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Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime
White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
Moby Dick CBD 60S / 40I 5%/5% Anytime

How to Buy Lawrence Cannabis Seeds

Buying Lawrence cannabis seeds is easy with Grower’s Choice Seeds! We legally ship premium seeds directly to your door. To start, simply browse our online inventory of regular feminized, auto-flowering, and high-CBD seeds. With a few clicks, high-quality seeds will be on their way to your doorstep. All from the comforts of your own home! Grower’s Choice seeds are shipped safely and discreetly. If you are ready to own the best marijuana seeds available on the internet, shop now with Grower’s Choice!

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Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in Lawrence

Did you know that is 100% legal to order Grower’s Choice seeds from your home in Lawrence? Even if states have laws against the use of cannabis, owning ungerminated seeds is lawful. Recently, lawmakers in the state of Indiana legalized the use of low-THC oils. This is a positive sign that marijuana laws will continue to change in the coming years. While it is not yet legal to grow your own cannabis plants at home, you can sure stock up on seeds. When full legalization takes place, you can have a head start with premium seeds ordered online from Grower’s Choice Seeds.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Grower’s Choice is proud to provide a source for medical patients to grow their own medicine at home. We understand that not everyone has easy access to seeds, so it is our mission to deliver the best quality seeds directly to people’s homes, fast and safe. Is medical marijuana right for you? If so, high-CBD seeds are just what you are looking for. These seeds produce flower loaded with cannabidiol, or CBD, a chemical compound known for its therapeutic properties. These seeds are also very low in THC, the other major chemical compound that produces the euphoric sensations associated with marijuana. So if you want the health benefits of cannabis with little to no “high” feeling, then high-CBD seeds are right for you.

Here are some of our most popular high-CBD seeds:

Preserving Weed Seeds

Thinking about ordering seeds online but not planning on growing them right away? No problem! It is common for Grower’s Choice seed owners to hold onto their seeds for months, even years! We ship our premium weed seeds in medical-grade and vacuum-sealed glass vials that maintain their viability for 3 years! Be sure to take advantage of today’s affordable prices with Grower’s Choice Seeds.

Order Marijuana Seeds Online

Grower’s Choice Seeds aims to make owning high-quality cannabis seeds easier by delivering directly to your door. If you want the best Lawrence cannabis seeds, order today from Grower’s Choice.

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Fast Shipment of my Seeds!

“I am glad there is an online seed company that cares about their customers. They shipped in a discreet package so I had nothing to worry about! Really pleased with how easy this was. I will definitely order from Grower’s Choice again.”