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City of Acworth

Known as “The Lake City,” Acworth, Georgia sits along Lake Acworth and Lake Altoona in the North Georgia Mountain foothills. With its strategic location, Acworth is the perfect place to enjoy some fantastic outdoor activities. As part of the Atlanta metro area, residents can also get into the swing of big-city living. Because of all its attributes, Acworth was named an all-American city in 2010.

Georgia, on the other hand, isn’t all-American when it comes to marijuana, with a rocky relationship that has seen its share of ups and downs. Although recreational weed is illegal in the state, medical marijuana laws have changed over the past few years. Before visiting Acworth, here’s what to know about marijuana laws, types of cannabis seeds for sale, and how to choose a reputable seed bank.

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How the status of cannabis affects cultivation in Atlanta
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Cannabis Laws in Acworth

For decades, the consumption and possession of marijuana have strictly been forbidden with violators facing serious consequences in Georgia. The state has some of the strictest drug laws in the country, with more than one ounce being considered a felony. That can lead to serious issues like time behind bars and hefty fines.

Individual cities in Georgia have worked to change the status of recreational marijuana. To unravel these harsh drug laws, lawmakers in Atlanta, Forest Park, Athens, Savannah, Clarkston, and several others have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana, allowing people to avoid jail time.

Despite the legal landscape in Georgia, more residents are pushing for its legality as the acceptance of marijuana continues to increase across the country. 

Is medical marijuana legal in Georgia?

Although citizens and many in the medical community have pointed to the potential health benefits of medical cannabis, drug laws haven’t been so quick to catch up in Georgia. Although cannabis advocates pushed and technically got a medical marijuana bill passed in 1980, it never really took effect. No patients received medicinal cannabis under the law. It took until 2015 for low-THC cannabis oil to be legalized for eligible patients to benefit from the law.

Since that time, additional medical conditions have been included allowing eligible patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, chronic pain, PTSD, and more to use hemp-derived oil. While smokable flower remain illegal, patients with qualifying conditions can purchase capsules, tinctures, and creams. Beginning in 2023, Macon and Marietta residents have been able to purchase marijuana-related products from nearby dispensaries.

Cannabis Industry in Georgia

The medical cannabis industry has continued to expand in Georgia since the state legalized the production and distribution of low-THC oil and other products by businesses. Interested manufacturers must submit applications for cannabis production to remain on the right side of the law. Since the regulations continue to evolve, businesses need to stay on top of the latest regulations and policies.

How to Choose Marijuana Seeds

With cannabis seeds legal in Georgia, rest assured that you can purchase your favorite cannabis seeds without any repercussions. Keep in mind, however, that cannabis cultivation is still forbidden in the state. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to learn the differences between the different choices. The most popular options are regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Regular Seeds

More experienced growers often turn to regular marijuana seeds since they take specialized skills to cultivate and create new marijuana strains. Since regular weed seeds come in their natural form, growers can expect a 50/50 chance of male or female plants. Consequently, cultivators can choose their favorite strains, take one female and one male from each one, and cross them for an enticing new strain.

By customizing their strains, growers have control over THC levels, cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, and more. Although Growers Choice doesn’t sell regular marijuana seeds, they are still a vital part of marijuana cultivation. 

Feminized Seeds

Growers of all skill levels often turn to feminized seeds since they are easier to grow. Because they have been cultivated to only produce female plants, you don’t have to worry about accidental cross-pollination with male plants. You also have a clear idea of what to expect before your plants even blossom since you have a 99.9% chance of female plants.

The main advantage of female bud-bearing weed seeds is that cannabis enthusiasts can smoke these buds. That makes these marijuana seeds a great value since you can enjoy your entire crop! One of the most popular feminized strains is Forbidden Fruit, which smokers love for its sweet and fruity flavor, making it one of the tastiest marijuana around. This indica-dominant hybrid strain is renowned for its high 24% THC  level that’s euphoric, calming, and relaxing.

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The importance of choosing top auto-flowering pot seeds
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Autoflowering Seeds

For growers looking for a nice, easy cultivation experience, autoflowering seeds are an excellent choice to get things done! Since these are non-photoperiod seeds, you can expect them to seamlessly go from vegetation to flowering without changing the light cycles. Beginner growers don’t have to bother with figuring out the number of hours of light or darkness that the growing plants need. And, another plus is that Growers Choice autoflowering seeds are feminized to give you smokable female buds!

Another benefit of autoflowering strains is how fast they flower. On average, you can expect to be ready for harvest time in 7-9 weeks, allowing you to enjoy your favorite marijuana sooner rather than later! White Tahoe Cookies is a popular choice and is the child of two legendary strains: Tahoe OG and The White. This indica-dominant is potent and fast-acting to provide users with a cerebral buzz and deep relaxation for a good night’s rest.

Stages of Marijuana Plants

If you find yourself in a place where you can legally cultivate cannabis plants, it will behoove you to understand the different stages, so you can know what to expect ahead of time. Each stage serves a distinctive reason to grow into the fabulous strain you deserve. These are the main stages that cultivators should be aware of for a successful cultivation journey.


The first step of cultivation is germination, which is when you prep your marijuana seeds for planting. The process starts with fresh, quality seeds because if you have duds, they won’t germinate. You can simply place seeds in a cup of water for a simple germination process. You can also place a few seeds on a damp piece of paper towel, cover them with another damp piece of paper towel, and place everything in a dark environment like an airtight container or drawer.

Once you see a single root grow, your seeds are done germinating and ready for the next step. 


During the seedling stage, young, immature plants begin to sprout. A small, delicate root system is starting to develop, so you want to ensure these plants get the right amount of water without overdoing it. At this time, the plants will develop traditional-looking marijuana leaves. Your plants will remain in this stage until there are between five and seven leaves formed.

Additionally, seedlings are short and thick, and their leaves will be a vibrant green color.

Green marijuana plant against green background
Important things to know about marijuana’s vegetation stage
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Marijuana reaches the vegetation stage once the plants have developed seven sets of leaves. At this stage, you need to transplant your plants to a larger pot since they will experience continued growth. Growers will also notice that plants have a more developed root system, branches, and leaves. Plants will need additional water at this time, more nutrients, and increased moisture in the air. 

Unless you have auto seeds, you’ll need to put your plants on the appropriate lighting cycle to ensure that they receive more light for photosynthesis to occur.


To reach flowering, most seed types need between 10 and 12 hours of darkness. During this stage, you’ll notice how the various parts of your plants will change colors, indicating that they are closer to harvest time. For flowering to occur, your plants will generally need warmer weather and a moderate amount of humidity. 


Once a strain like Willy’s Wonder is ready for harvesting, you need to chop it down into smaller pieces, which allows you to dry the marijuana more effectively and efficiently. Hang the pieces upside down in a room that’s dark and cool. By drying your marijuana, you prevent bacteria and fungus from developing. Allowing your marijuana to dry at the right pace will keep your stash from being too harsh!

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