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Marijuana in Indiana

From Crown Point to Evansville and everywhere in between, knowing the marijuana laws in a place like Indiana is crucial. Since not every state has the same stance on the plant, you have to be familiar with the particular regulations in the place where you live before growing some weed or sparking up a joint.

Focusing on Crown Point specifically, let’s talk: is marijuana legal? Can you grow weed at home? What about buying weed seeds? Let’s find out.

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Learn what’s legal and what’s not regarding cannabis seeds in the US with our post. 
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Are medical and recreational marijuana legal in Crown Point?

Sadly, Indiana is one of the last states in the country that has yet to legalize cannabis in any way, shape, or form. Currently, both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are illegal in Crown Point and the rest of the surrounding state, making it impossible for Indiana residents to get their hands on the soothing green plant they love.

Indiana also hasn’t decriminalized weed; so, even the smallest amounts of the cannabis plant are prohibited. But, there is a glimmer of hope: there are various bills on the 2024 ballot that advocate for cannabis reform, including the creation of a medical marijuana program and even legalizing recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older.

So, if you’re in Crown Point hoping that the laws are going to change, make sure to pay attention to the legislation in your area and vote when you can. Then, you may be able to see the legalization of cannabis in Indiana faster than you’d think.

Can I grow weed at home in Crown Point, Indiana?

Since marijuana is not legal in Crown Point you cannot grow weed at home, either. Both indoor growing and outdoor growing are illegal, and trying to grow any marijuana plants in your residence can lead to a felony. (Plus, the more cannabis plants you grow, the harsher the punishment.)

If the state decides to legalize cannabis in the future, there’s a chance that these cultivation laws may change. However, as it stands, you cannot grow cannabis indoors or outdoors, nor can you possess it or consume it.

Can I buy marijuana seeds and have them shipped to my home?

However, just because you can’t grow weed at home yet doesn’t mean you can’t buy weed seeds online and ship them to your home. In the United States, it is legal to purchase ungerminated marijuana seeds online and ship them to your home in Crowne Point—or any place in the country.

This is because ungerminated marijuana seeds have a dormant THC content; thus, the cannabinoids inside the seeds are not active—or able to get you high—until they’re planted and then utilized. So, you are legally allowed to buy marijuana seeds online and then hold onto them until the laws surrounding cannabis cultivation change in your area.

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds from Growers Choice?

Even though you can’t germinate your marijuana seeds just yet, shopping from Growers Choice grants you so many benefits that, as a 420 fan, you may not even realize.

From our huge inventory of popular strains to our accessible, affordable selection and buying process, there are so many reasons to purchase high-quality feminized marijuana seeds from Growers Choice.

So, for those of you in Crown Point, you can stock up on the best cannabis seeds around so when the laws change, you’ll be ready to grow happy, healthy marijuana plants every time.

Our Wide Range of Strains & Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is proud of the impressive selection of seeds we have curated. We only offer feminized seeds which have been modified to produce female plants. Compared to males, female plants tend to be more desired because of their ability to produce flowers, and feminized seeds mature into female plants every time. If you’re interested, we have them available in all of your favorite strains, including Gelato, Pineapple Express, and Northern Lights.

Along with feminized photoperiod seeds, which enter their flowering stage when triggered by a change in light cycles, Growers Choice also has a huge selection of autoflowering seeds for you to choose from. These seeds enter the flowering stage independently after a certain amount of time, regardless of the hours of light they’re exposed to. This makes for easy growing and a generally shorter flowering phase, which can be ideal for both experienced growers and beginner cultivators still perfecting light cycles. You can buy these autoflowering seeds in popular strains like White Widow or lesser-known varieties like THC Bomb.

If it wasn’t obvious, Growers Choice online seed bank has numerous hybrid, indica, and sativa strains for you to choose from, as well. If you’d prefer to shop by strain, you can select whether you’d like a pure indica, pure sativa, 50/50 hybrid, or a sativa/indica-dominant strain. No matter what kind of effects you’re looking to experience, or plant size you’re looking to grow, our online selection has plenty of feminized cannabis seeds for you to scroll through.

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Explore the best cannabis strains on the market today with Growers Choice Seeds. 
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Accessible, Affordable

Growers Choice prides itself on our accessible buying process and affordable seeds. We make finding the cannabis seeds of your dreams easier than ever before, as you can shop by seed type, THC level, CBD content, strain type, plant height, and even grow difficulty. This way, you can find the exact seeds you want based on your preferences, potential grow space, and more.

We also ensure to have various affordable seeds in stock to adhere to all budgets. Growers Choice consistently has discounted seeds for sale if you’re trying to save but still want to get your hands on some premium strains.

And, of course, if you have any questions or concerns about our female seeds or our buying process, our excellent customer service team is here to help.

Discreet Shipping & Germination Rate Guarantee

Along with having an easy buying process and affordable seeds, Growers Choice is also proud to have discreet shipping and a reliable germination guarantee.

When you buy your feminized cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, your purchase will arrive in discreet packaging that prevents anybody from understanding what you’re buying. This way, you can get your seeds right to your door without hassle. No matter what you buy or where you live, you can always receive discreet shipping for your ultimate privacy and protection.

We also offer a germination guarantee to give you total peace of mind when shopping. This guarantee states that at least 90% of your cannabis seeds are going to germinate and that if this does not happen we will replace the ones that weren’t viable. This way, you can buy your seeds with confidence and start their germination with confidence when it’s legal to do so.

How to Store Your Cannabis Seeds

Since you can’t yet grow marijuana seeds into plants in Indiana, it’s crucial to understand how to properly store them to keep them fresh and healthy for the time being. Then, when it is legal to plant them, your seeds will still be as viable as the day we shipped them to you.

Here are some important things to remember when storing your feminized cannabis seeds at home.

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Find out how to properly store your cannabis seeds for longevity with Growers Choice. 
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Airtight Containers

First, you’re going to want to keep your marijuana seeds in airtight containers. These types of containers are ideal for keeping out any excess air or moisture, as this can expose your seeds to bacteria or degradation. You will want to keep your seeds in the driest parts of the house, avoiding any sort of high humidity levels. However, airtight containers will help mitigate this regardless.

If you can find opaque airtight containers, these are even better. Those containers will keep out excess air and moisture, as well as any harsh lighting that your seeds may be exposed to. This will help ensure that your female seeds stay as protected as possible.

Cool & Dark Conditions

Airtight containers are crucial for your cannabis seed storage—as are the environmental conditions. Your weed seeds are going to stay freshest and healthiest when in cool, dark, and dry environments within the home, as these are optimal conditions for weed plants.

Direct lighting, as well as harsh temperatures, can significantly impact the viability of your seeds, affecting their health when it comes time to plant them. Thus, it’s important to store your seeds in places that are relatively cool (around 45°F) and consistently dark.

Places with high humidity levels like laundry rooms, basements, or bathrooms are going to be bad for your seeds because of the moisture. So, look for the driest, darkest places in your home to keep your weed seeds fresh enough to cultivate healthy plants.

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