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Kennesaw, Georgia, is rich in cultural history and a prime location within the Atlanta Metropolitan area that is ideal for those who appreciate the vibe of the metropolis while having access to the outdoors within a short trip. Medical cannabis has recently been legalized in Georgia, and many are enjoying collecting cannabis seeds for the sake of novelty. This article will provide a brief overview of cannabis seeds, information about different qualities for seed collection, whether home cultivation should become legalized, and information about growing them.

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the starting material for growing the marijuana plant or hemp plant and cultivating flowers. While it is legal to purchase ungerminated marijuana seeds in Kennesaw, and medical marijuana is legal in Georgia for qualified patients, home cultivation is not legal. Seeds are seen as a novelty item; however, they also have a wide range of facets that make them fascinating to collect on their own.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Kennesaw

In Kennesaw, while home cultivation of cannabis is not currently legal, nor is recreational marijuana, many individuals enjoy collecting different cannabis seeds. Marijuana seeds are legal to purchase in Georgia so long as they remain ungerminated marijuana seeds. Most online seed banks, such as Growers Choice, will ship premium cannabis seeds to customers in Keenesaw.

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Everything you need to know about buying cannabis seeds in Kennesaw.
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Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis Seeds

There are several benefits to growing cannabis seeds in a legal homegrow. Much like gardening, this permits the cultivator to have full control over the quality, leading to different amounts of THC and potency levels compared to commercially cultivated cannabis. It also offers the ability to create one’s own unique strains. Additionally, upfront investment will lead to cost savings and ensure accessibility to the end product.

Cost Savings

There are a multitude of benefits to growing cannabis seeds, and while mildly labor intensive, these benefits will pay dividends in the end. Much as with personal gardening, growing cannabis seeds provides significant cost savings compared to purchasing pre-packaged marijuana products. One thing to take into account is that there will be an upfront investment of expenses such as costs associated with electricity, water, nutrients, and maintenance; however, with these costs spread out over enough time and harvests, they will pay for themselves with long-term cost savings.

Control Over Quality

An additional benefit of growing cannabis seeds is the control over quality. Growing seeds allows for a hands-on approach to cultivation, from choosing the right seeds to controlling the growing conditions for optimal results. Maintaining optimal humidity levels, around 50%, is vital in the cultivation of cannabis and providing the necessary care to ensure healthy plant development.

Variety of Strains

The Kennesaw area offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds for sale that encompass many popular strains, such as Lavender, Cannatonic, Dirty Girl, Amnesia Haze, and Blue Dream, as some of the top strains in the area. Each of these strains differs in its THC content, CBD content, and effects. Lavender is a strong indica with a THC content of 25% and a moderate CBD content; it is known for providing soothing effects. Cannatonic is a balanced hybrid that provides a subtle cerebral sensation. It has a low THC content of 6% but a high CBD content of 6% for a 1:1 ratio, making it effective for those needing a low-THC high-CBD strain. Dirty Girl is a sativa strain with energizing effects; it also has a THC content of 22% and a low CBD content. Amnesia Haze is another sativa strain with a THC content of 20% and low CBD content that provides uplifting effects. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC content of 22% and low CBD content, and it is a popular strain as it provides balanced effects.

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Ability to Breed and Create Unique Strains

Growers can breed and create unique strains by using regular seeds. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, and one way to create unique strains is by cross-breeding different strains. One major thing growers need to be aware of is pollination prevention, as it can decrease cannabinoids in the flower. To avoid this, cultivators should identify and remove male plants to prevent pollination, as the flowers will then produce seeds. While there are many seed breeders, there are a few top genetics companies to be aware of, but one of the most reputable names to be aware of is Growers Choice Seeds.

Potency and THC Levels

When cultivating cannabis seeds, it is important to understand the genetics inherent in the cannabis seeds, such as the potency and THC levels. Marijuana strains all have unique genetic characteristics; potency levels and THC levels are some of the most important as they will affect the overall experience when consumed. Higher THC levels lead to greater psychoactive effects, which is how they can be characterized as higher potent strains, whereas those lower in THC levels do not provide as intense of effects, making them suitable for beginners or those sensitive to THC.

Accessibility and Legal Considerations

While the Southern States have been slower to adopt legal marijuana and still have many enhanced penalties with restrictive cannabis laws, those purchasing cannabis products or cannabis seeds should be aware of the accessibility and legal considerations. Home cannabis cultivation is not legal in Georgia, with many strict cannabis cultivation laws surrounding the subject. The subject of CBD legality, however, is different, as adults may freely purchase CBD oil so long as it is derived from hemp, and customers can purchase marijuana seeds as adult novelty souvenirs. Georgia hemp laws restrict the growing of hemp to only those with an approved state license.

The Types of Cannabis Seeds Available for Purchase in Kennesaw, GA.

Cannabis seeds are legal to purchase in Kennesaw as a novelty item and for collecting, however, there are different types of seeds in the cannabis family that can be purchased, each with its unique genetic traits and benefits. Seeds such as feminized seeds and autoflowering, along with options for high-CBD strains.

Regular Seeds vs Feminized Seeds

Regular seeds are those that germinate both male and female plants, whereas feminized seeds produce exclusively female plants to optimize flower yields. Generally, feminized seeds will produce flowers with the potential for a higher THC content and CBD content. Feminized seeds offer multiple benefits over regular seeds; one is the consistent quality and resin-rich buds, and another is that without male plants that can pollinate where flowers will then begin producing seeds, female plants have the genetics to produce flowers with more THC content and CBD content. With regular seeds, it is essential to identify and remove the male plants to avoid the risk of pollination.

Autoflowering (Automatic) Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are unique in that while regular seeds require a photoperiod to begin the flowering process, autoflowering seeds will start flowering regardless, leading to a shorter flowering time and earlier harvests with quick turnover. While these quick harvests are an attractive genetic quality with autoflowering seeds, it does come at a cost, with that being that autoflowering strains are lower in THC and CBD content. Some of the most popular autoflowering strains with short flowering periods include Critical Purple Auto, Blueberry Auto, and Northern Lights Auto.

High-CBD Strains

High-CBD strains are attractive to individuals for many reasons outside of the legal purposes of some jurisdictions. These strains have a unique chemical composition with cannabinoids that are preferred by some who want to receive the benefits of CBD without the effects of THC and are common among medical users. Strains such as CBD Critical Mass, Harlequin, and Ringo’s Gift are specific strains that help provide relaxation in social settings with a boost in comfort from head to toe without the psychoactive buzz.

Seed Banks: Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Kennesaw, GA.

While it is possible to purchase seeds in a local dispensary in Kennesaw, other options with greater factors of convenience and discretion exist, such as domestic online seed banks with a huge selection, like Growers Choice.

Online Seed Banks

Online seed banks are a convenient option for those looking to purchase marijuana seeds while experiencing a wide selection and direct shipping. One of the most acclaimed online seed banks is Growers Choice, which offers direct shipping to Georgia while also providing discreet packaging for added security. Growers Choice Seeds is also a domestic seed bank; unlike international banks, Growers Choice Seeds can offer faster shipping while also possessing a better understanding of state-specific cannabis laws.

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5 Strains for Kennesaw

Cannatonic: This high-CBD strain produces an uplifting mellow buzz that is short-lived.

Harlequin: This high-CBD strain may help increase one’s relaxation.

Blue Dream: This sativa dominant strain boasts moderate levels of THC. Ripe in the aromas and flavors of fresh, sweet berries, it has become one of the most popular strains for medical and recreational users.

Ringo’s Gift: This high-CBD strain is popular for cerebral stimulation to enable creativity and full-body relaxation with minimal psychoactive effects.

CBD Blueberry: This indica dominant strain provides euphoric and uplifting effects, rich in the aroma and flavor of fresh sweet blueberries and earth. 

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