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A Snapshot of Evanston

Dubbed by some as an “anti-suburb,” Evanston differs from the typical, quiet villages often found surrounding cities. Brimming with varied cultural and outdoor recreation activities, it’s also known for its earnest sense of community and history of activism. As home to Northwestern University, Evanston tends to attract students, scholars, and a slightly younger crowd than the national average. The downtown area is filled with hopping breweries, bars, and other nightlife. 

Many also enjoy Evanston’s close proximity to the Windy City. Like many suburbs, it affords convenient access to the hustle and bustle of a major metropolis: Should you ever find yourself wanting to visit the Art Institute or catch a Bears Game on a whim, the heart of Chicago is just a hop and a skip from Evanston. 

In response to the city’s emerging cannabis community, diligent efforts were made in early 2023 to allow cannabis smoking establishments locally—also known as pot lounges. While the proposal was ultimately voted against by City Council, it initially received a vote of 2-3 in favor by the Human Services Committee. 

Local Cannabis Laws

Although you may not be able to stroll into a local pot lounge anytime soon, Evanston locals (and any adults 21 and above in Illinois) are permitted to purchase and consume recreational weed. Additionally, people with specific medical conditions have the opportunity to quality to grow their own medical cannabis. Currently, over 140,000 medical marijuana patients have registered with the Medical Cannabis Patient Program in the state of Illinois. 

Illinoisans may possess up to 30 grams of cannabis flower or 5 grams of cannabis concentrate products,. However, they are limited to 500 milligrams of THC or fewer in any cannabis-infused product.  We always encourage all individuals to diligently research their local laws. More information on the legality of cannabis in Illinois is available here.

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Explore the evolving world  of medical cannabis laws
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Cultivating Medical Cannabis in Evanston 

It’s important to be clear that there is no definitive link at the moment between cannabis and medical benefits. However, research, anecdotal reports, and the evolution of medical cannabis laws in states such as Illinois do suggest a correlation between cannabis use and the alleviation of certain symptoms. 

Registered medical patients under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Patient Program may grow up to five plants. However, there are certain stipulations, and we recommend anyone interested in the program research the latest rules thoroughly. Currently, an individual permitted to grow medical cannabis must own the residence in which they are growing (or have permission from the owner). They are limited to five plants and must take reasonable precautions to secure these plants to prevent unauthorized access. 

More specific details and limitations around cultivating your own medical marijuana seeds are outlined here.

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Popular Cannabis Strains

As laws and regulations have changed throughout the country, a more dynamic array of fine-tuned strains have become available than ever before. Many of these are enjoyed as both recreational marijuana and medical cannabis.

This said, the term “best” is highly subjective, especially when it comes to an experience as individualized as cannabis consumption. An overall “best” strain may not necessarily be the best choice for your own unique tastes. However, a highly popular strain such as Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds does have very broad appeal. Alternatively, those wishing to tap into more astute perceptions and enhanced focus may prefer a sativa-dominant hybrid such as Tangerine Dream Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds.

The important thing to remember is that finding the best weed plants for you, specifically, will likely involve a little up-front research. We recommend browsing our library of premium strain seeds and filtering the selection by selecting options such as THC and CBD levels, sativa and indica levels, etc. 

Can’t Plant a Cannabis Garden? Explore the World of Cannabis Strains

Whether you’re a cannabis dilettante, a longtime aficionado, or anywhere in between, one thing never changes: Those with a genuine passion for marijuana can only benefit from learning more about the plant itself.

Even though you may not be able to actually plant your own cannabis crop just yet, reading up on the practice of cannabis growing can be a fulfilling practice in its own right, and also be quite helpful should you ever have the opportunity to cultivate!

The first step to strategically whittling down a broad selection to just your favorite strains is understanding the basic species and categories of cannabis plants. Below, we explore some of the main varieties of cannabis—and the specific differences and benefits of each. 

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Learn about the science behind auto-flowering seeds
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Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are a subcategory of photoperiod pot seeds, which all require some type of light cycle in order to flower.

Our library is comprised exclusively of the best feminized weed seeds. This is because male plants do not produce resin-rich buds, and therefore, their best use is for the purposes of breeding. 

Resin is important because it contains the majority of a plant’s THC, and therefore, its psychoactive effects. A feminized pack of weed seeds will produce exclusively female plants, and therefore,  all plants will produce resin. Half of all regular cannabis seeds, on average, will be male—so unless the cannabis grower is planning on creating new strains themselves, male plants are not required and tend to create extra work. 

Auto-flowering Seeds

While all our seeds are feminized, some are also feminized auto-flowering. Auto seeds are highly useful to beginner cannabis gardeners and experienced growers alike because they have a number of unique and useful capabilities. They also tend to be preferred by beginner and outdoor growers.

This is because auto-flowering seeds contain some level of ruderalis lineage. Cannabis ruderalis, while less famous than its relatives, sativa and indica, has a number of appealing features. We cover these below. 

The Ability to Flower Automatically

Normally, photoperiod cannabis strains require some kind of consistent light cycle to flower. Typically, this entails twelve hours of light and twelve hours of dark per day—although this may vary depending on your specific strains and growing setup. Auto-flowering strains, by contrast, will simply flower on their own without light adjustments. As such, auto seeds are particularly useful for those seeking a lower-maintenance growing process.

Flowering Efficiency

Auto-flowering strains tend to mature more quickly than feminized seeds. As a general rule, a grower who cultivates auto plant like Cotton Candy Kush Auto-flowering Seeds can enjoy multiple harvests in a single season. 

Resistance to Harsh Conditions

Auto-flowering strains are stronger and tougher in response to various growing challenges such as inclement weather, mishandling, cramped spaces, and other issues such as pests, mold, and fungi. Specifically, they tend to be quite well-adjusted to outdoor growing. 

Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids

Cannabis sativa plants and cannabis indica plants are the two most famous varieties of cannabis. Known for their respective, contrasting effects, many cannabis fans enjoy them both separately and combined. Sativa plants, such as Orange Crush Feminized Seeds, often produce a more clarified thought process and a more driven level of focus. Indicas, like Chocolate Chunk Feminized Seeds, can relax the user physically. 

Hybrid Strains

While sativa and indica cannabis plants are each remarkable in their own ways, many would argue they become even more intriguing when combined. Strains containing fairly even amounts of sativa and indica genetics are referred to as “hybrid strains.”

A sativa-dominant strain like Dirty Girl Feminized Seeds contains greater amounts of sativa genetics, but still produces more serene vibes than a pure sativa. The same holds true, in reverse, for an indica-dominant strain like Big Wreck Feminized Seeds. Indica-dominant hybrids will imbue the user with a whimsical sense of calm that does not leave the individual feeling overly-sedated or lethargic. 

Why Premium Cannabis Seeds? 

Growers Choice Seeds is an online seed bank that has earned a reputation for excellence because we stick to our core values. We want to help growers and aspiring gardeners alike have the best experience possible. As such, we have an unwavering commitment to providing educational information to those who cannot yet legally grow, and premium quality seeds for those who can. (Or, for those who prefer to collect their seeds in anticipation of one day being able to embark on a legal weed grow)

Quality cannabis seeds are vital to the growing process. Even the most seasoned experts will face unnecessary challenges if they attempt to cultivate damaged, unhealthy, or otherwise less-than-ideal seeds.

As such, all of our cannabis seed strains come from dedicated cannabis seed brands, are lab-tested, hand-selected, and backed by a 90% germination guarantee. Whether you’re a resident of Evanston qualified to grow medical marijuana, or simply want to gather inspiration while you wait for a legal growing opportunity, we wish you luck in your journey!

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