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Cannabis in Arlington Heights

A suburb northwest of Chicago, the village of Arlington Heights is a mixture of natural scenery and arts culture. As of 2020, the recreational consumption, possession, access to cannabis, and sale of cannabis are legal in the state of Illinois. However, home growing is not currently permitted—except for qualified medical patients. Cannabis lovers and aspiring gardeners who are not able to cultivate their seeds may feel disappointed, but the good news is that you have ample time to gather inspiration and fine-tune your knowledge through reputable resources such as Growers Choice Seeds.

While we are best known for providing premium, hand-selected seeds—we think it’s equally important to provide educational resources for would-be gardeners who want to develop or fine-tune their growing abilities. This way, when you finally do have the opportunity to create your own small garden, you’ll already be an expert. 

A snapshot of local cannabis laws

Arlington Heights is particularly well-known for its vibrant community. Home to numerous public parks, many residents and visitors are attracted to the walkable downtown, varied selection of restaurants, and theatre-focused attractions such as the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre. A small-yet-spirited village, it sits just twenty-five miles northwest of Chicago’s downtown. Like many communities, it is also home to several cannabis aficionados. 

Currently, twenty-four states have legalized recreational weed consumption—and Illinois is one of them! Specifically, individuals 21 and above are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of recreational cannabis flower or 5 grams of cannabis concentrate products. THC limits are capped at 500 milligrams inside any cannabis-infused product.

If you’re considering enjoying some recreational weed of your own, we encourage you to research the local laws thoroughly. Arlington Heights residents—and other Illinoisans—can do so here.

Can’t grow your own cannabis? Sharpen your knowledge instead 

Despite the tremendous uptick in cannabis acceptance and legalization, growing at home for personal use is still a somewhat unique opportunity. As of 2024, just eight states have legalized the practice. The not-so-great news for Arlington Heights locals is that home cultivation is not legal. 

However, there is an exception to this rule. Ten states in the nation do permit home growing for medical cannabis patients, and Illinois is one of them. The allowance of plants is limited, with locals only permitted to cultivate five or fewer per household. 

Those who believe they may qualify to grow medical marijuana can research how to become a registered patient—as well as the specific requirements and stipulations of The Medical Cannabis Patient Program. If you do not have a qualifying medical condition but still would like to appreciate cannabis cultivation indirectly, you may be interested in simply learning about the growing process. Well-rounded knowledge about the art of cultivation will be useful should you ever have the opportunity to legally grow. 

How to store seeds until it is legal to grow

Even though cannabis seed collectors in Arlington Heights can’t plant their seeds unless qualified to do so, the simple act of carefully collecting and preserving seeds to potentially grow in the future is one way to indirectly experience the joy of cannabis. Some collectors seek out ultra-rare or unique seed strains; others simply prefer to grow and fine-tune their collections in a highly personalized way. Methodically collecting strains you think you may enjoy is one excellent way to prepare for the potential of future, legal gardening. 

Once you have your seeds, proper storage is key. If carefully kept, seeds can remain viable for quite some time—often several years or more. The key is to keep them in a tightly sealed container in an area of your home that is cool, dry, and dark. 

If you’re looking for the best outcome possible, we encourage you to keep your marijuana seeds in a refrigerator or freezer that is not routinely used, opened, or shut. 

 detailed shot of green and yellow cannabis flowers
Plant science: How to navigate the cannabis flowering stage
Source: Francis Costelloe pexels

Plant science: A glimpse into how the cannabis plant works 

Many cannabis fans have an enthusiasm for the plant that extends far beyond actually consuming it. Some, for instance, are curious about how and why cannabis affects us in the way it does. For example, which types of strains impact us differently?

And additionally—why? We encourage pot admirers in Arlington Heights to explore these topics as thoroughly as they wish, but if you’re new to the subject, below is a brief snapshot of the science behind marijuana: from how to cultivate healthy, mature plants, to the role of cannabinoids, to the unique traits of various species. 

An Introduction to Cannabinoids

Plant cannabinoids are a major part of each strain’s qualities and effects. To better understand the differences between these compounds, we’ve provided a brief explanation of each.

Major Cannabinoids: THC, CBD, and their lesser-known sibling—CBG

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): Some of the most well-known effects of cannabis are a result of THC. Its psychotropic effects are typically mind and mood-altering. These include euphoria, a more vivid perception of sounds and colors, reduced inhibitions, and potentially—hallucinations. If you’re a seasoned recreational cannabis user and love the effects of THC, we recommend strains such as Animal Crackers Feminized Cannabis Seeds and Atomic Northern Lights Feminized Seeds. They contain generous amounts of THC at 23% and 22%, respectively. 
  • Cannabidiol (CBD): This cannabinoid is famous for potentially easing stress, and anxiety, and producing a general soothing feeling. Its effects impact an individual’s psychological and cognitive state. While CBD is considered to be psychoactive, it does not produce the mind-altering effects of THC and is therefore not psychotropic.  Some of our most popular CBD strains include CBD Shark Feminized Seeds and CBD Critical Mango Feminized Seeds. The former, an indica-dominant hybrid, has a 1:1 THC-to-CBD ratio and soothes physically and psychologically. The latter, as the name suggests, has an earthy, mango-like taste and is often preferred by those seeking a sense of relaxed yet vibrant focus.
  • Cannabigerol (CBG): Some research suggests this cannabinoid may uplift, brighten the mood, and soothe anxiety. Sour Tsunami Feminized seeds are one of the strains in our seed catalog that includes both CBD and CBG. A sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain has a citrusy, pine-like aroma and taste, and tends to produce a sense of joy and simultaneous calm.
dried marijuana buds with cast shadow
What are the different effects and benefits of indica and sativa plants?
Source: futurefilmworks pixabay

Cannabis Species 

Just as no two foodies have identical tastes in the type of dining or cuisine they enjoy, cannabis fans each have their own idiosyncratic preferences. Knowing this, it only makes sense to provide an extensive library of strains—and ensure that each is accompanied by a thorough profile detailing effects, growing properties, cannabinoid profile, terpene profile, aroma and taste, and more. 

overhead shot of marijuana seeds and oils
How to identify premium cannabis seeds
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Buying from a quality-assured seed bank

We consider ourselves a person-to-person type seed bank at Growers Choice Seeds, and want to be more to the cannabis community in Arlington Heights than a resource for cannabis seeds online. This is not to say we aren’t concerned with the quality of our marijuana seeds themselves—to the contrary! Our seeds are lab-tested, hand-selected, have high germination rates, and come from a variety of expert, driven breeders. Additionally, when you purchase marijuana seeds from our library, they will be backed by a 90% germination guarantee.

This said, we also think the growing experience is a nuanced, personalized, and ultimately very rewarding process. As such, we feel it’s important to provide numerous educational resources about cannabis online, such as guides, in-depth strain profiles, and other articles. Doing so can help support both our seasoned and aspiring indoor and outdoor growers throughout the cultivation process.

Our core values: What they are and why we have them

Specifically, we prioritize the following benefits and features as a seed bank:

  • Lab-tested, hand-selected, ultra-high-quality weed seeds with excellent germination rates and a germination guarantee.
  • Educational resources and guides for those who would like to thoroughly research the art of cultivation.
  • Exclusively feminized strains. Unlike regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds produce only female plants, and therefore, higher yields. 
  • Discreet shipping and stealth delivery.
  • Highly detailed product descriptions 

If you live in Arlington Heights and are a medical marijuana patient, we recommend browsing our strain library to get a sense of which weed seeds you might like best. If you are not able to legally grow, developing a keen understanding of the process can only help in the future should your own cannabis garden become a possibility. Good luck on your cannabis journey! 

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