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Duluth is a charming and quaint suburb of Georgia with access to picturesque parks, hiking trails, and excellent local dining. The State of Georgia is known for having a strict stance towards cannabis and does not permit consumption or growing. That said, locals looking to learn more about the world of the cannabis plant can still use Growers Choice as an informational resource. Below, we discuss some basic facts about cannabis, as well as info pertaining to the Peach State, such as local marijuana laws.

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Platinum Wreck Feminized Seeds
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Cannabis Laws in the Peach State

While attitudes towards cannabis are evolving, recreational weed is not permitted in certain states, including Georgia. Currently, it is not legal to consume or grow cannabis for any reason. However, as of 2015, there is one exception: Haleigh’s Hope Act does permit the use and possession of medical cannabis products in which qualified medical patients can legally purchase under 20 ounces of low-THC oil that contains less than 5% THC and at least 5% CBD. More information can be found here.

Overview of the Benefits of Cannabis

While residents of Duluth aren’t permitted to grow their own marijuana or use recreational marijuana, the cannabis plant is still fascinating to learn about and research. In this sense, Growers Choice considers itself as much of an educational resource as an online seed bank. While we are best known for offering premium cannabis seeds for sale, we also provide numerous informational articles that cover topics such as the definitions for various cannabis terminologies, the role of terpenes, and other handy guides that focus on how to store ungerminated cannabis seeds, etc.

What are Cannabis Seeds?

Even though they’re just a few millimeters in length and height, cannabis seeds play a huge role in the quality of a cannabis homegrow. Typically, good seeds are small, shiny, and range in hue from deep chocolate to creamy latte.

Read on for a glimpse inside the intriguing world of cannabis seeds.

Online Seed Banks

Technological advancements and evolving perceptions of cannabis have both led to a rise in online seed banks. While a quick internet search will pull up many results, Growers Choice is an online cannabis seed business that is proud to lead the industry in providing a wide variety of strains with high-quality cannabis seed genetics and a 90% germination guarantee. We also make it a priority to provide plenty of in-depth information on every strain, as well as efficient, discreet delivery. 

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What is CBD?
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As mentioned above, there is a Low-THC Oil Registry in the State of Georgia that is managed by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

This registry provides low-THC oil to qualified patients with a personalized identification card. To obtain this card, patients must first consult with their doctor and, if approved by the physician, will be entered into the Department of Public Health’s Low-THC Oil Registry. The patient will then be issued a card. More information can be found here.

Different Types of Cannabis Species

If you’ve researched cannabis online, you’ve likely come across terms such as “indica,” sativa,” “THC,” “CBD,” “CBG,” and others. We think it’s important that all our high-quality marijuana seeds are accompanied by in-depth profiles, and that we provide clear definitions for the terminology you’ll come across.

Whether you’re on the lookout for your favorite strain or simply want to brush up on your cannabis knowledge, Growers Choice is an excellent resource and educational experience for cannabis enthusiasts. To get started, we’ve provided brief explanations of some of the most common terms you’ll come across during your research.

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Jack Skellington feminized marijuana seeds
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Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis Plants

  • Cannabis sativa: The sativa plant is known for its serrated leaves and slender, elongated size. Most importantly, however, they’re famous for their energizing, cerebral effects. Today, sativa strains are preferred by those looking to put an extra pep in their step and revitalize their thought process. Typically, sativa plants help enhance lucidity, creativity, and motivation, and they tend to produce sharper, clearer thoughts and more vivid perceptions.
  • Cannabis indica: Indicas tend to produce short, wide plants and dense nuggets, which make them physically distinguishable from sativa plants. Indica plants don’t just appear physically different from sativas, they also produce markedly different effects. Most often, they provide a deep sense of deep relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. Typically, these strains are good for lazy days or quiet evenings.
  • Cannabis ruderalis: First discovered by a botanist in the 1920s, ruderalis plants are native to Russia. Today, this species is present in all auto-flowering plants. In fact, we have ruderalis genetics to thank for the fact that autoflowering plants can transition to their flowering stage on their own. “Ruderalis” is the Latin term for “rubble” and refers to cannabis plants that thrive in areas with harsh weather conditions. All in all, this plant is tough!
  • Hybrids: Hybrids are one of the most popular varieties amongst the cannabis community. This is because they contain both indica and sativa genetics, and therefore, a mixture of cerebral and physical effects. Often, you’ll see strains with a 1:1 ratio of indica and sativa referred to as “balanced hybrids.” You’ll also see that strains with greater amounts of one of these two species are referred to as an “indica-dominant hybrid” or “sativa-dominant hybrid.”

Types of Cannabinoids

While THC is by far the most famous cannabinoid in North America and across the globe, did you know there are actually a number of other different cannabinoids present within cannabis plants? Below, we provide a brief explanation of some of the major and minor cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

What Kinds of Effects do Cannabinoids Produce? 

Plant cannabinoids work alongside terpenes and are another major component in each individual strain’s qualities and effects. To better understand the differences between these compounds in cannabis, it is also important to know the differences between the terms “psychoactive” and “psychotropic.”

The term “psychotropic” refers specifically to the effects a substance has on an individual’s psychological state and cognitive functions.

“Psychoactive,” on the other hand, simply refers to any substances that pass the blood-brain barrier and, while they may produce an impact on perception or behavior, do not produce mind-altering effects significant enough to be considered psychotropic. For example, caffeine and nicotine are considered to be psychoactive substances—but not psychotropic.

Major Cannabinoids Include:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): The effects of this cannabinoid type are perhaps the most famous characteristics associated with cannabis. They include pronounced, mood and mind-altering effects such as euphoria, a more vivid perception of sounds and colors, reduced inhibitions, and even hallucinations.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD): Known for boosting relaxation, and producing a generally soothing feeling. CBD does not produce the mind-altering effects of THC and is therefore not considered to be psychoactive.
  • Cannabigerol (CBG): May brighten a user’s mood.

Minor Cannabinoids Include:

  • Cannabinol (CBN): Sometimes referred to as the “weaker version of THC,” this minor cannabinoid is known to make user’s feel sleepy and ready for bed.
  • Cannabichromene (CBC): Reported to have modest anti-inflammatory effects.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv): This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is reported to cause the munchies and improve glycemic control.

Strains to Explore Further 

The following high-quality cannabis seeds each have their own unique mixture of characteristics, scents, and effects. However, one trait they share is that they are all defined as sativa-dominant hybrids. This means they will all produce a sense of focus, motivation, and mental clarity. If you’re a resident of Duluth and anticipate you may one day live in an area with access to legal recreational cannabis, we recommend exploring the vast array of strains available at Growers Choice. 

Berner’s Cookies Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

A popular form of adult-use cannabis, Berner’s Cookies plants are fruity and sweet, and contain a 25:75 indica-to-sativa ratio.

Black Cherry Soda Feminized Seeds

These quality feminized weed seeds are mentally stimulating and effervescent. For those with a sweet tooth and desire to zero in on a project, they may be the ideal choice. Black Cherry Soda cannabis seeds grow into delightful plants that have 80% sativa genetics and a 23% THC content.

Jack Skellington Feminized Seeds

This strain has a 25:75 indica-to-sativa ratio. It also has a modest THC content of 15% and is famous for its euphoric, talkative, and happy effects. Diesel-like, fruity, and sweet, this strain’s female plants grow to a medium height and have an intermediate growing difficulty level.

Key Lime Pie Feminized Seeds

This strain is adored by a global community of growers who enjoy sweeter tastes and joy-sparking strains. A Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, Key Lime Pie plants are bliss-inducing and help diminish melancholic thoughts.

Platinum Wreck Feminized Seeds

The offspring of parent strains Platinum OG and Trainwreck, Platinum Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a flowering time of 55-65 days. Thanks to its ease of growth, it’s also simple to successfully cultivate healthy female cannabis plants using these seeds. 

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