 for holding cannabis, while second-time offenders face 12 months in prison and a $2,500 fine.

4. Are cannabis seeds legal in Kansas?

You can possess cannabis seeds as long as you do not cultivate them or plan to grow them.

5. Can I bring cannabis from another state into Kansas?

No, the distribution and utilization of cannabis is illegal in Kansas.

6. Is THCA legal in Kansas?

Yes, THCA is legal federally and in Kansas.

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