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The largest city in Madison County, Idaho, Rexburg is known for its many parks, activities, and small, yet vibrant, community. Although attitudes across the United States regarding marijuana are evolving, cannabis is not permitted for any use in the state of Idaho—whether medical or recreational. Residents of Rexburg can learn more about the cannabis plant, why so many buy their quality marijuana seeds from Growers Choice Seeds, as well as local marijuana laws below. 

Cannabis Seeds in Idaho

Idaho’s official state nickname is the “Gem State” due to its reputation for natural beauty. Even though residents of Rexburg cannot currently purchase, consume, or grow recreational weed or medical marijuana for any reason, we understand that learning more about the cannabis plant can still be a fulfilling activity in its own right, even for those who live in a place like Idaho where legal homegrows are not allowed.

As such, the online seed bank Growers Choice Seeds considers itself to not only be an excellent resource for high-quality recreational and medical cannabis seeds from committed breeders, but also, a place to find intriguing information on the art of cannabis breeding, detailed product descriptions about different types of strains, and general info on the marijuana plant itself.

What are Marijuana Seeds?

Ungerminated marijuana seeds are small, shiny, and typically coffee-colored. Viable cannabis seeds are a vital component in any grower’s journey. While the quality of their crop will hinge largely on the cultivation process itself, the nature of the seeds themselves play, arguably, the largest role in the ultimate health of a gardener’s cannabis plants. 

Growers Choice Seeds is known for providing a wide variety of premium seeds. We are also proud to have the best germination guarantee in the industry, thoughtful service, reasonable prices, various strains of marijuana seeds on sale, and stealth shipping. As an established leader in the industry, we feel it’s important to offer a wealth of information for cannabis enthusiasts who are simply looking to sharpen their knowledge.

Even for those who live in areas such as Rexburg, where they are not permitted to consume or practice the indoor or outdoor cultivation of marijuana, the world of cannabis and recreational weed can be quite an intriguing topic to research. Read on to learn how to differentiate between the most important aspects of different strains of marijuana seeds.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

There are a number of different types of recreational and medical marijuana seeds in existence. Some of the most popular include feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds. Unlike regular seeds, feminized seeds are bred to only produce female cannabis plants. Normally, when plants are pollinated by males, they will produce both seeds and resin-covered flowers. However, they will also prioritize seed production, which results in buds with reduced potency.

Feminized seeds bypass this issue entirely by producing only female marijuana plants and eliminating seed production. With rising popularity, there are more feminized strains available for sale than ever before. You can explore our selection of premium cannabis seeds here.

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Unlike regular cannabis seeds, autoflowering weed seeds are exceptionally tough. Thanks to their ruderalis genetics, they can endure harsh weather conditions, mishandling, and are usually some of the most pest-resistant types of weed seeds. They also have a shorter flowering period and are famously low-maintenance. While feminized seeds require lighting adjustments, autoflowering seeds will simply flower automatically. All of the aforementioned qualities make autoflowering seeds an excellent choice for growers who require an easier, more resilient type of plant. A broad selection of auto-flowering profiles can be found here.

The Effects of Cannabinoids

Tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly referred to as “THC,” is one of the main cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, and, for many, is one of the most appealing components. This compound is responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis.

Cannabidiol, also known as “CBD,” is the second-most commonly found cannabinoid in cannabis. It is said to provide mental focus and clear-headedness without mind-altering effects. Strains high in CBD have a variety of applications and are often used to alleviate various medical conditions. Many users find it helps to alleviate stress and boost the mood, while in general, high-CBD and low-THC cannabis plants are fantastic for those who want to feel both lucid and soothed.

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Learn more about the effects of CBD
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Aromatic Profiles

Different strains of cannabis offer different properties and characteristics. However, marijuana strains don’t just have different effects. They also have different scents! In fact, every cannabis seed strain has its own aroma and taste profile. These features are influenced by chemical compounds known as terpenes. What’s more, terpenes are an important component in cannabis because they don’t just influence a strain’s flavors—they’re responsible for various effects in cannabis and can influence us both physically and mentally. Should you ever find yourself in an area where cannabis use is legal, it may be good to keep the following info on terpenes in mind.

  • Beta-caryophyllene: Found in rosemary, basil, cloves, broccoli, and more, beta-caryophyllene is known for its bold flavors and ability to reduce stress. This terpene is also found in allspice and black pepper. One of the single most abundant types of terpene found in the cannabis plant, its aroma evokes notes of wood, pepper, and spice.
  • Pinene: This terpene can help improve lucidity and memory and has a distinctive aroma reminiscent of pine trees, rosemary, and coniferous forests.
  • Myrcene: Forest-like, earthy, and with hints of citrus, myrcene has a distinct scent and is found in mangoes, basil, thyme, bay leaves, and lemongrass. It is known for its delicate sedative properties, soothing effects, and ability to help promote sleep.
  • Limonene: Another abundant terpene in cannabis, limonene is distinctly citrus-like and bright. It is found in fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, as well as peppermint, spearmint, and juniper.
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Educational information and guides from Growers Choice
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Strain Varieties

A cannabis seed’s genetics play a large role in a strain’s effects, growing properties, scent, and more. However, as a general rule, all indica strains share similar properties, and the same holds true for sativas. Below, we shed light on the hallmark characteristics of these important cannabis varieties.

Indica Seeds

Indica weed plants are an excellent choice for recreational marijuana fans who want to relax. These plants are easily distinguishable by their short, compact stature and thick, wide leaves. When consumed, the effects of indica include relaxing, physical properties and a pleasant sense of blissful heaviness, which is also known as “couch lock.” Typically, indica strains are ideal for the evening. In fact, some are so calming you may fall asleep. An excellent selection of indica strains is available here.

Sativa Seeds

Sativa plants are long-stemmed and elegant, and are famous for their uplifting and energizing effects. Their elongated leaves typically have a serrated growth pattern and are fan-like in shape. Known for their cerebral effects, sativa strains are best suited to those seeking defined perceptions and a burst of mental clarity. Sativa strains can also be useful for boosting motivation and fueling creative thinking. A wide selection of sativa strains can be accessed here.

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrids contain a mixture of sativa and indica genetics, and therefore, a mixture of each plant’s respective qualities. This particular variety is one of the most widely recognized and popular types of recreational weed. This may be because many hybrid strains will provide the mind-sharpening properties of a sativa combined with the physically calming properties of an indica.

While pure sativa and indica strains are available, the majority of today’s strains are considered to be hybrids. Typically, a strain will be classified as “indica-dominant” or “sativa-dominant” based on the specific ratio of indica and sativa lineage. For example, a strain with 70% indica to 30% sativa genetics is described as “indica-dominant” Conversely, if the ratio is close to 50/50, a marijuana strain will likely be described as a “balanced hybrid.”

Strains to Research Further 

The following strains are just several of the finest quality cannabis seeds provided by Growers Choice. 

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

This sativa-dominant hybrid evokes notes of berries, earth, and herbs. Somewhat intriguingly named, it produces marijuana plants that are more conducive to productivity than slumber. We like to think its moniker is a nod to its creativity-boosting effects. Many consumers of this strain feel a simultaneous mixture of calm and verve. If you are seeking enhanced motivation, this strain has notable effects that may just transport you to an imaginative afternoon filled with creativity. They are suitable for either indoor cultivation or outdoor cultivation in areas where growing is legal. 

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

One of Blue Dream’s parent strains, this sativa-dominant hybrid is known as a  “super-strain.” These seeds produce plants that provide clear-headed energy and an overall uplifting experience. While not recommended for novice gardens, those with a decent amount of cultivation expertise can nurture these seeds into healthy adult plants that produce citrus-scented feelings of euphoria and peace of mind. They are suitable for indoor cultivation or outdoor cultivation. 

Rainbow Feminized Seeds

This cannabis seed strain has a 30:70 indica-to-sativa ratio. They contain a THC content of 20% and produce euphoric, uplifting feelings. Diesel-scented, pine-like, and pungent, Rainbow marijuana plants grow quite tall and produce yields averaging 400 grams per square meter indoors, and 500 grams per plant outdoors. 


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