cannabis seeds for sale in Albany

Visit Albany, Georgia

From Chehaw and the Theronateeska Heritage Center, to the Flint RiverQuariuam and the Art Museum of Albany, you’ll never get bored when you’re visiting Albany Georgia. Make time for the Albany Civil Rights Institute, or one of the city’s beautiful parks and trails.

Can I get cannabis seeds in Albany?

Of course! In Georgia, patients have been reaping the benefits of medical cannabis since 2015, when the state passed their CBD-specific medical cannabis laws.

Buy cannabis seeds in Albany

We recognize and support cannabis newcomers who want to cultivate their own medical cannabis at home, and purchasing fresh, high-quality Albany cannabis seeds from a reputable shop is the best way to get your garden going. At Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for among our selection of world-class MJ seeds.

buy feminized cannabis seeds in Albany

Cannabis seeds for sale in Albany

Our seeds are carefully packaged before being shipped from our Canada location to your home address. If you are concerned your seeds won’t make it to the US, we also offer a discreet shipping option. Please feel free to ask one of our customer service agents for more information via our live chat service.

Will I get high the first time I use cannabis?

Although everyone’s experience using cannabis is different and unique, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests people don’t get high the first time they smoke pot. This doesn’t mean you should keep going and going like the Energizer bunny. If you smoke too much because you think the cannabis isn’t working, you may end up in an uncomfortable situation that could turn you off cannabis.fre

Instead, start slowly and work your way up. Try different things! Smoking isn’t the only way to get the recreational and medical benefits of cannabis: you can vape it, eat it, rub it on your skin, even juice it!

What’s the best cannabis for a first time user?

Ultimately, the cannabis strain you use will depend on the effect you’re looking to achieve. If you are turning to cannabis for purely medical reasons, you’ll look for a high CBD strain. CBD is a chemical compound that produces potent therapeutic side effects in users, without the psychoactive “head high”. We’d recommend a strain like CBD Blueberry. The 7% THC in this strain is balanced out by the 7% CBD, making it ideal for patients and newbies.

When you want to get high, you’ll look for sativa strains, which tend to be higher in THC. Of course, we always say start slow with THC strains like Jack Herer, lest you find yourself in a sticky situation.

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