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Griffin, Georgia, is the birthplace of the legendary Doc Holiday, just outside of the metro area of Atlanta and Stafford Springs. This is a town that is full of southern charm, hospitality, history, and a livelihood that is not too fast nor too slow. With medical cannabis being legal in Georgia, it is also a place where individuals have been curious about cannabis, cannabis products, and cannabis seeds as Georgia grows into a cannabis hot spot. This article will outline cannabis seeds, seed types, and methods for purchasing them legally under full legal requirements as novelty items from one of the most renowned seed banks such as Growers Choice Seeds.

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Everything you need to know about cannabis seeds from seed banks in Griffin Georgia
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What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the necessary component to germinate cannabis plants that later produce flower that can be consumed. Rich in human history, these seeds have also followed human history for thousands of years, leading to unique cannabis varieties and various uses.

History of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds have followed the history of the migration of people but are believed to have origins in the Altai Mountains in Central Asia around 12,000 years ago. Cannabis seeds have witnessed an evolution; while initially, their cultivation was predominately for the manufacturing of textiles, seeds were also consumed as a food source and natural oils. In ancient India, the marijuana plant has been consumed for millennia, as many individuals believed it to have certain medicinal benefits. As humans would migrate, so would cannabis seeds, finding themselves spread across every continent except Antarctica.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are distinct in their qualities, with many details outlined in crop culture guides and cannabis strain databases. While there are traditional seeds, most are familiar with at least the concept of growing; there are also options for feminized and autoflowering seeds.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds have certain characteristics that make them ideal for specific uses. Regular seeds will germinate a mixture of male and female plants, which makes them ideal for cannabis breeders or for those who intend to produce their own seeds. Regular cannabis seeds also assist in promoting genetic diversity and, in general, tend to produce stronger plants with all the similar psychoactive cannabinoids.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are a unique type of seed that are bred to produce female plants, specifically, the plants that produce potent buds. These seeds are created in a unique manner by which a female plant is forced to produce pollen, like a male cannabis plant, that is then used to pollinate another female plant, resulting in seeds almost always guaranteed female seeds. This is known as the feminization process.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Another subset of cannabis seeds, known as autoflowering cannabis seeds, is highly sought after by all levels of growers, especially novice growers. Autoflowering cannabis seeds have unique features, the most notable of which is that they do not require a change in the lighting schedule to begin the flowering process; instead, these seeds are automatically flowering. Regardless of the lighting conditions, cultivating a batch of seeds will produce sweet flower. This feature provides benefits to those who are novice growers, have limited space, or, for those with limited time, a shorter lifecycle for a higher quantity of harvests. Autoflowering cannabis seeds, while they have the benefit of automatic flowering, also tend to have a greater resistance to diseases and pests.

Where to Buy Quality Cannabis Seeds

Quality cannabis seeds can be purchased at various locations in Griffin, Georgia, in person as a novelty or from reputable seed banks. However, there are additional options that offer an additional level of discretion, such as ordering online from Growers Choice Seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds Quality Strain Selection

Growers’ Choice Seeds is an online seed bank that offers a wide range of high-quality cannabis seeds for sale. Growers Choice seeds seed bank boasts an awesome strain selection and a helpful variety selection tool, with options for autoflowering and feminized seeds. Some of their best sellers include White Widow, Acapulco Gold, Critical Purple Autoflowering, Tangerine Dream Autoflowering, and CBD Critical Mass. Growers Choice is dedicated to providing reliable, top-notch seeds that come with a germination guarantee, digital extras, and easily accessible additional resources.

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Seed for You?

Premium marijuana seeds vary greatly in their genetics, requirements, and the effects that the flower cultivated will provide. In order to choose the right cannabis seed, one must consider the available growing conditions, potential interactions, and desired effects they want to achieve to choose the proper strain.

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Purchase White Widow  cannabis seeds, now available to ship to in Griffin Georgia from Growers Choice Seeds seed bank.
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Consider Climate and Growing Conditions When Shopping for Your Perfect Strain

Cannabis thrives under optimal conditions, such as a Mediterranean climate or a tropical one, and if choosing to cultivate cannabis, it is vital to take growing conditions into account while searching for the ideal cannabis strain, particularly in Griffin locations. Cannabis will not thrive in dry or cool conditions; then again, too much humidity can also enable mold on the buds, and high temperatures are stressful for otherwise hardy plants. It is imperative to account for temperature, humidity, sunlight, and precipitation. While these conditions are relatively stable in the same geographic region, regions also have microclimates where these factors vary and can create variations in the genetics of the same strain grown within the same region. Indoor growing bypasses these factors; growers can optimize growing conditions year-round for any strain.

Know Your Growing Preferences: Indica or Sativa? Outdoor or Indoor? Hydroponic or Soil?

Growers should consider various factors when choosing cannabis seeds, partially based on strain preference, growing experience, and personal growing preferences. Genetically, growers should explore the options between indica and sativa strains; sativas grow well in warmer climates with sufficient humidity, such as Georgia, whereas indicas tend to prefer slightly cooler environments, hailing from the Hindu Kush. These factors can limit outdoor cultivation, but if growers prefer indoor cultivation, where they have direct control over the conditions, they can grow any strain they prefer. Additionally, while traditional soil is one of the most common methods for growing, individuals can also explore hydroponic growth, where plants grow in a nutrient-rich aqueous medium.

The Potential Benefits of Medical Marijuana: An Overview on Its Reputation as Holistic Medicine.

The utilization of cannabis for its perceived ability to potentially mitigate certain symptoms has been in practice throughout human history but only fairly recently legalized. Though anecdotally claimed, consumers do report that marijuana can assist them with managing symptoms of stress, mood swings, and even sleep issues. While it is still under study with healthcare professionals, and healthcare practitioners, there is growing evidence, including FDA-approved research, that supports the idea that cannabis may be helpful in providing varying levels of relief from some conditions. This said, it should be noted that cannabis is not a substitute for consulting with a trained medical professional.

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Purchase Tangerine Dream cannabis seeds, now available to ship to Griffin Georgia from Growers Choice Seeds seed bank.
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5 Cannabis Strains

White Widow: A sativa-leaning hybrid, this strain is energetic and euphoric with dank, pungent aromas of earth and spice, with spicy, earthy flavors and rich with oily trichomes.

Acapulco Gold: A highly acclaimed sativa strain, this premier strain provides energizing cerebral effects followed by the perfect blend of a body high. Rich in aromas of creamy lemon pine, and earth, followed by the flavors of citrus, coffee, and wood.

Critical Purple: An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain provides a euphoric mood booster that gently lulls the consumer to a tranquil state. Critical purple is aromatic with scents of sweet fruity grape, earth, and wood, followed by flavors of sweet grape and pine.

Tangerine Dream: A blanched hybrid-strain pungent with the aromas of sweet citrus, and flavors of sugary sweet orange and tropical fruit, this strain provides euphoric feelings that can also mellow out the body.

Critical Mass CBD: A CBD-heavy indica dominant strain provides a mild psychoactive effect that is modulated with a high CBD concentration. Flavors of sweet fruit and wood and aromas of lemon and pine are iconic of this strain.

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