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Cannabis in Des Plaines, Illinois 

With a mixture of young professionals and retirees, Des Plaines is a growing city known for its close-knit community. Like many Chicago suburbs, it is a mixture of small-town charm and city-like vibrance. 

It also has a growing community of cannabis lovers. As of 2020, adults 21 and above in Illinois may consume recreational marijuana legally. Specifically, any one person is allowed to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis flower or 5 grams of cannabis concentrate products, and no more than 500 milligrams of THC within a cannabis-infused product. Des Plaines locals looking to further research their local cannabis laws can review the most current and accurate information here.

Home Growing: Is it Allowed? 

While many states do not permit any kind of home growing whatsoever, Illinois falls into somewhat of a gray area. To be clear, the home cultivation of cannabis is illegal by default. However, there is an exception made for medical marijuana patients. Those with certain medical conditions may be eligible to register with the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program.

If qualified, the individual may grow up to five cannabis plants in their home for personal use. There are additional limitations and stipulations; for those interested in becoming a registered patient, specific terms can be viewed here. If you believe you may benefit from medical marijuana seeds and cannabis, we recommend researching the most up-to-date information at The Medical Cannabis Patient Program.

Given Des Plaines’ proximity to the Windy City, it’s just a hop and a skip to a variety of legal dispensaries—which only grow in numbers thanks to increasing support of the cannabis industry. However, as a general rule, aspiring gardeners will find the broadest selection of seed strains through online seed banks with a longstanding reputation for excellence.

Can’t Grow Yet? Try Collecting Seeds Instead

While planting cannabis seeds is not legal, simply possessing ungerminated marijuana seeds is perfectly OK in all fifty states. Some people enjoy gradually adding to a personalized selection of ungerminated seeds. While some collect rare seed strains as novelty items, others preserve their seeds just in case home growing ever becomes a legal option.

If you live in Des Plaines and would like to begin your own collection, there are two key points we recommend keeping in mind: Finding a reliable seed bank, and knowing how to properly store and preserve your seeds.

Weed seeds must be stored in a cool, dry, dark location—like a freezer! Humidity, warmth, and light all negatively impact their health—typically through the gradual destruction of nutrients and the development of fungi. Humidity should ideally be between 6% to 9%. Lastly, be sure to store your seeds in an area where there will be little temperature fluctuation, such as a freezer or refrigerator you don’t frequently use. 

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Take a peek into the 101 of growing weed
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Approaches to Growing

It remains to be seen if home-growing laws will evolve in the future. Even if you can’t plant right now, why not develop your growing expertise in the meantime? At Growers Choice, we’re probably best known for providing premium quality seeds—however, we also think it’s important to provide our customers and visitors with a wide variety of resources and “how to” articles.

Tending to your own miniature marijuana crop can be a complex and involved practice—but it doesn’t need to be. Like many disciplines, there’s a range of approaches—from green thumb 101 types growing—to highly personalized and finessed processes. Below, we offer a glimpse into just a few of the many ways to approach the art of creating your very own marijuana garden. 

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 Explore the various methodologies for growing cannabis inside
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Growing Indoors: Key Tips for First-Time Growers and Experts 

Illinois has a continental climate—which means especially cold winters. As such, many growers prefer to plant their seeds indoors. Simply using nutrient-dense soil is a tried-and-true classic—however, there are actually a variety of other popular methods for indoor growing. Each has its own unique challenges and benefits. 

Hydroponics, Aeroponics, and Aquaponics 

Hydroponics involves submerging your cannabis plant’s roots in a solution of water and nutrients. Because your plants are receiving nutrients and water directly, they no longer need to “search” for sustenance. Rather, they can allocate a greater amount of energy towards developing more resinous buds. 

The aeroponics method involves suspending your cannabis plants in a hanging basket. Rather than being planted in soil, a plant’s roots will simply hang in the air. Plants can be fed with spray bottles of water and fertilizer. 

Aquaponics is a highly niche but intriguing method. Best suited to those with experience, this technique involves mastery of two distinct systems: Aquaculture—which means farming fish such as koi, bluegills, and others, and the hydroponic method mentioned above.  Gardeners well-versed in this process can create a virtuous cycle—or nearly closed loop—of feeding their plants with nutrients produced by the fish. 

Sea of Green (SOG)

If you happen to be growing your plants in a smaller space, this method may be useful: By keeping plants close together, they will actually grow into one another. The result is a dense, flourishing, canopy-like structure. This “sea of green” tends to flower much more efficiently and affords cannabis gardeners a greater number of harvests.

As a general rule, indica plants like Sundae Driver Feminized Cannabis Seeds and Critical Kush Feminized Seeds will fare better using this method thanks to their bunchier stature—while sativa plants may tend to stretch upwards, which ultimately negates the benefits of this method. 

The Screen of Green (SCROG)

Similar to the SOG method, this technique involves training your plants to grow horizontally along a mesh screen.  The foliage will actually grow straight through the openings of the mesh, and as a result, receive a greater amount of light per square foot. 

While many strains can be cultivated using this method, sativa plants like Birthday Cake Feminized Seeds and Diablo OG Kush Feminized Seeds have slender leaves—and therefore, are particularly adept at growing through the mesh used with the SCROG method.  

Highly dense cannabis garden
Learn why feminized seeds are different from regular seeds
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Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are a subcategory of photoperiod pot seeds, which all require some type of light cycle in order to flower. In order to provide the best growing experience possible, our library is comprised of exclusively feminized strains.

You may be wondering why feminized seeds are so helpful to gardeners. The short answer is efficiency. Unlike regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds are designed to produce only female plants. This is because male plants, while useful in breeding, do not produce cannabinoid-rich resin.

Resin contains the majority of a plant’s THC, and therefore, its psychoactive effects. A feminized pack of weed seeds will only produce female plants, and therefore, your crop will have significantly more resin, by default, than a crop of 50/50 male and female plants. 

Auto-flowering Seeds

While all our seeds are feminized, some are both auto-floweirng and feminized strains. All auto plants contain ruderalis lineage; this species is what imbues them with their unique qualities and abilities.

Auto plants tend to stand up quite well to many less-than-ideal conditions such as harsh weather, small growing spaces, mishandling, and pests. Their most significant ability, however, is that they flower automatically—without adjustment of light cycles.

Auto-flowering pot seeds all contain some level of ruderalis lineage. As a general rule, auto seeds are especially fitting for beginner growers, those who have limited growing space, or those who simply prefer a lower-maintenance strain.

Sativas and Indicas

Indica marijuana plants and sativa weed plants are the two most famous species of marijuana. Originally discovered in 1785 and 1753, respectively, they are key ingredients in the vast majority of today’s popular strains.

Cannabis sativa is a thinner, longer plant, while indicas are shorter and denser. While sativa strains improve focus, and concentration, and sharpen cerebral perceptions, indicas tend to feel more relaxing and sedating.


Hybrid strains combine both sativa and indica genetics, and while both these species are popular in their own right, many cannabis users prefer them when combined. Years of thoughtful breeding have produced a large selection of hybrid plants that fall into three basic categories: Indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, and balanced hybrids.

Indica-leaning cannabis seed strains like Afgoo Feminized Seeds have more relaxing effects. A balanced hybrid, like Bubbleberry Feminized Seeds will imbue the user with a mixture of clarified thoughts and soothing, physical chill.  Finally, a sativa-dominant hybrid, like Strawberry Lemonade Feminized Seeds will have more dominant sativa characteristics—yet these will be counterbalanced to some extent by its indica lineage. 

Why Growers Choice?

As a person-to-person company and quality seed bank, we have one core principle: Improve the growing experience for aspiring and current growers alike.

We think the best way to achieve our goal is to stick to a few key values: These include providing an impressive selection of high-quality seeds and offering useful, easy-to-read information to our visitors.  Much of this info includes DIY articles on the cultivation of cannabis as well as detailed strain profiles. Short of actually consuming a strain, reading up on its qualities, such as cannabinoid content, effects, and more, is one of the best ways to get a sense of which cannabis products and strains you might like best. 

Premium cannabis seeds are a key component in the growing process—whether for medical or recreational marijuana. For this reason, all our seeds are lab-tested, hand-selected, and backed by a 90% germination guarantee. Whether you’re a registered patient already eligible to grow, or simply looking to further explore the world of the cannabis plant, we recommend diving into our strain library and taking a look around. Whether you prefer to browse strain profiles or peruse our articles, our aim is to provide everything you need for an excellent growing experience. Good luck with your gardening journey! 

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