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When it comes to premium cannabis seeds, Growers Choice is the only choice. Not only do we test every seed to ensure that they have amazing genetics, but we hand-pick our seeds to ensure freshness. With over 40 cannabis seed strains in our catalog, we have something for everyone. Find high-CBD, feminized, and auto-flowering strains, all of which have unique properties and amazing health benefits. What are you waiting for? Buy Ames cannabis seeds online from Growers Choice with zero hassle. Not to mention that we will deliver!

Cannabis seeds for sale in Ames

You can easily purchase cannabis seeds online from Growers Choice in just a few clicks. Each of our strains has a detailed description that includes its specific medical benefits, so you will know exactly which one you might want. As well, our customer care team is here to help with any questions you may have. We even wholesale!
Regardless of whether you decide to buy wholesale or not, we provide quality cannabis seeds so you can get on a path to better health.

Are weed seeds legal in Ames?

Not only are weed seeds legal in Ames, but they’re legal across North America. That’s right! You can get ungerminated seeds legally, as they are considered adult novelty souvenirs. What’s more, Ames allows for the medicinal use of cannabis to treat certain disorders.

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Do I have to smoke cannabis?

No! You can use cannabis in a variety of different ways. Cannabis, like many other plants, is highly versatile.

In fact, consider using cannabis can be used by:

  • Vaping
  • Eating Edibles
  • Using infused creams or lotions
  • Making Oil Infusions

Vaping and smoking can be very similar, but many consider vaping to be less harsh. If you aren’t interested in that, you can make cannabis infused butter or oils to cook with or bake with. Edibles, including infused oils, tend to stay in the system longer.

Ames cannabis seeds and CBDA

While you may have heard of CBD, CBDA is another of cannabis’ amazing compounds. CBDA is actually a precursor to CBD, and transforms into when heated. You can find out more about CBDA on our blog, including which of our Ames cannabis seed strains are high-CBDA.

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Ames aime le Growers Choice

Growers Choice has me so excited that I can barely contain myself. My mom is very strict when it comes to anything she doesn’t know about, but when I had her read up on cannabis on the Growers Choice website, she completely changed her tune. In fact, she even bought her own seeds when I got mine. Growers Choice, we love you!

Marc H., Ames, IA

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