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Can I purchase cannabis seeds in Burlington, Iowa?

Burlington, Iowa has the distinct honor of being home to Snake Alley, a street that’s been described as the “most crooked” in the world due to its sharp angles! Besides that, the city is the county seat of Des Moines and boasts a variety of historical buildings in its downtown area. Citizens have the privilege of enjoying numerous outdoor activities and sports, but unfortunately, they can’t enjoy recreational cannabis since it’s illegal in the state.

Medical patients, on the other hand, can take advantage of the state’s medical marijuana program when diagnosed with a qualifying condition. One thing that any resident of legal age can do is purchase high-quality marijuana seeds since these items are considered adult novelty items. The caveat is you’re not allowed to cultivate these seeds.

Since you can purchase seeds in Burlington, it’s best to understand the laws in the state, the types of seeds for sale, and more about the life cycle of the cannabis plant. Additionally, we can guide you on why you should purchase your seeds from Growers Choice Seeds!

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Important details about the legality of marijuana seeds in Iowa
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What are the marijuana laws in Burlington?

Unlike some other states, Iowa has been unwavering in keeping marijuana for recreational purposes illegal. Although medicinal marijuana is legal, some pro-marijuana advocates feel that the program is still limiting. To keep you on the right side of the law, here’s more about the legality of marijuana in Burlington, Iowa.

Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana has been illegal in the state since the early 20th century, but there have been attempts as early as the 1970s to get it legalized. Despite a few efforts, nothing has stuck, and possession of any amount of marijuana for personal use remains a misdemeanor. Violators can find themselves behind bars for six months up to two years.

Marijuana cultivation and distribution are automatic felony charges, and depending on the amount, convicted persons can spend anywhere from five to 50 years in prison. Additionally, Iowans can face a misdemeanor if caught with marijuana paraphernalia. 

Medical Marijuana

Since 2017, Iowa lawmakers have worked to expand the state’s medical cannabis program. Because of this, an increasing number of patients have been able to access medical marijuana products. After a doctor diagnoses a patient with a qualifying health condition like cancer, epilepsy, seizures, chronic pain, or more, they can obtain a medical marijuana card. From there, they can visit a local dispensary to purchase medical marijuana products.

While smoking cannabis flower isn’t allowed for medical purposes, patients can use nebulizers, oils, pills, capsules, various topicals, and more. As of 2024, there is legislation in Iowa to increase the number of dispensaries in the state, as well as include marijuana bud as one of the medical marijuana products that patients can purchase. 

Types of Marijuana Seeds

Since you can legally purchase marijuana seeds in Burlington, it’s time to learn about two of the most popular choices: feminized and autoflowering. These seeds feature unique characteristics that make them favorites, which is why Growers Choice Seeds is proud to offer both types for sale!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Any serious cannabis lover appreciates the power of female plants since they produce smokable marijuana flowers. To almost exclusively get these plants, you need to start with feminized seeds, which are specially bred for this sole reason through the feminization process. Breeders remove male DNA to ensure that these seeds have a high probability of yielding female plants. For example, our high-quality seeds have a 99%+ chance of producing feminized plants.

These buds are so sought after since they feature CBD, THC, and various other cannabinoids to get that classic marijuana feel. Further, feminized seeds can be viewed as more economical since you can fully utilize these plants by smoking and enjoying them!

Besides their ability to produce buds, feminized cannabis seeds make cultivation simpler since there’s an extremely low chance of cross-pollination with only one gender at play. When growing Asian Fantasy, you basically know what to expect ahead of time, making the cultivation process more efficient since you’re dedicating resources to virtually only female plants.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are bred to automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without having to change the plant’s light cycle. Consequently, growers don’t have to worry about things like 18/6 or 12/12 cycles since autoflowering strains are non-photoperiod and grow based on age and not light exposure!

On average, you can count on Maxi GoM Autoflower seeds to flower in approximately 7-9 weeks, which is a plus for growers who are looking to harvest sooner rather than later. Due to how resilient these strains are, they are equipped for colder, harsher climates. 

Some growers enjoy employing stealth growing techniques with these seeds to limit the size of plants. This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of available growing space.

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Understanding the differences between sativa and indica cannabis strains
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Indica vs. Sativa Marijuana Strains

Whether you’re new to weed or an aficionado, you’ve probably heard about indica and sativa strains. However, you may not know much about the differences and key characteristics of each.

Indica strains are often referred to as “in da couch” since they are known to be relaxing enough to make you just want to Netflix and chill! These are the strains best reserved for nighttime use and are a top choice for those looking to unwind after a long day or those looking to get some sleep. A strain like Tora Bora is a popular choice for those looking to calm both mind and body.

When cannabis consumers are looking to feel more energized and uplifted, sativa strains are the way to go since they provide a heady buzz. Many folks choose these strains for morning use, solely for wake-and-bake purposes! They are also a top choice for creative types since they can stimulate the mind and increase focus. A 100% sativa strain like Panama Red is a favorite to increase energy and boost euphoria.

The Stages of Cannabis Growth

There are various distinctive stages of growth that marijuana plants go through. We’ll cover a few since there’s nothing wrong with having some knowledge. Who knows—you might move or growing might become legalized in Iowa one day!

Vegetative Growth Stage

The vegetative growth stage occurs after the seedling stage and commences once marijuana plants feature seven sets of leaves. Since these plants grow quickly, they’ll need more space to accommodate them, and this is the time when growers will want to focus on topped plants. Growing plants will require additional watering, steady, moist air, and increased essential nutrients like potassium.

Except for autoflowering marijuana seeds, plants mostly will need an 18/6 light cycle, which entails exposing them to light for 18 hours and darkness for six. Growers can consider keeping some plants in the light for 24 hours straight.

Flowering Stage

The flowering phase is exciting because that’s when cannabis buds are fully developing and getting ready for harvest. The best way to decide when plants are ready for harvest time is by looking at the different colors of the plant. Growers will observe the pistils of the buds transitioning from white to a red-orange color. Also, amber trichomes will develop, becoming sticky due to resin production.

Plants will require moderate humidity levels and warmer temperatures. You’ll also need to provide your plants with the proper amount of nutrients. Be careful about waiting too long to harvest!

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Discover crucial tips about harvesting cannabis
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Harvesting Stage

When you’re certain that Kilimanjaro is at the optimal harvest time, cut the strain into smaller pieces to make the drying process quicker and more efficient. Hang those sections upside down in a room that’s cool and dry for a successful harvest. Allowing your cannabis to dry prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, which could make your marijuana unusable. Removing extra moisture also extends the life of your favorite strains.

To go a step further, some growers like to cure their marijuana by placing their strains in airtight jars. Some say curing reduces the harshness when smoking marijuana by improving flavor and increasing burn quality.

Benefits of Growers Choice Seeds

Choosing Growers Choice Seeds is a no-brainer since we offer an extensive collection of the most premium seeds you’ll find from any online seed bank. Our feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds come in some of the most popular strains like Northern Lights, plus a few strains you probably can’t find anywhere else!

We offer our seeds at affordable prices, in various seed pack sizes, to ensure growers find the perfect option. All our seeds come discreetly packaged and shipped worldwide to ensure you can get Growers Choice Seeds products anywhere!

Rated 5 out of 5

Nothing but positive things to say about this place! I’ve bought from Growers at least five times and had no issue with my seeds. They germinated just great and produced high-yield cannabis plants. What more could you ask for? Their website is straight-forward and they make it easy to have seeds delivered to Burlington. Big fan!

Leslie H., Burlington, Iowa

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