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Can I order kush weed seeds in Marion?

The Internet is the great equalizer, making this vast world a much smaller place, at least when it comes to purchasing high quality weed seeds. Gone are the days of trusting the few little beans that make their way into your dime bag, or unscrupulous vendors pawning off males or even duds. Now it’s possible to pick and choose who you order from and exactly what is going to go into your shopping cart.

You can’t plant cannabis seeds in Iowa cities like Marion (although patients who qualify for the state’s medical marijuana program are legally allowed to use medical cannabis) but you can order seeds and have them shipped to your home since seeds are considered adult novelty items if they haven’t been germinated.

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There are many amazing facts about cannabis, but one that might always astound is the fact that there are just so many different strains to choose from – we’re talking over 800, with new ones being developed every year! This modest plant inspires creativity in avid gardeners, which means that cannabis connoisseurs are always on the look out for exciting new flavor and aroma combinations. There’s one thing that links these new varieties, however, and that’s their parent strains – most often heirloom or landrace genetics that have stood the test of time. Bubba Kush is one of those, and you can get these and other top-quality Marion cannabis seeds when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds (available for delivery anywhere in North America and world-wide).

Buy Marion Cannabis Seeds in Iowa

What are Bubba Kush cannabis seeds?

Popular since its inception in (or around) 1996, Bubba Kush is a descendant of OG Kush (an infamous strain with roots that can be traced back to the western coast of the United States) and what is believed to be Northern Lights, though the origins of the second gene-donor are shrouded in mystery to this day.
The flavor profile has been described as sweet with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.

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You may notice that this strain, among others, carries the name “kush”. Curious about what this refers to? Kush cannabis genetics are descendent of plants that grew in and around the Hindu Kush mountain range that traces the border between Afgahnistan and Pakistan. These indica-dominant strains tend to thrive at higher altitudes and in weather conditions that are slightly harsher than what their sativa-counterparts can withstand.

Popular kush strains include:

Buy cannabis seeds in Marion

Once you’re ready to jump on-board the cannabis bandwagon, make sure your first (and only) stop for Marion cannabis seeds is Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online, your one-stop-shop for the best quality cannabis seeds you’ll find. Your satisfaction is our speciality, and we’ve tailored our offerings to a curated selection of popular strains from around the world in order to continually provide customers with a superior product. No matter how small, every seed order is sealed in medical-grade glass vials to guarantee freshness on delivery, and we ship nation- and world-wide.

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I have to say, I received excellent customer service from Growers Choice. I ordered at the end of June and received my package at the beginning of July. Quick and discreet. When I called to ask about payment options, someone actually answered the phone, which I find is unheard of now days. They answered my questions and everything was sorted out quickly and, more importantly, they were super polite and patient with me! After this experience, I’m going to keep ordering from them. Looking forward to planting my seeds!

Bob B., Marion, IA

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