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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Illinois

Buy Cannabis seeds in Illinois

Recreational cannabis is officially legal in Illinois—and the best part is that Growers Choice will deliver weed seeds to your home in a matter of days. Keep reading to learn about cannabis laws in Illinois and the best practices for growing your own cannabis at home.

A Cannabis Seeds Question

Where do cannabis gardeners start? How do they end up with weed plants that they harvest and enjoy? While you can, in theory, start with a clone, but that can be inconvenient, since you have to go find a clipping of that plant. For potential at-home growers, from Hoffman Estates to Tinley Park to Arlington Heights, the best thing to do is begin with seeds. The booming cannabis industry is built, in part, on the growth of at-home cannabis cultivators. When people think of cannabis-based products, or at least consumable products, they are thinking of marijuana seeds, pot seeds, weed seeds, you name it. Hemp plants/weed plants are also cannabis plants, but those cannabis-based products aren’t smokeable, as they lack the requisite THC. The cannabis seeds you find for sale, though, are for your marijuana garden. Anybody out there working in the realm of hemp would let you know that.

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Finding the Right Marijuana Seeds for You

Cannabis growers need to know what kind of cannabis seed strains, to grow, but also what kind of seeds to go with. You want the best marijuana garden possible. In terms of strains, you may want a sativa, or perhaps an indica. Cannabis sativa plants are energizing, and give you more of a heady high. Indicas, meanwhile, are relaxing and feel more in the body. If you are a cannabis grower with tending to medical conditions at the forefront of your mind, there are high-CBD, low-THC strains that don’t make you as high but can still benefit you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The scientific evidence of the potential health benefits of cannabis is clear at this point. You will definitely want feminized seeds, though. Only female marijuana plants have buds, so fully feminized marijuana seeds can almost guarantee you that you will end up with female plants. Not only will male plants not be consumable, but male plants can have harmful effects on your yield. If a male plant gets to pollinate your female plants, that will compromise your marijuana garden.

Is Cannabis Legal in Illinois?

Cannabis prohibition used to be a nationwide thing in America. Then, states began to legalize it, either medically or recreationally. In 2013, Illinois legalized medical cannabis businesses. After that, in 2019 the state legislature legalized recreational marijuana, which went into effect on New Year’s Day of 2020.

The legal cannabis market is now part of life in Illinois, but what about growing your own marijuana garden at home? You can indeed grow your own cannabis plants, but it comes with a caveat. Only medical users are allowed to be at-home cannabis growers. Medical cannabis patients are allowed to grow up to five plants at one time. However, that means you need a medical marijuana license in order to do that. Now, if you are caught growing your own plants at home without that medical marijuana license, the punishment will only be a $200 fine. That’s not cheap, but it isn’t egregious. Additionally, you could put in a craft growers license application, which would allow you to grow cannabis, but this is more for commercial growers. After all, you are allowed a marijuana field of up to 5,000 square feet. That’s for cannabis businesses, not at-home growers.

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Finding an Online Seed Bank for You

If you are looking for marijuana seeds, what’s the best way to go about it? The answer to your cannabis seeds question? That would be an online seed bank. This is the best way to get quality cannabis seeds, and also the most convenient way. A reliable online seed bank will give you options that run the gamut of the cannabis market, in terms of strains. However, there are other things to look for. Fully-feminized seeds, of course, but there is more to being a trustworthy seed bank. A good seed bank will offer you a germination guarantee and an online seed bank will offer reliable, fast shipping with discreet packaging. With quality medical marijuana seeds, even a beginner grower can have an at-home garden that thrives.

Do some research and find the best online seed bank for you. Some options include Growers Choice Seeds, Seed King, and Pacific Seed Bank. Then, pick seeds for your favorite strains. Now, as we noted, right now only medical marijuana patients can legally grow plants, but if you are one of those, you are free to get high-quality seeds and grow up to five plants with your health and wellness in mind. There are a lot of farms in Illinois, and cannabis plants tend to be resilient, so outdoor growing, in the right season, is possible. However, indoor growing is always an option as well, and better for keeping things private. People all over the globe are enjoying the experience of growing their own cannabis plants at home, and you could enjoy the same experience in Illinois. Don’t settle for second best, in the Second City or elsewhere in the Land of Lincoln. Find a trustworthy seed bank, and go from there!

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