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Cannabis in Skokie, Illinois

Skokie is a liberal-leaning suburb of the Windy City. Known for attractions such as the Emily Oaks Nature Center and the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park, many describe it as a particularly homey, welcoming village.

While Chicago and its surrounding suburbs aren’t associated with cannabis culture the way other cities such as Denver, Portland, or Seattle are, the Windy City, and its surrounding suburbs such as Skokie, still have their fair share of individuals who appreciate cannabis for its medical or recreational purposes. Thankfully for local pot fans, Illinois is one of 24 states in the nation that permit the recreational use of cannabis.

According to local laws, any one person is allowed to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis flower or 5 grams of cannabis concentrate products, and no more than 500 milligrams of THC within a cannabis-infused product. If you live in Skokie (or anywhere in Illinois) and are curious to learn more about your state’s laws, we recommend reviewing the most current and accurate information here.

Can you grow cannabis in Illinois?

The short answer is no—unless you are a qualified medical patient. While Illinois does allow its residents to partake in recreational pot use, home cannabis cultivation has not been legalized. In fact, legal home gardening is somewhat rare, with only eight states in the nation allowing the practice. However, the good news is that ten additional states provide options for qualified patients to grow their own medical marijuana.

Illinois is one of these states. Those with certain medical conditions may be eligible to register with the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program. If approved, patients can grow up to five weed plants in their private residences—but there are specific rules that any medical patient should follow.

If you believe you may benefit from medical marijuana seeds and cannabis, we recommend researching the most up-to-date information at The Medical Cannabis Patient Program.

Where can qualified patients buy cannabis seeds?

The past twelve years have shown remarkable growth in the perceptions of both recreational and medical cannabis. In turn, a wellspring of legal marijuana seed banks and other resources have developed in droves around the nation. While Skokie residents have access to their own local seed banks, the selection of cannabis strains at any given store may be somewhat limited. Generally, a reputable online seed bank will provide the most comprehensive selection of premium seeds.

Here at Growers Choice, one of our core values is to consistently provide high-quality seeds. We should also note that even if you are not qualified to grow, it is legal to possess ungerminated seeds—so long as you do not actually plant them. Many individuals enjoy building up their collections over time in case they ever have the opportunity to grow.

All of our seeds are lab-tested, hand-selected, and backed by a 90% germination guarantee. However, we think premium-level seeds are just one component of an optimized gardening experience. As such, we prioritize providing a well-rounded experience and provide aspiring growers with resources such as how-to guides, and more.

Can’t grow? Develop your cannabis knowledge instead

There’s more to a stellar online seed bank than simply providing a premium product. In addition to offering a wide array of delectable strains, we want to offer a real glimpse into the world of cannabis gardening.

No two growers are alike, and therefore, everyone will have their own requirements and preferences when researching which strains to grow. As such, we aim to serve up bite-sized nuggets of educational info. This includes DIY guides and articles on everything from the role of terpenes to the best way to create your own indoor growing room.

Additionally, every seed strain we feature is accompanied by an in-depth profile that highlights its unique qualities and effects. These include the strain’s lineage, cannabinoid content, aroma, and flavor, as well as other important information such as how challenging (or easy) the strain is to grow.

Stages of Plant Growth

We always encourage our visitors to thoroughly research their local laws. If you’re not eligible to register with the Medical Cannabis Patient Program, there are still ways you can grow and develop your gardening knowledge. After all, you may find yourself in a situation in the future where growing is legal. Should this happen, having a reservoir of insight will only improve the gardening experience.

One of the most useful topics to learn about is the different parts of the growing process. Below, we delve into the four main stages you can expect when tending to your own marijuana garden.

The Germination Stage

This is the very first step in the growing process. During the germination phase, your weed seeds will sprout a taproot and begin growing into your very own cannabis plants. Typically, the germination process takes between 3-10 days.

There are various ways to prompt seeds to begin the germination process, but we recommend the glass and paper towel method. This involves soaking your seeds for 14-18 hours and then placing them on paper towels to dry. An in-depth explanation of this process is available here.

Cannabis seedling planted in soil
Boost your understanding of the seedling stage
Source: GreenForce Staffing unsplash

The Seedling Stage

Once you’ve planted your seeds, they will begin to split along the seams that join each side of its husk. The tail will quickly fasten itself to the soil, and in turn, the husk will be raised. During the seedling stage, you’ll see two tiny leaves. These are called sucker leaves—and they typically indicate your plant will grow more leaves soon.

Cannabis plants in the vegetative stage
Learn to identify the vegetative stage in cannabis cultivation
Source: Matthew Brodeur unsplash

The Vegetative Stage

Once your immature plants have developed leaves that contain seven full blades, they are considered to be in the vegetative phase. Tips for the vegetative phase include keeping your plants hydrated, providing plenty of air circulation, and turning your grow lights on. During this stage, room temperature—or slightly above—is common, but it depends on the strain of cannabis.

Cannabis plant in the flowering stage
Spot the key signs of the flowering stage
Source: Esteban López unsplash

The Flowering Stage

The flowering period is the most visually magnificent of each growth phase. This is when your plants will develop every cannabis enthusiast’s favorite part of the plant, which is the buds—or flowers. Following the formation of leaves, you’ll notice flowers beginning to emerge. This process is vital in the development of your garden.

How to identify good beginner strains

If you’re qualified to grow in Skokie, Illinois, you may be curious about which strains are some of the simplest to grow. As a good rule of thumb, it’s important to seek out strains that have a fair amount of resilience. This means they can stand up to a bit of mishandling or other human errors such as overwatering and too much (or too little) direct light, although they’re not bulletproof! Outdoor growing vs indoor growing will also pose their own unique challenges, but these can be navigated quite easily with a little growing practice and the right strains.

Autoflowering seed strains such as Critical Purple Autoflowering Feminized Seeds and Glass Slipper Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds are just two examples of auto strains that afford first-time marijuana growers the luxury of a generally low-maintenance, highly resilient plant. With a little practice and experience, any aspiring gardener can develop quite the green thumb and understand how to care for their weed plants with a high level of finesse.

But in the meantime, you can rest assured that autoflowering strains can stand up to the potential learning curve. Not only will they flower on their own without adjustment of light cycles or light intensity, but they are much more likely to thrive in less-than-ideal conditions and provide a particularly fruitful experience for novice growers.

What are some common traits of popular strains?

Every cannabis enthusiast will find different flavors and characteristics particularly appealing. For this reason, we recommend asking yourself questions such as: what kind of tastes and scents do I prefer? How much THC and CBD do I enjoy? Do I prefer a quick flowering time?

More often than not, users tend to prefer strains with a balanced mixture of revitalizing and soothing effects. As such, people tend to gravitate towards hybrid strains. These types of seed strains are created by crossing two of the most famous and well-loved species of cannabis: indica and sativa strains. The result are strains that embody some mixture of both the sativa plant’s cerebral high and indica’s mellow chill.

Hybrid Strains

Individuals seeking more prominent sativa effects—such as mental clarity, refined perceptions, and a general sense of concentration and motivation—may prefer sativa-leaning hybrids such as Cinderella 99 Feminized Seeds. Alternatively, strains with closer-to-equal levels of sativa and indica such as White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds and OG Kush Feminized Seeds are also major hits within the cannabis community.

In short, the trick is to read the strains’ descriptions thoroughly and keep your eye out for qualities you think you might like. If you’re unsure where to start or are new to the cannabis world, it may be best to try a milder strain with lower levels of THC, such as Master Bubba Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds.

The Growers Choice Difference

Our goal is to provide aspiring growers with maximum efficiency and an all-around fulfilling experience—from germinating your seeds to consuming your weed.

As such, we provide only the finest feminized strains. All of our seeds have an exceptionally high germination rate and are backed by a germination guarantee. We consider ourselves a person-to-person company and encourage any cannabis fans—from experienced growers to first-time growers—to take a peek at our strain catalog and reach out with any questions. Good luck on your gardening journey!

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