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Cannabis seeds Skokie

Currently there’s a crisis in America, an opioid crisis, and the medical professions are desperately seeking solutions to save lives. From prescription medications to illicit street drugs, opioids come in many forms and, scarily, are easily accessible. While education exists as one of the only true methods of curbing addiction and fatal episodes related to street drugs (which are often not what they seem), doctors are coming up with new methods of treatment bypass opioid medications altogether. A natural and prevalent analgesic, support for cannabis has taken on new vigor, as this plant can prove effective in treating ailments for which opioid medications are commonly prescribed. Find high quality Skokie cannabis seeds for pain management when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, a leading online seed vendor offering delivery across the nation.

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Cannabis and pain management

Hundreds of thousands of patients have turned to cannabis for centuries to treat pain, often as a last resort in cases where their pain has remained untreated by conventional medicine. In state’s like Illinois, medical cannabis use has been sanctioned by local level governments, and it’s been written into the law that marijuana can be prescribed for any medical condition where an opioid would traditionally be called for.

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This means that patients with severe and chronic pain like headaches, muscle aches, and more, can opt for something a little less addictive and slightly gentler on the system. Cannabis works to bring about pain relief by interacting with existing receptors in the body. Rather than block receptors that deliver pain messaging throughout the body (as opioids do), they either mimic existing neurotransmitters, such as anandamide (also known as “the bliss molecule”) or encourage the active uptake of neurotransmitters that influence feelings of calm, relaxation, bliss, hunger, and sedation.

Are weed seeds safer than opioids?

The PSAs of the 90s’ may suggest otherwise, but cannabis is a relatively safe substance to consume when compared with opioids. One of the active compounds in weed seeds – THC – my be responsible for causing hallucinogenic trips but cannabis chemicals do not depress the respiratory system, which can lead to failure and overdose.

“Overdosing” on weed is an uncomfortable experience, most often called greening out, and usually involves heightened paranoia or anxiety, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, and other non-fatal side effects.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Skokie?

Though there has been a law regarding the use of medicinal marijuana in Illinois since 2013, the state did not grant patients participating in the medical marijuana program the right to cultivate their own plants for personal use at home. Rather, they’ve dictated that patients can have two and a half ounces of cannabis in a 14-day period.

The good news is, weed seeds are considered collector’s items and therefore not held to the same strict standards if they aren’t germinated. This means you can order seeds from your favorite online retailer and there is no repercussion.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Skokie

Considering shopping for Skokie cannabis seeds as part of your pain management regime? Shop online for superior quality strains with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, a leading retailer offering a wide variety of medical marijuana seeds. Choose from our selection of potent indicas and uplifting sativas. We’ll carefully package your hand-picked seeds in medical-glass vials to ensure freshness during transit, and ship them off for delivery straight to your front door.

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My seeds came to me in five days. So happy they go through, I’ve had dud orders with other companies, I almost gave up trying to get seeds, that’s how bad it’s been. If you’re going to take your chances ordering seeds from some shop online, Growers Choice seems to be the real deal. Thanks guys! Looking forward to germinating them! Steve