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Brace yourself, you’re about to learn something new – cannabis is an effective and fast-acting topical analgesic. That’s right, cannabis creams (and gels and lotions) are a thing, and they’re pretty neat. Mind blown? We thought so. You can make marijuana topicals at home too, just start with plants you’ve grown yourself from Urbandale cannabis seeds bought from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds (we’re headquartered in California but deliver anywhere in the United States).

What is a cannabis topical?

It should come as no surprise that, as the demand for high quality and effective cannabis products increases, creative gardeners would figure out how to infuse our favorite cannabinoids (namely THC and CBD) into creams and lotions to provide localized pain relief. These products are made by combining plant material with a carrier base like coconut oil (in the case of THC, it has to be a fat since this cannabinoid is not water soluble and needs to attach itself to the fat molecules), and can be applied anywhere on the body without risk of experiencing any psychoactive reactions. When used in this way, the THC does not pass the blood-brain barrier and therefore cannot make the connections that cause a person to hallucinate.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Urbandale

Because of their lack of psychoactive side effects and relative ease of use, cannabis-infused topicals are gaining in popularity among patients looking for all-natural relief from pain and skin conditions caused by inflammation (think eczema). With a few simple ingredients, it’s possible to make a potent salve at home that, with the addition of other essential oils and spices like turmeric, is versatile and potent.

Our favorite marijuana strains to experiment with include:

Can I legally order weed seeds in Urbandale?

Shopping online for weed seeds in Urbandale, Iowa is common practice, since the Internet offers choices unrivalled by brick and mortar seed vendors, not to mention the convenience of door-to-door delivery. In most cases, cannabis seeds are considered collector’s items when they haven’t been germinated, and Urbandale locals should be able to rest easy knowing that their little investment won’t be confiscated during transit.

We should point out, however, that although the state of Iowa has legalized cannabis use for medical purposes, lawmakers didn’t go so far as to give patients the right to grow at home.

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You’ve tried smoking, you’ve tried vaping, you’ve even tried a cannabis cookie (we know you loved it) and now you’re ready to try your hand at cannabinoid-infused topicals to treat chronic pain and inflammation. We don’t blame you! But we always recommend starting any experimentation with top quality cannabis you’ve grown yourself. Find the best quality Urbandale cannabis seeds for sale on Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online, one of the Internet’s leading vendors of weed seeds. We value our customers, which is why we take great pride in providing a product that is not only guaranteed viable, but will produce strong and healthy plants. Delivery is quick and convenient, as long as door-to-door is good enough for you.

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This was my first order from Growers Choice. The delivery was fast, they had all the varieties I wanted at fair prices, some even on sale. The packaging was discreet, with no issues, and this was without opting for any kind of extra stealth options or anything like that. Highly recommend this company, as they’re the only brand I can see myself doing business with in the future.

Ken A., Urbandale, IA