Cannabis Seeds: A Guide for Wheaton, Illinois 

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A Snapshot of Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton, Illinois is one of the quieter and more family-oriented suburbs surrounding Chicago. Approximately 30 miles outside the Windy City, it’s best known for its large Park District. Locals gather at the site year-round to enjoy the water park, children’s zoo, athletic fields, teams course, and other activities located within its sprawling 829 acres. 

While Wheaton isn’t known for having much of its own cannabis community, any locals looking to partake in a little pot consumption are in luck because recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois for adults 21 and above. As of January 1, 2020, individuals may consume cannabis on private property, so long as they have permission from the owner or are the owner themselves. Wheaton locals who are curious to learn more about the specifics of Illinois cannabis laws can view them here.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Wheaton, Illinois?

Home growing is illegal in Illinois. However, there are exceptions made for qualified medical patients. Those with certain medical conditions may be eligible to register with the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program. If approved, you’ll be able to grow up to five plants in your private residence. The specific terms and stipulations can be viewed here.

If you believe you may benefit from medical marijuana seeds and cannabis, we recommend researching the most up-to-date information at The Medical Cannabis Patient Program.

Not Qualified to Grow? Tips for the Potential Future Gardener 

If you’re a resident of Wheaton who is not registered with the MCPP, you may be disappointed to learn that you cannot legally engage in the cultivation of cannabis. However, there are still ways to enjoy the practice of gardening—even if indirectly. Below are some recommendations for cannabis enthusiasts who would like to, potentially one day, learn the art of home growing. 

Read Up on Your Interests

It may not seem like much, but building up your gardening knowledge, bit by bit, is one useful way to remain indirectly connected to the world of cannabis growing while still abiding by laws. As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, more information is available than ever before. 

Time will only tell how perceptions of cannabis will evolve within the country, but given how significantly views have progressed in the past decade, it’s not unreasonable to anticipate that home growing could, one day, be more broadly accepted. In the meantime, we recommend simply learning about topics you’re interested in. If you happen to find yourself in a situation months or years from now that permits home growing in your own private residence, you’ll have built up a reservoir of knowledge and expertise to draw from.

From tips on how to set up a growing space, to the differences between landrace and hybrid strains, we regularly publish useful information for our growers and visitors. Other topics include outdoor growing, indoor growing, the different categories of cannabis strains, why feminized strains are preferred over regular seeds, and overviews of plant anatomy.

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Discover how to properly store cannabis seeds for longevity
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Build an Ungerminated Seed Collection

Another way to legally appreciate cannabis is by developing your own collection of seeds and preserving them to potentially use in the future. While you cannot actually plant the seeds, it is perfectly legal to have ungerminated cannabis seeds in your possession. Some prefer to collect autoflower strains, others enjoy sativa-leaning photoperiod strains such as Lucid Dream Feminized Seeds or Sage N Sour Feminized Seeds, while others have a strong affection for indica-dominant hybrids like Original Glue Feminized Seeds.

The most important thing to remember is that your weed seeds must be stored in a cool, dry, dark location. Humidity, warmth, and light can all contribute to the deterioration of seeds if not monitored properly—whether through the gradual destruction of nutrients, or the development of fungi. Humidity should ideally be between 20-30%. Lastly, be sure to store your seeds in an area where there will be little temperature fluctuation, such as an unused refrigerator or freezer.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

At Growers Choice, we have a few key values we never budge on. Some of these include high-quality seeds, a dynamic variety of seeds, and finally, providing both prospective and current gardeners with the right resources to produce the best growing experience possible.

This is why our selection of seeds is all feminized. Feminized seeds are, simply, seeds engineered to produce only female plants. The reason female plants are important is because, unlike male plants, they produce buds. Buds are where the plant’s cannabinoids—such as THC, CBD, and others, are contained. Long story short, female cannabis plants contain all the highly sought-after effects that primarily drew humans to the cannabis plant in the first place.

By contrast, a pack of regular seeds will produce, approximately, a ratio of 1:1 male and female plants. This means roughly half your crop will not produce buds, and essentially, not be consumable. That said, male plants are still vital for breeding new strains—but if you’re a home grower simply looking to plant a small garden for personal use, male plants are not necessary.

Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

The two most famous cannabis species are cannabis indica and cannabis sativa plants. Both were discovered in the 1700s and today, are present in virtually all popular strains. Cannabis sativa, as a general rule, produces energizing, cerebral effects, while cannabis indica tends to evoke a relaxed, physical state. When combined, these differing effects can balance quite nicely.

When browsing our seed library, you’ll find that the vast majority of strain seeds contain some ratio of indica and sativa lineage. For example, an “indica-dominant hybrid” such as Martian Candy Feminized Seeds is comprised of 30% sativa and 70% indica genetics. Conversely, a sativa-dominant hybrid like Mob Boss Feminized Seeds will have a blend that contains more sativa than indica.

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Review key tips and strategies on cannabis plant nutrients
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Key Nutrients for Cannabis Plants

Like any living thing, your weed plants require the right amount of nutrients to develop and thrive. As a general rule, a cannabis plant’s nutrients fall into two main categories: macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are, as the name implies, required in larger quantities and play a vital role in your plant’s health. These include nitrogen(N), phosphorous(P), and potassium (K). However, your plant will also require micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. 

Cannabis plants go through several growing stages, which include the germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering phases. While nutrients are important at all points in the plant life cycle, the vegetative stage and flowering stage are key periods during which it is especially important to provide your plants with the right kind—and ratio—of nutrients. Below, we explore what this means. 


Nitrogen (N): This nutrient plays a vital role in photosynthesis and supports the production of chlorophyll and amino acids. If your plant appears limp or has a yellow hue, it may be severely lacking in Nitrogen. 

Potassium (K): This nutrient allows your plants to grow more efficiently and ward off disease. It also supports them in using water more productively. While plants lacking in potassium will turn yellow—just as a nitrogen-deficient plant would—the yellowing with a potassium deficiency is primarily located at the edges of a plant’s leaves. 

Phosphorous (P): Phosphorous plays an important role in supporting a plant’s metabolism, as well as its capacity for absorbing other nutrients. Plants lacking in phosphorous will turn from green to shades of red and purple. 

NPK Ratios

When looking at options for plant fertilizer, you’ll likely come across an “NPK ratio” printed on the packaging. NPK refers to nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. For example, a 2:1:2 NPK ratio simply means the fertilizer contains twice as much nitrogen and potassium as phosphorous. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these ratios because plants will flourish best by being fed different ratios of NPK at different times.

As a general rule, cannabis seedlings do not require fertilizer, as they will receive all their nutrients from the seed itself. Vegetative plants typically fare well with a low 2:1:2 NPK ratio to start. As the vegetative phase progresses, you may want to increase your plant’s nutrients to help support stronger, more efficient growth. Many gardeners opt for a 10:5:7 NPK ratio at this stage.

When the flowering stage begins, it’s important to change the ratios of your nutrients. They’ll actually require less nitrogen and more potassium to thrive. A 5:7:10 fertilizer is typically a good fit for the beginning of the flowering stage. Gardeners will then progress to a 6:10:15 fertilizer midway through, while ultimately dialing back the amount of nutrients by the mid-to-late blooming stage. Typically, plants fare well with a milder fertilizer containing a 4:7:10 NPK ratio.

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Find answers to some of the most common questions from prospective growers
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Qualities of a Good Online Seed Bank

At Growers Choice Seeds, we consider ourselves more of a person-to-person type seed bank and want to enrich the growing and/or learning experience for any who visit our website.

This means providing a wide variety of premium cannabis seeds, friendly customer service, and plenty of resources for newbies and experienced growers alike. If you live in Wheaton, Illinois, and are eligible to grow your own marijuana plants, we invite you to peruse our selection of cannabis strains.

All seeds are hand-selected, lab-tested, have excellent germination rates, and are backed by a 90% germination guarantee. Even if you’re not eligible to grow, we welcome you to explore the world of cannabis growing through our collection of educational articles. Good luck on your cultivation journey! 

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