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Currently, Indiana is one of only 12 states in the entire country that seems to have really taken Nancy Reagan’s 1980s “Just Say No” propaganda to heart by still not having legalized any form of marijuana, including the cultivation of cannabis. However, it is NOT illegal to buy and store ungerminated cannabis seeds in Gary, or anywhere else in Indiana. To find out why, what the three main cannabis seed types are, and what the key piece of equipment you would need if you were doing indoor cultivation, etc. keep on reading!

Marijuana Seeds in Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is a city that has definitely seen its ups and downs. Once the second largest city in all of Indiana, Gary was a prosperous steel town that peaked in the 1960s. These days, Gary’s population has dwindled to just over 67,000  and it is now the 11th largest city in the state. Unfortunately, it has been estimated that one-third of all of its city properties are abandoned. However, while it was once known as the “murder capital of the world,” things have been changing in Gary as its residents and mayor are working hard to jumpstart this city that was once synonymous with prosperity.

Located on the southernmost point of Lake Michigan in Lake County, Gary is essentially an eastern suburb of Chicago, Illinois, just 25 miles away.

While Indiana itself is a “solid” Red state in the presidential elections, Gary itself is something of a Democratic stronghold as they’ve only elected Democratic mayors for the past 77 years.

The truth is that this is a city that some have written off, but its locals refuse to give up on their beloved hometown and are striving to ensure that Gary rises from the ashes again with a powerful comeback story.

Seeing all of the things that Gary is currently facing and working to overcome, chances are that even though Indiana has maintained such a rigid stance against the use and cultivation of marijuana, Gary’s local law enforcement and legislative bodies probably have much bigger fish to fry these days as opposed to going after a good, upstanding citizen who is invested in helping to revive their community and happens to have a couple of cannabis plants growing in their basement or attic.

That said, in no way are we encouraging anyone to break the law, and the reality is, breaking cannabis laws in Indiana, and thereby Gary, comes with some very stiff fines and harsh penalties, including possible jail or prison time.

In fact, let’s quickly go over some of the main points of Indiana’s laws as they relate to the possession and cultivation of cannabis in Gary.

Cannabis plants in an indoor grow space beneath a grow light that casts a pinkish-red light
How to make a cheap indoor grow setup
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Indiana’s Cannabis Laws

It is worth mentioning here that the one cannabis-related product that Indiana has left alone is that of CBD. As such, CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC are fully legal in Indiana.

Possession of Usabale Marijuana and/or Cannabis Products

  • Any amount: Misdemeanor, up to 180 days in jail, and a maximum fine of $1,000.
  • Less than 30 grams PLUS a prior drug offense: Misdemeanor, up to 1 year in prison, and a maximum fine of $5,000.
  • 30+ grams PLUS a prior drug offense: Felony, 6 months to 2.5 years in prison, and a maximum fine of $10,000.

Sales and/or the Cultivation of Marijuana Plants:

  • Less than 30 grams: Misdemeanor, up to 1 year in prison, and a maximum fine of $5,000.
  • 30 grams to less than 10 pounds: Felony, 6 months to 2.5 years in prison, and a maximum fine of $10,000.
  • 10+ pounds: Felony, 1-6 years in prison, and a maximum fine of 10,000.

For more on all of Indiana’s punishments as they relate to the buying, possessing, using, and growing of cannabis see here.

Why It’s Not Illegal to Buy and Store Cannabis Seeds

Ungerminated cannabis seeds are not what makes marijuana illegal in some states. Simply put, what makes cannabis illegal is the fact that it contains THC, and, as you probably know, conservative lawmakers and their regressive supporters don’t like that THC has psychoactive properties.

However, when weed seeds are still in their ungerminated state all of their cannabinoids, including that of THC, are dormant, and they are not “awakened” or “activated” until they are germinated.

This is why it is not technically illegal to buy, own, and store ungerminated autoflowering and/or feminized seeds from an online seed bank like Growers Choice Seeds (GCS) as every weed strain in GCS’ cannabis seed collection is ungerminated.

This means that for someone who calls Gary home and orders some ungerminated seeds from a seed bank like GCS and stores them for up to five years, there’s nothing law enforcement can really do about that. However, if they choose to germinate their seeds using, for example, GCS’ simple germination method, which comes with a 90% cannabis seed germination rate guarantee, and their seeds successfully “pop,” aka “germinate,” then that is when they can get into trouble with the law as now the cannabinoids are no longer dormant.

Why Gary’s Residents Buy Their Favorite Cannabis Strains from Growers Choice Seeds

Seeing as Gary is just 25 miles away from Chicago, where medical and recreational cannabis are fully legal, residents likely take the relatively short drive up to the Windy City to purchase their favorite marijuana strains and products from a legal and licensed Illinois dispensary. Some may even buy some weed seeds there, but the truth is, not only are Gary’s people probably too busy trying to revive their once prosperous city, but dispensaries just don’t have the extensive cannabis seed collection that GCS does.

In addition, because cultivation is 100% illegal in all of Indiana, Hammond locals definitely appreciate that GCS provides speedy and discreet shipping, both so as not to attract unwanted attention from law enforcement and nosy neighbors, but also because crime rates are high in Gary, and so getting deliveries that don’t draw attention to themselves is a huge benefit.

Two other reasons why those in Gary buy their favorite landrace and hybrid marijuana strains from GCS are as follows:

  • Feminized Seeds: GCS does not sell regular seeds because they will produce both male and female plants. While male marijuana plants, which function as pollinators, are of high value to breeders, commercial cultivators, and highly-experienced growers your average home grower has little use for male plants. Therefore, GCS only sells feminized seeds that are photoperiods or autoflowers because they have a 99% chance of producing all-female plants, which is exactly what at-home growers want as they’re looking to harvest some THC-rich and/or CBD-rich buds.
  • Affordability: GCS makes its diverse selection of thousands of weed strains available at affordable prices. In addition, GCS always has discounts on its wholesale seeds and features regular sales on a rotating selection of an array of landrace and hybrid strains.

Cultivation Techniques in Gary

Since it’s illegal to grow cannabis in Gary, and all of Indiana, there’s no point in talking about how to grow outdoor crops there during its summer growing season or how to get the maximum indoor yields, etc.

That said, seeing as Gary is currently focused on more important things, like city revitalization and bringing down its violent crime rates, some choose to risk growing their own cannabis crops. However, those who do probably don’t engage in outdoor cultivation as that’s just too risky. Instead, they’re more likely to put their efforts into indoor growing in discreet areas like their basement, attic, small grow tent, or in a locked backyard shed, etc. If they do that, then they probably also make sure to equip their indoor growing space with a good ventilation system that employs the use of carbon filters so that the strong odors don’t attract any unwanted attention.

Two mature cannabis plants ready for harvest
The flowering stage of a cannabis plant
Source: GreenForce Staffing unsplash

Feminized Seeds vs. Autoflowering Seeds

Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

Feminized photoperiod seeds cannot automatically flip to flower. Instead, they have to have their light/dark cycle changed from what is usually an 18/6 cycle to a 12/12 schedule in order for them to transition from their vegetative growth stage to their flowering stage. Since GCS provides a free blog filled with information on most everything you need to know about cannabis, novice cultivators shouldn’t have any real issues successfully growing low-maintenance strains indoors. Three strains that should thrive inside are:

  • 9 Pound Hammer: A potent strain that is an indica-dominant hybrid with an indoor flowering time of about 9 weeks.
  • Jillybean: While sativas usually grow to be quite tall plants, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain produces plants that are unusually short–making them especially well-suited for some stealth indoor growing.
  • Atomic Northern Lights: This indica-leaning weed strain, which is known for its ease of cultivation, offers users a wide range of effects from body relaxation to uplifting euphoria.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are feminized strains that have had ruderalis added to their genetics. This addition ruderalis, which hails from Central Asia, is what gives them the ability to automatically go from their vegetative stage to their flowering stage without requiring a change to their light cycles. Furthermore, autoflowers produce healthy plants that are more compact, faster-maturing, and more robust than their feminized photoperiod counterparts. Two autoflowers that are proving to be popular strains amongst indoor growers are:

  • Cinex: This sativa-dominant strain should render generous yields indoors of about 400 grams per square meter.
  • Jupiter OG: This out-of-this-world, indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain is known for the deep relaxation it provides users, and while it’s not known for its total ease of cultivation, so long as your cultivation skills are above that of a beginner, you should be fine growing this one indoors.
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