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The tech city of Johns Creek is an inviting and safe place for families and visitors, offering only the best education, innovation, and communal vibes. The only downside is that it is located in Georgia, where recreational marijuana is still illegal. Georgia seems to be offering new ideas and potential progress in the cannabis arena, and we plan to keep an eye out for new marijuana regulations. This article discusses all of the former, as well as where to purchase high-quality weed seeds in Johns Creek and various seed types and strains that could thrive in the area.

Johns Creek and Cannabis

The city of Johns Creek has a super interesting history and has made lots of positive changes since its incorporation in 2006! This brainy town is home to a myriad of Fortune 500 companies, as well as a highly educated population. Below, we offer more details about Johns Creek and the marijuana legislation that the locals, do or do not, abide by.

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Everything you need to know about marijuana in Georgia. 
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Johns Creek, Georgia

The small, but growing, city of Johns Creek can be traced back to the early 1800s when the area was dotted with trading posts along the Chattahoochee River in Cherokee territory. When gold was discovered in the 1820s in northeast Georgia, the new settlers in the area forced the Cherokee people to vacate the land – a horrible injustice that is now known as the Trail of Tears. The region that is now Johns Creek was part of the massive Cherokee County, and later Milton County, before being included under the umbrella of Fulton County.

In the early 1980s, an influx in the tech industry began to take place after the development of Technology Park in Johns Creek which was spearheaded by graduates of Georgia Institute of Technology. This skyrocketed Johns Creek into a new place to flourish for Fortune 500 companies, transforming the tiny city into a hotbed for tech startups. The city was officially incorporated in 2006, which has given the locals more agency over the development of the city, including advocacy and aid for residents in need.

As to be expected, Johns Creek has an exceptionally high standard for education, and according to demographic data from 2010, the city had high levels of locals progressing into higher education, with 64% of residents obtaining a bachelor’s degree at minimum. The city’s huge tech growth has caused many bright-eyed tech students and professionals to flock to the area, and Johns Creek now houses approximately 85,000 individuals as of recent estimates. 

The city is also in a prime location since it is only a quick 27-mile drive to downtown Atlanta. It spans a total area of 31.3 square miles, of which 30.7 square miles is land, so it is still relatively small and condensed! The consensus is that Johns Creek is a safe and friendly city that welcomes newcomers and innovation to the area, which we love to hear!

Cannabis Drug Laws in Georgia

Georgia has a pretty solid medical cannabis program in place, but recreational marijuana is still illegal in the state, unfortunately. There is a lot of talk about recreational weed potentially being legalized in the near future, and Georgia is taking other creative steps in the meantime, such as discussing the possibility of being the first state to sell medical marijuana in pharmacies. This sort of step forward could be revolutionary, both for medical marijuana patients and pharmacies, although the success of local dispensaries would most likely wane. Overall, Georgia is in a state of regulation reform, and we’re excited to see where the state takes its new ideas! As of now, the cultivation of marijuana is also illegal, so we advise caution and stealth.

Types of Weed Seeds and Strains

For residents in Johns Creek who are thinking of trying their hand at cultivating cannabis plants, it’s ideal to know the pros and “cons” of the most popular weed seeds to ensure that they make the best choice for their garden. Feminized, auto-flowering, and regular seed are the ones growers will most likely come across, and we’ll divulge the details below!

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Discover a few of the best strains for Atlanta, Georgia!
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seeds are bred to ensure a very small likelihood of male plants growing from them, which is ideal for most growers because male plants do not produce buds that can be consumed and smoked. Regular seeds were the original option (producing both male and female plants) before the advent of cannabis seed breeding became popular. Feminized pot seeds cut the cultivation time in at least half because cultivators no longer need to spend time trimming out the plants from the garden. It also saves cultivators a ton of time and resources, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a harvest bursting with loads of potent buds! Keep in mind that female pot plants are photoperiods and need to have their light schedule changed for them to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase.

Growers in Johns Creek will want to consider its hot and humid climate, and should, therefore, choose strains that are resilient to this type of weather. Some of our favorite seed strains for the area include Island Sweet Skunk, Cheese, and Jack Frost, which are known for their resistance to mold and adaptability to different climates.

Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is on the potent side of the spectrum, offering a THC content of approximately 24%. It also tastes incredible, with tropical flavors of sweet citrus and piney undertones to top it all off.

Cheese is a wildcard that users cannot get enough of! This indica-dominant strain tastes just like it sounds… sharp and cheddar-y, with effects that will make you happily melt into your couch.

Jack Frost is a perfectly balanced indica/sativa, with good-sized outdoor yields of about 600 grams per plant and a potent THC content of around 22%.

Auto-Flowering Pot Seeds 

Auto-flowering feminized seeds differ from normal feminized seeds, in that they are not photoperiodic and do not require light cycles to be able to transfer to the flowering stage. They are also smaller than normal feminized seeds and are often chosen by growers who do not have a lot of grow space. Auto seeds have the addition of ruderalis to their genetics, which gives them extreme resilience and toughness that can be difficult for other seed types to match! Because of these factors, many newer growers prefer to use auto-flowering seeds, as they afford the grower a little leeway when it comes to cultivating. We recommend auto-flowering strains Diamond OG Auto and Qrazy Train Auto, which are both known for their hardiness and resistance to mold, which would be ideal in the humid and hot climate of Johns Creek.

Diamond OG Auto is a balanced hybrid that offers relaxing effects of euphoria and sleepiness that are perfectly complemented by calming, foresty scents.

Qrazy Train is also perfectly balanced, offering a THC content of around 21% and bountiful yields of approximately 600 grams per plant.

Cultivating Cannabis in Johns Creek

When it comes to choosing your seeds, make sure to do your research on where to acquire them. Not all sources are as reputable and trustworthy as the next, and where you purchase your marijuana seeds is just as important as how you take care of them afterward. 

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Learn how to start your cannabis cultivation journey.
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Where to Purchase Premium Cannabis Seeds

Although locals might be able to scavenge cannabis seeds locally in Johns Creek, it’s highly recommended that you obtain marijuana seeds from reputable seed banks since they are more likely to be viable.

Online seed banks offer high-quality, feminized cannabis seeds that are often quite affordable and backed by germination guarantees (as is the case with Growers Choice Seeds), and usually provide a wide range of strains to sort through.

Online seed banks also usually offer discreet shipping and packaging, which is a must for customers who live in regions where the cultivation of marijuana is illegal. (Try not to draw attention to yourself if you can help it!)

Lastly, seed banks like Growers Choice Seeds provide excellent customer support, which is also a huge perk for cultivators who are relatively new to the art of cannabis cultivation. 

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