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Does THC cannabis have medical benefits?

Although CBD cannabis has developed a reputation for its variety of clinical applications, we can’t discount the medical benefits of THC. This cannabinoid may be psychoactive, but it’s a chemical that will do more than just get you high.

One of the most common therapeutic use for THC-heavy cannabis is pain relief. Additionally, THC cannabis has been seen to help people struggling with PTSD, asthma, nausea and vomiting, and as a sleep aid.

Can I use THC cannabis in Winter Springs?

Medical cannabis is legal in Florida, and has been since 2015 when the state passed their CBD specific medical cannabis laws for patients with cancer, muscle spasms and epilepsy. There is good news for THC advocates however, as a provision was made for terminally ill patients to benefit from THC as long as they have been written a prescription for these strains by their doctor.

Buy cannabis seeds in Winter Springs

While interest in cannabis for its therapeutic properties continues to grow, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are starting their own home-based cannabis gardens. You can get high-quality auto-flowering and feminized Winter Springs cannabis seeds for your own cannabis gardening project online when you shop with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Winter Springs

We carry a wide selection of world-class cannabis strains, like American Haze and Cheese, ideal for personal use and newbie growers. All of our seeds are carefully cultivated by our in-house team of horticulturalists, and shipped from our facility in Canada to your US home address.

There’s always some degree of hesitation when shopping online for cannabis seeds, but we deal in customer satisfaction and provide discreet shipping services for our growers when they’re worried about their seeds. Questions? Speak with one of our friendly chat support staff for more information.

A few things to do in Winter Springs, Florida

Winter Springs is a small city in Seminole County, Florida. Nearby attractions include Lake Jesup in the heart of Seminole County, and one of the largest lakes in Central Florida. The Spring Hammock Preserve features hiking trails and sports facilities, and Central Winds Park and Trotwood Park are popular green spaces where locals love to hangout.

Our customers are the best

I’ve ordered seeds online before, some local and some international. I have to admit that so far the only company to really impress me has been Growers Choice. The seeds arrived no problem, and they were in great shape. They all sprouted and they’re growing really fast. Thanks, guys. I’ll be ordering more soon.

Shane O., Winter Springs, FL

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