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Buy Urbandale Cannabis Seeds in Iowa

Can I purchase cannabis seeds in Urbandale, Iowa?

Urbandale, Iowa has humble beginnings since it was initially referred to as a “streetcar suburb,” meaning its growth was based on people’s use of streetcar lines. Since then, it has gained its own personality and continued to grow its population, partly fueled by being part of the Des Moines metro area.

While agriculture is a huge part of the Iowa landscape, marijuana isn’t at the forefront since recreational cannabis is illegal. There is some good news on the marijuana front, however, since medical cannabis products are permissible. However, many residents want to know if they can legally purchase seeds, and the answer is yes; cannabis seeds are considered adult novelty items and are legal as long as they aren’t cultivated.

Although cannabis cultivation is a no-no, you can still learn about marijuana seeds and everything they have to offer. Best of all, you can purchase premium cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds like Venom OG directly from our site. To help get you informed, we’re going to break down the cannabis laws in Urbandale, various types of seeds, the life cycle of the cannabis plant, and more while cluing you in on some common cannabis terminology!

Recreational Cannabis Laws

Since the 1920s, recreational marijuana has been illegal in Iowa, yet that hasn’t stopped several attempts to legalize the green stuff. As you’ve probably guessed, they have all failed to the chagrin of cannabis advocates. Even trying to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana where violators would face a citation instead of jail time hasn’t worked in the Hawkeye State.

As such, possession of any amount of marijuana remains a misdemeanor with a minimum of six months behind bars and a maximum of two years. Chronic offenders might be sent to rehab. However, if you’re caught with marijuana with an intent to distribute, that’s an automatic felony regardless of the amount, and can face anywhere from 5 years up to 50 years in prison. 

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Learn more about medicinal cannabis seeds
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Medical Marijuana Laws

Iowa’s initial medical marijuana program was introduced in 2014 and has since been revised to include more medical conditions. Despite that, the program is still considered one of the most restrictive in the country where medical marijuana patients are limited in the types of products they can access. To be approved for the program, medical patients must visit a doctor and be diagnosed with a qualifying health condition like PTSD, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, seizures, terminal illness, or a few other conditions. 

Patients must register to receive a medical cannabis card to access various cannabis products. It’s important to note medical patients can’t purchase flower to smoke but can choose oils, tinctures, tablets, suppositories, and vapes. There are also restrictions on THC levels and how many products patients are allowed within 90 days unless they have a waiver from a medical professional.

Types of Marijuana Seeds at Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds offers feminized and autoflower seeds; and better yet, even the auto-flowering seeds are feminized! Both choices are perfect for growers of all skill levels, so it all depends on your preference. While both offer unique advantages, it’s important to understand the distinctive differences between the two.

Feminized Seeds

Through the feminization process, cannabis plants are manipulated to allow females to produce pollen; thus, eliminating the need for male plants. As such, feminized seeds give you more than a 99% chance of producing only female plants. Without male plants, you can count on consistency and not have to worry about things like accidental cross-pollination, making these seeds attractive to novice growers.

The biggest draw of feminized marijuana seeds is they produce smokable flowers that cannabis consumers seek from strains like Pineapple Express, which is renowned for its euphoric properties. Besides being able to smoke the buds from these plants, feminized seeds are more cost-efficient since you don’t have to dispose of male plants.

These seeds also make cultivation more efficient since you don’t have to waste space on males. Because of this, some feminized strains are perfect for growing indoors with limited space. And, one more bonus: growers can count on the feminized seeds offered by Growers Choice to have stable genetics!

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Find out how to properly cultivate auto seeds
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Autoflowering Seeds

A favorite choice among novice growers is auto-flowering seeds like Cataract Kush. These seeds are specially bred by adding highly resilient ruderalis into the mix, which allows them to flower quicker, typically in 7-9 weeks, for a quicker harvest. As non-photoperiod strains, auto-flowering seeds switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without changing the light cycle. Because of this, beginner growers don’t have to determine how many hours of light or darkness growing marijuana plants will need.

Since auto-flowering seeds produce durable plants, they are a great choice for outdoor growers since the plants can withstand cold climates and temperature fluctuations. Experienced growers can also utilize stealth growing techniques to keep plants on the shorter side, which is ideal for growers with limited grow space. Growers also love how auto-flowering seeds allow for the possibility of multiple harvests in a single growing season.

When you purchase autoflowering seeds like Ice Cream Cake, you get the benefit of them being feminized to provide beautiful buds you can smoke. Just think—with those multiple harvests, you’ll have plenty of your favorite marijuana strain to enjoy!

Stages of Cannabis Growth

Although cannabis cultivation is illegal in Iowa, for educational purposes, it’s useful to learn about the growth stages of the marijuana plant. Since you never know when cultivation will become legalized in the state, it’s best to be ready to go!

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Discover various germination methods
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Once you purchase your favorite strain, like Golden Pineapple, you can use two different germination processes that are equally straightforward. With the glass of water method, place a few seeds in a glass of lukewarm water. Keep them in the glass for 12-24 hours, and once they start sprouting, they’ll be ready for planting. 

Another easy method to use during the germination stage is the paper towel method. Start by moistening your seeds with water and placing them on a sheet of damp paper towel, ensuring they are properly distanced. Next, put another piece of damp paper towel on top of the seeds, and put everything in a drawer, airtight concealer, or a small storage bag for about 24 hours. 


After your seeds have germinated, the seedling stage is next when small plants begin to develop, and the small cotyledon leaves develop. During this stage, the roots are developing and are quite fragile, so you don’t want to overwater them in fear of drowning them. Most strains need 18-24 hours of light, either sunlight or grow lights when cultivating indoors. 

Growers also need to ensure these budding plants have moist soil and mild humidity to thrive. Watch out for too much moisture since this can lead to mold development. The plants will be short and stocky with bright green leaves, and these plants will no longer be seedlings once they develop leaves with 3-13 fingers.


After your seedling produces an appropriate set of leaves, typically seven, your plants have officially entered the vegetative stage. At this time, the plants are rapidly growing and will need more space, such as a larger pot. The stem will continue to get taller and thicker as the plants start to look more like classic marijuana with more branches, leaves, and nodes. Growers will also notice how developed the root system has become.

At this point, sativa plants will be characteristically tall and thin, while indica strains will be shorter and stockier. Since your plants are growing so much, you’ll want to increase watering and ensure they have the proper nutrients to prepare them for the flowering stage. Except for auto-flowering seeds, most strains will require an 18/6 light cycle with 18 hours of light and six hours in the dark. Additionally, some strains can handle the light for a full 24 hours.


During the flowering stage, on average, most strains require fewer than 12 hours of light daily and between 10 to 12 hours in the dark. Since this is the stage before harvesting, growers will need to take a look at the changing colors of their plants. At this time, the pistils take on an orange-red color, and the trichomes will appear amber.

Ensure your plants are kept in the correct temperatures with their optimal level of humidity. Also, these plants will benefit from the proper amount of nutrients. Once your plants have fully flowered, you’re ready for harvesting and should cut your plants into smaller pieces to streamline the drying process. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to smoke!

Why choose Growers Choice Seeds?

Our company, Growers Choice Seeds, is a top online seed bank among growers of all skill levels and all walks of life since we offer seeds that are of the highest quality. It also doesn’t hurt that we offer a germination guarantee to give you supreme confidence in knowing you purchased from the right online seed bank! Our seeds are competitively priced and quickly and discreetly shipped worldwide. Don’t miss out—read all of our glowing reviews to see why Growers Choice Seeds is the seed bank for you!

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