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Cannabis Laws in Schaumburg, Illinois

A town in Cook County, Schaumburg may be on the smaller side, yet it has both an urban and suburban ambiance. Liberal-leaning and known for its friendly vibe, it tends to attract both young professionals and families. Formerly known as “Sarah’s Grove,” Schaumburg provides the laid back atmosphere of a smaller city, yet is close enough to Chicago to afford its residents convenient access to a bustling metropolis.

Like many cities, Schaumburg has its own emerging community of cannabis enthusiasts. If you live in the area and enjoy marijuana, you’re in luck: The state of Illinois legalized recreational cannabis use in 2020 for adults 21 and above.

There are limits to the amounts of weed an individual may possess: Currently, adults may have up to 30 grams of cannabis flower or 5 grams of cannabis concentrate products, and no more than 500 milligrams of THC within a cannabis-infused product. Schaumburg residents curious to know more about local marijuana laws can research the most current and accurate information here..

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Can Schaumburg Residents Grow at Home?

While attitudes regarding recreational marijuana use and cultivation have shifted quite significantly in the past decade, legal home growing for personal use is still somewhat of a rarity. Just eight states in the nation have legalized the practice, and an additional ten permit qualified medical patients to grow cannabis in their residence.

Fortunately for Schaumburg locals, Illinois is one of these ten states! While home cultivation is illegal by default, individuals with specific medical conditions have the opportunity to register as medical cannabis patients with the state. If qualified, they may grow a small number of weed plants for their own medical use within their residence.

A registered patient in the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program must follow certain rules regarding their plants. These specific terms can be viewed here. If you believe you may benefit from medical cannabis, we recommend researching the most up-to-date information at The Medical Cannabis Patient Program.

Not Qualified to Grow? How to Save your Seeds

If you’re not registered with the MCPP, you may wonder how you can remain connected to the world of cultivation while still abiding by laws. While it remains to be seen what the future holds cannabis planting in Illinois, there are ways to indirectly appreciate the practice. One example is gradually building up your own personalized collection of seeds. Many prefer to preserve their seeds so that they are ready to plant should the opportunity ever become available.

The most important thing to remember is that your weed seeds must be stored in a cool, dry, dark location. Humidity, warmth, and light all contribute to the deterioration of seeds—whether through the gradual destruction of nutrients, or development of fungi. Humidity should ideally be between 6% to 9%. Lastly, be sure to store your seeds in an area where there will be little temperature fluctuation, such as an unused refrigerator or freezer.

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Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are a subcategory of photoperiod pot seeds, which require some type of light cycle in order to flower. In comparison to regular seeds, they provide a much more efficient and productive cultivation experience. As such, we think it’s important that our entire library is made up of exclusively feminized weed seeds. our online library is made up of a wide range of exclusively feminized weed seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds will result in half female plants, and half male plants. However, male plants do not produce resin-rich buds. Therefore, they are typically only used for breeding.

A feminized pack of weed seeds will produce exclusively female plants, and therefore, all plants will produce resin. We have a vast array of strains available in our library, with one of our most popular feminized strains being Diesel Feminized Seeds. Short of actually consuming the plant, the study and exploration of cannabis strains is one of the most effective ways to determine your favorite type. All our strains are accompanied by in-depth profiles detailing their genetics, effects, growing properties, cannabinoid profiles, taste, aroma, and more.

Auto-flowering Seeds

While all our seeds are feminized, some are also categorized as feminized auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Auto pot seeds are highly useful to beginner cannabis gardeners and experienced marijuana growers alike because they have a number of unique and useful capabilities. They also tend to be preferred by beginner and outdoor growers.

This is because auto-flowering marijuana seeds contain some level of ruderalis lineage. Cannabis ruderalis, while less famous than its relatives of sativa and indica, has a number of appealing features, such as the capacity to endure harsh growing conditions and the ability to flower without light cycles.

Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids

Cannabis sativa plants and cannabis indica plants are the two most famous varieties of cannabis. Known for their respective, contrasting effects, many cannabis fans enjoy them both separately and combined. Sativa plants, such as Durban Poison Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds, often produce a more clarified thought process and a more driven level of focus. Indicas, like Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds, produce feelings of mellowness and tend to sedate.

Hybrid Strains

While sativa and indica cannabis plants are each remarkable in their own ways, many would argue they become even more intriguing when combined. Strains containing fairly even amounts of sativa and indica genetics are referred to as “hybrid strains.”

A sativa-dominant strain like Blueberry Cheesecake Feminized Seeds contains greater amounts of sativa genetics, but still produces more serene vibes than a pure sativa. The same holds true, in reverse, for an indica-dominant strain like Hell’s OG Feminized Seeds. Indica-dominant hybrids will instill the user with a subtle sense of calm, but thanks to their sativa component, tend to avoid becoming too sedating.

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Learn about the anatomy of the cannabis plant
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Cannabis Plant Anatomy

Because we only sell feminized seeds at Growers Choice, the following info refers specifically to female plant anatomy.

Nodes and Stems

Nodes are present wherever a plant’s stem connects to the stalk. Observing your plants’ nodes is one good way to assess their health: Unusual amounts of space—either too much or too little—may mean your lighting cycles may need to be adjusted. For instance, too little light will result in “stretching,” which is defined as a higher than average amount of space between nodes, as your plant is “stretching” to find light.

Stems are responsible for providing the leaves of the plant with all their vital nutrients. All branches of the plant—other than the stalk itself—are referred to as stems.


Also referred to as “buds,” the flowers develop throughout the length of the plant. However, the vast majority will appear near the top. Flowers are one of the most famous parts of the cannabis plant—as this is the portion that contains the majority of a plant’s cannabinoids. Most often, flowers are dried and smoked. However, they also serve as a key ingredient in other consumable products.


Resin is produced by microscopic glands called trichomes. They typically grow on the calyxes, buds, and leaves of the plant, and are also responsible for producing terpenes—the chemicals that give each strain its unique taste and scent. Trichomes often appear snowy, frosty, or crystal-like.

Resin and Pistils

Resin develops on cannabis plants to protect it from insects and various elements. Since such protection is rarely required for indoor growing, some growers place the plants under light stress to encourage heavier development of this cannabinoid-rich substance. Some cannabis strains are specifically bred for higher trichome production, particularly for the production of concentrates like hashish.

Pistils are a key visual clue that the flowering stage is coming to an end. When they curl and deepen to an orange-like color, this means your marijuana garden may be ready to harvest.Typically, pistils appear as thin, white hairs.

Fan Leaves and Sugar Leaves

Arguably the most famous part of the cannabis plant, fan leaves are the inspiration the iconic, multi-pronged image synonymous with marijuana. They also play a crucial role in photosynthesis, and transform sun or light into chemical energy for the plant.

Sugar leaves are small, resin-frosted leaves are typically harvested in addition to buds. Much tinier than fan leaves, they appear within the cannabis flowers and colas. Typically, they have a high cannabinoid content.

Why Premium Cannabis Seeds?

At Growers Choice, we want to help growers and aspiring gardeners alike get the strongest benefits of cannabis cultivation and have an enjoyable experience. As an online seed bank, we have a few key values we never budge on: Provide quality cannabis seeds and thoughtful customer service. We believe these are core qualities of a trustworthy seed bank.

Quality seeds are important because even the most experienced growers will face unnecessary challenges if they attempt to cultivate damaged, unhealthy, or otherwise sub-par seeds.

All our cannabis seed strains come from dedicated cannabis seed brands, are lab-tested, hand-selected, and backed by a 90% germination guarantee. Whether you’re a resident of Schaumburg qualified to grow medical marijuana, or simply want to gather inspiration while you wait for a legal growing opportunity, we wish you luck in your journey!

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