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Northern Lights Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S 19% THC Evening
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Are weed edibles safe for my mom to use?

There are a number of ways to consume cannabis, of which smoking and vaping are probably the most well known. If you aren’t into the idea of toking, you might be more interested in cannabis edibles – snacks and treats made with cannabis butter or cannabis oil. Cannabis has a very unique taste, which can be expertly masked by chocolate, which probably explains why most cannabis goodies come in dessert form. People have been treating themselves to cannabis-laced goodies for decades now, and the practice is considered safe for pretty much everyone! For anyone not interested in the psychoactive side effect of cannabis, however, consider using medical CBD strains like CBD Blueberry and CBD Critical Mass, available online at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

When it comes to edibles though, figuring out the right dose is a little more difficult. Ideally, as with any cannabis product, you will start off slow. Take a nibble or a bite and to wait an hour or two to see what her reaction is. If she feels okay, she can have another bite or nibble. Realistically, getting stoned out of your mind is not the main goal of medical cannabis, and when you take it slow you can avoid any unnecessary and uncomfortable situations.


How do I make cannabis edibles at home?

The best way to make edibles at home is to follow the simple method of making cannabis butter and then using that in your baking. The most simple method is to combine your ingredients in a crockpot and let it do it’s thing. You’ll need about a pound of butter, a cup of water and an ounce of high-quality cannabis plant material. Combine the three in the crockpot and leave it on for anywhere between 8 and 24 hours. When the time is up, strain the mix several times through a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth to remove the plant material and pour the liquid into a glass container, let it cool, and then let it sit in the fridge overnight or until the butter separates from the water and you can easily remove it. Make sure to store the butter in the fridge.

Is cannabis legal in Peachtree City, Georgia?

Since 2015, residents of Georgia with qualifying conditions have been able to take advantage of the healing properties of medical CBD cannabis. The state recently expanded their list of qualifying conditions to include illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, peripheral neuropathy, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and more.

Buy cannabis seeds in Peachtree City

Hundreds of thousands of American’s have already begun their at-home therapeutic gardens, and if you’re ready to join them, make sure you get your Peachtree City cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, the shop you can trust. Our seeds are selected for their quality, cultivated by our team of expert horticulturalists, and hand-picked to ensure freshness.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Peachtree City

We package our seeds in medical-grade glass vials before shipping them from our facility in Canada to your home in Peachtree City. If you’re concerned your seeds won’t make it to your door, select the stealth shipping option. For more information, speak with one of our friendly and helpful support staff.

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I ordered some medical cannabis seeds from Growers Choice for my mother who has cancer. It was such an easy process, the staff helped me pick out the right strain and they told me exactly what to do to get it going. We’ve had a lot of success with it, she’s very happy, which makes me happy! Thanks for the great work, guys!

Patrick P., Peachtree City, GA