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Marijuana Laws in Highland

Whether you’ve just moved to Highland, Indiana, or you’re planning on going there soon, you should be aware of the marijuana laws in the area—especially before trying to grow some plants yourself.

That’s why, today, Growers Choice is covering both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana regulations, as well as whether or not you can cultivate cannabis right at home.

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Buy high-quality seeds for your home in Highland, Indiana, with Growers Choice Seeds.
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Is medical marijuana legal in Highland, Indiana?

Though the state has tried to legalize cannabis in the past, it has yet to be successful in doing so. Thus, sadly, medical marijuana is not yet legal in Highland—or the rest of Indiana. There is no medical marijuana program for residents with qualifying conditions, despite so many states around Indiana making the step toward legalization.

Thankfully, there are various cannabis reform bills on the legislative docket for 2024, giving residents some hope that they may see legal marijuana in some way, shape, or form. These bills would work to decriminalize small amounts of weed, establish a medical cannabis program, and even potentially legalize recreational cannabis for adults.

However, as it stands, medical marijuana is still not legal in Highland. Until this changes, it’s important to avoid the possession of cannabis and cannabis products as this could get you in serious legal trouble.

Is recreational marijuana legal?

Since medical marijuana isn’t legal, it’s no surprise that recreational marijuana isn’t legal, either. Adult-use cannabis is prohibited throughout Indiana, and even the smallest amounts of cannabis can get you in legal trouble. The state has yet to decriminalize marijuana, so you cannot possess any amount of weed as an adult in the Hoosier State.

While there’s a chance that recreational marijuana will be on the ballot this year, it’s likely that the state will start with legalizing medical marijuana first, and then move on to regulating adult-use cannabis later on once the medical cannabis program has been established. But, again, this has yet to happen, so Indiana residents must remain patient.

Can I grow marijuana plants at home?

You are not allowed to grow marijuana plants at home in Highland, Indiana. Because marijuana is illegal in all forms, both indoor and outdoor cultivation are completely prohibited, even if your grow space isn’t accessible to the public.

Growing any number of cannabis plants at home can see you being charged with a felony, and the punishment is only going to get worse the more plants you grow, or after each subsequent offense. Thus, it’s simply not worth it to try to do this! Instead, it’s best to wait until the state changes its stance on cannabis cultivation.

Thankfully, just because you can’t grow marijuana in Highland doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on some cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. Let’s explain.

How to Get Weed Seeds at Home in Highland, Indiana

If you’re interested in stocking up some cannabis seeds for your home in Highland, Indiana, Growers Choice Seeds is the perfect place to turn.

In the United States, ungerminated marijuana seeds are legal for sale and possession because the cannabinoids inside are dormant until planted. Thus, you’re allowed to buy these ungerminated seeds online and have them shipped to your home for storage. While you legally can’t plant these seeds yet, it gets you prepped and ready for cultivation once the state’s cannabis regulations change.

Growers Choice Seeds offers a huge selection of premium seeds for sale that we’ll send right to your front door in Highland. We sell our seeds at low prices and ship them in discreet packaging to ensure your privacy is always prioritized.

Different Types of Weed Seeds for Sale

If you’d like to start your collection of cannabis seeds from one of the most reputable seed banks around, it’s time to head to Growers Choice. Our online seed bank has a wide range of high-quality marijuana seeds for sale in two different types depending on what most appeals to you.

With Growers Choice Seeds, you can choose between our top-quality feminized photoperiod seeds and autoflowering feminized seeds. And, if you don’t know the difference between the two, we’ll tell you.

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Explore Growers Choice huge selection of cannabis seed combo packs to get all the weed seeds you could need. 
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Here’s a fun fact: every seed type we offer here at Growers Choice is feminized! In case you didn’t know, feminized cannabis seeds have been modified to grow female plants only. In the world of weed, female plants are the ones that produce flowers, while the males that come with regular seeds simply do not. Thus, feminized seeds tend to be more desirable than regular seeds, especially for beginner growers.

Our feminized photoperiod seeds are going to leave the vegetative stage and enter the flowering stage when triggered by a shift in their light cycle. Essentially, they will begin flowering once the hours of light they’re exposed to change, just like what would happen with the changing of the seasons, like switching from fall to winter. If you’re an experienced grower who knows a thing or two about light cycles, these feminized seeds will be perfect for you.

Growers Choice Seeds offers our premium female seeds in so many popular strains. From classics like Pineapple Express to newer ones like the Gelato strain, we have so many choices for you to sort through. But, no matter what you choose, we can guarantee that you’ll be picking out the best feminized seeds possible.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

If you’re not interested in manipulating light cycles to trigger the flowering stage of your female plants, autoflowering cannabis seeds are going to be the best for you. Unlike photoperiod seeds, autoflowering feminized seeds are going to flower independently, completely regardless of the light cycle they’re exposed to. This independent nature makes autoflower seeds incredibly appealing for so many cultivators.

Along with leaving the vegetative stage on their own, autoflowering seeds tend to have shorter flowering times overall. This can help shorten your plant’s life cycle and complete more harvests within the year than usual. Plus, many autoflower seeds are well-known for being hardy and adaptable.

Growers Choice Seeds offers a great selection of autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds for anyone curious. We have indica strains like Sour Kush and sativas like Durban Poison, as well as hybrid strains that fall right in the middle, like California Orange.

How to Store Your Marijuana Seeds

We know that you can’t yet grow the female seeds you buy from Growers Choice; so, how do you store them to keep them fresh until legalization? The biggest thing to remember regarding cannabis seed storage is their environmental conditions.

Your marijuana seeds are going to stay fresh and healthy when stored in areas within your home that are kept at cool temperatures (around 40-45°F) and in dark environments. Harsh, direct lighting and extreme temperatures can directly impact your seed’s potency and viability over time, so it’s important to store them in places that stay cold and dark.

Not only should your seeds be stored in darkness, but they should be kept in the driest areas of your home. Humidity can negatively affect your cannabis seeds’ health severely, leaving them exposed to bacteria and even mold growth. Thus, dry areas are going to be key. For even more protection, we’d suggest keeping your cannabis seeds in airtight containers so that no excess air gets let in.

How long do cannabis seeds stay fresh for?

Because you’re not allowed to germinate your marijuana seeds yet, storing them properly is crucial. But, just how long do your cannabis seeds stay fresh for? Will they make it until legalization?

Thankfully, with proper storage, you can hold onto your Growers Choice cannabis seeds for quite some time. In fact, when kept in the right conditions, your marijuana seeds can stay fresh for years at a time. And, with legalization creeping up in Indiana, you likely won’t have to worry about your weed seeds going bad before you can legally plant them.

Plus, all of Growers Choice’s feminized seed strains come with a germination guarantee that gives you added peace of mind. This guarantee states that at least 90% of your seeds will germinate and if they don’t we’ll replace the ones that weren’t viable. That’s how much we believe in our quality cannabis seeds.

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Learn how to store your cannabis seeds for longevity–until it’s legal to grow–with Growers Choice.
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How to Find the Right Feminized Seeds for You

With how many choices there are available at Growers Choice Seeds, it may feel a bit daunting trying to figure out which pot seeds are right for you. Fortunately, our online seed bank makes finding your perfect seeds easier than ever.

When shopping, you can sort by THC levels, grow difficulty, plant size, and even whether you’re looking for an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain. You can also sort by photoperiod or autoflowering depending on your preferred cultivation experience. Truly, the Growers Choice seed-buying process is as customized—and easy—as possible.

So, if you’re ready to stock up on high-quality feminized cannabis seeds for your home in Highland, Indiana, let Growers Choice Seeds be your go-to guide.

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