Cannabis Seeds: A Guide for Park Ridge Residents

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A Snapshot of Park Ridge

A suburb of the Windy City, Park Ridge is located fifteen miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Its most well-known attraction is the Pickwick Theatre. Originally a vaudeville stage and movie theatre, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and still has regular shows today. 

Park Ridge also has a large number of forest preserves, and exudes the feel of both a quieter village and, in its downtown areas, a metropolis brimming with nightlife and dining. 

Thankfully for cannabis dabblers, cognoscenti, and everyone in between, recreational marijuana consumption, sale, and possession is legal in Illinois. So long as they are 21 and above, Park Ridge locals may possess up to 30 grams of cannabis flower. This said, we encourage you to thoroughly research your local laws on recreational weed.  Additional details on Illinois cannabis laws are available here.

Can Park Ridge Residents Grow Cannabis? 

The answer is: It depends. By default, recreational cannabis home cultivation is illegal in Illinois. In fact, home growing is not yet legal in the majority of states. Yet, in the past decade, views and perceptions of the cannabis plant have transformed quite significantly. Time will only tell what the future holds for cannabis—and its legality in specific areas— but if general attitudes remain on their current trajectory, it’s reasonable to think that cannabis culture only stands to gain more widespread acceptance. 

The good news if you’re a Park Ridge resident is that Illinois provides one key exception: residents 21 and up who have specific medical conditions are eligible to register as medical cannabis patients under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Patient Program.

If approved, these individuals may grow up to five plants. However, they must own the residence in which they grow (or have permission from the owner) and must take reasonable precautions to secure their plants and prevent unauthorized access. A more exhaustive list of details and limitations around cultivating your own medical marijuana seeds can be reviewed here.

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Discover why feminized seeds are so helpful to growers
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What are Feminized Seeds and Why are They so Important?

In order to provide the best growing experience possible, our library is comprised exclusively of the best-feminized weed seeds for sale.

Feminized seeds are a subcategory of photoperiod pot seeds, which all require some type of light cycle in order to flower. The reason feminized seeds are important is that while female plants produce resin-rich buds—male plants do not.

This is not to say male plants aren’t useful for breeding new strains, but for the majority of home marijuana growers, they are not necessary. When you purchase regular marijuana seeds, approximately half of your seeds will be male. Feminized seeds solve this issue! Resin is important because it contains the majority of a plant’s THC, and therefore, its psychoactive effects. A feminized pack of weed seeds will produce exclusively female plants, and therefore, a resin-rich crop. 

Auto-flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering strains have a special genetic quality: They are especially resilient in the face of harsh weather conditions, mishandling, and small growing spaces. In a nutshell, they’re famously low-maintenance. This makes them ideal for newbies. 

Auto-flowering strains like Jupiter OG Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds also don’t require any adjustment to their light cycles whatsoever. Rather, they will simply flower on their own. Best of all, all our auto-flowering seeds are also feminized strains. In this sense, you receive the best of both worlds: Exclusively female plants that also flower on their own. 

CBD-Rich Strains

CBD seeds differ from traditional cannabis in that they do not produce the psychoactive effects associated with THC. CBD, which is the second most commonly found cannabinoid in cannabis, is said to provide mental focus and clear-headedness—but without any of the mind-altering effects associated with higher THC strains like 9 Pound Hammer Feminized Seeds.

While they are often categorized as a medical cannabis plant, you do not need to be a medical patient to enjoy CBD strains such as CBD Shark Feminized Seeds and CBD Moby Dick Feminized Seeds.

In fact, CBD strains have a variety of applications. Many enjoy CBD because of its de-stressing properties. Alternatively, if you are a medical marijuana patient, you may find these worth researching, as research and anecdotal reports do suggest that CBD can help alleviate a number of health-related symptoms. 

Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids

One of the first things most pot enthusiasts learn is whether they prefer sativa, indica, or both. Both famous in their own right, they have somewhat contrasting effects, yet when combined, can create a variety of excellent blends.

Sativa plants were the first species of cannabis to be discovered. Initially identified in 1753, they have long stems and elegantly tapered leaves. Plants with sativa genetics like Durban Poison Auto-flowering Seeds tend to produce heightened levels of focus. 

Indica weed plants were first discovered in 1785 and are distinguishable by their short, compact stature and thick, robust leaves. Indica effects are quite different than sativa plants. While the latter produces mental drive and energy, the former instills the user with a sense of mellowness and serenity. serene chill Many indica plants like Dark Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds and Blue God Feminized Seeds are preferred by those seeking a deeper sleep at night, or who simply want to relax at the end of the day.


While many prefer the qualities of a pure indica or sativa, it is actually their combined effects that, according to many pot fans, are greater than the sum of their parts. While sativas deliver sharp mental clarity, any cerebral energy will be counterbalanced elegantly by the strain’s indica effects. Depending on a strain’s ratio of indica to sativa, the product may be referred to as an “indica-dominant hybrid” or “sativa-dominant hybrid” respectively. 

For those who prefer a true 50/50 split, we recommend the subcategory of “balanced hybrids.” These strains are ideal for those who prefer a near-perfect equilibrium when it comes to mentally refreshing and physically sedating effects. 

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Learn about the most important considerations for indoor growers
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An Introduction to Indoor Lighting 

If you plan to cultivate photoperiod cannabis seed strains, such as any of our feminized seeds, the balance of darkness and light is one of the most important factors in the growing process. We recommend using the brightest High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or LED lights possible. This is because more vivid light sources will help plants produce the greatest number of buds. Specifically, your lights should have a minimum of 250 watts; 400 watts or higher is even better. These will recreate the effects of sunlight most closely. 

If your grow room happens to be exposed to natural daylight, you can potentially forego artificial light sources during the brightest part of the day. It is also important that your grow room has periods of complete darkness. Even small amounts of light will negatively affect the growing process. 

As your cannabis plants become taller, your lights should be adjusted away from the tops of your plants. At this point, they should still provide ample light, but not so much that they overheat your plants. Temperature-wise, your grow room will ideally be between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit —and lowered by several degrees during the last few days of the growing process. 

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Learn about why GCS makes for happy cannabis gardeners
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Why Premium Cannabis Seeds?

Growers Choice Seeds is an online seed bank that has earned a reputation for excellence because we have developed a few unflinching commitments: Provide premium quality seeds that grow into bountiful weed plants and support our customers through educational resources and friendly customer service. 

Quality cannabis seeds are a key component in the growing process. The most seasoned experts will face unnecessary challenges if they attempt to cultivate damaged, less-than-viable cannabis seeds. Even if you live in Park Ridge and are not registered to grow, many cannabis lovers simply collect seeds should a home-growing opportunity for legal weed ever become available.

Thankfully, our seeds are all lab-tested, hand-selected, and backed by a 90% germination guarantee. Whether you’re a resident of Park Ridge qualified to grow medical marijuana, or simply want to gather inspiration while you wait for a legal growing opportunity, we wish you luck in your journey!

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