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With its year-round sunny weather and potential recreational marijuana legalization this year, residents are feeling perkier than ever! Medical marijuana is currently legal in the state, with many patients turning to high-CBD, low-THC strains. In this article, we delve into all of the former, as well as how to germinate seeds and what the best types of seed types for Winter Springs gardens might be. 

Winter Springs, Florida

Winter Springs is the paradise you never knew existed! No seasonal depression here, folks. The quaint city of Winter Springs beckons tourists and new residents with its stunning natural springs, laid-back vibe, and year-round pool-lounging weather. Let’s dive in!

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History and Current State of Winter Springs 

The city now known as Winter Springs was established in 1959–originally donning the name “North Orlando.” Because the city was located close to the much larger, hip Orlando, the city officials chose to change the name to Winter Springs in 1972 to avoid any confusion–especially for tourists. While most people don’t associate Florida with winter, the city was mostly going for a name that sounded serene and cozy, which they definitely achieved!

Winter Springs took its baby steps as a small agricultural community but has grown exponentially over the years, now housing approximately 37,000 people and offering all sorts of occupational opportunities. The vibe in the city is still small-town and quiet, with most residents living in affluent, suburban communities. Don’t expect a big nightlife scene in Winter Springs! Most of the transplants in the area relocated to build a family in a safe and friendly environment. 

Landscape and Climate

Although the name “Winter Springs” might make you conjure images of cabins in the woods, the landscape in, and outside of, the city is predominantly flat, which is pretty typical of the Central Florida region. Locals and tourists can still get their nature fix by traveling to nearby outdoor attractions like Lake Jesup, which is home to some insanely gorgeous vistas and tons of wildlife. Wekiwa Springs State Park is also within a short drive, offering a fairytale-like spring and crystal-clear waters that are heavenly to kayak and swim in.

It’s no surprise that Winter Springs attracts an influx of snowbirds during the winter months, as winter is only slightly cooler than the summer temps, with lots of sun and usually no rain! Summers are equally beautiful, although they can be very hot and extremely humid depending on the time of day. If you’re someone who wants to bask in warm, sunny temperatures all year round, Winter Springs is the place for you!

Marijuana Laws in Florida 

The only thing that might make Winter Springs the perfect getaway is the ability to legally smoke weed by the pool, right? We hate to burst your bubble, but Florida has not legalized recreational marijuana, unfortunately.

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Recreational and Medical Use

While the recreational use of cannabis remains illegal in the state, Florida has made exceptions for patients who hold a registered medical marijuana card. The state legalized medical cannabis in 2016, which has served to gradually change preconceived notions of cannabis consumption.

While further research is needed to confirm the medicinal benefits of high-quality medical cannabis, many patients have attested to the efficacy of medical marijuana plants in easing their symptoms. Florida is now speckled with lots of medical cannabis dispensaries from which patients can purchase various products.

In some Floridian cities, the possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized, but others still maintain a pretty strict stance. Residents should be aware that the cultivation of marijuana, even for medical purposes, is still a no-go, with potentially terrifying penalties if caught in the act. While the penalties are generally determined based on the number of plants being grown, law enforcement has been known to impose brutal penalties on a whim. Stay safe, everyone!

Future Marijuana Legalization in Florida

The good news is, there’s hope! A recently proposed initiative, regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana, garnered almost a million verified signatures supporting the initiative, which is huge for the state! The overwhelming support in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis resulted in qualifying weed legalization for the 2024 ballot. If the initiative is passed during the 2024 election, adults who are at least 21 years of age will be permitted to possess, consume, and even cultivate cannabis plants. It’s about time, Florida!

Types of Weed Seeds and Strains for Winter Springs

While outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation is illegal in Florida, aspiring first-time growers might want to be prepared in case the ballot passes in the 2024 election. Below, we offer a few short disclaimers on popular feminized pot seeds and strains, so the newbies in Winter Springs can blast off if they get the green light!

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High-CBD Cannabis Seeds 

High-CBD strains are a great choice for users who are looking for a high CBD content and potentially low THC levels. These feminized marijuana seeds have made a huge splash in the cannabis industry in recent years and are the product of meticulous, mastered breeding. Many of these strains are considered medicinal, but further research is being conducted to confirm these assumptions.

CBD strains like Ringo’s Gift CBD and CBD Shark offer a calming, sleep-inducing experience, potentially reducing stress and muting pain. If a potent “high” isn’t your jam, CBD strains can be your hot ticket, with some strains offering less than 1-2% THC, such as Avidekel CBD (THC content around 2%).

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are the first choice for nearly every grower worldwide because they sprout almost entirely female marijuana plants. This is ideal for growers because female marijuana plants produce buds that are charged with cannabinoids, like THC and CBD.

Regular seeds have a roughly equal chance of producing male or female plants, and while this might sound more appealing, male plants do not produce cannabinoid-rich buds. They’re essentially a nuisance for most growers and must be eradicated by meticulously weeding them out. Feminized pot seeds ensure a higher yield of potent, dense buds, less work for the grower, and less wasted resources. Keep in mind that feminized seeds become photoperiod plants, which means that growers must manage the light schedule to induce flowering. 

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto-flowering weed seeds are feminized seeds but with an added zing. These seeds can automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on their age, and not on the changes in light cycles, like photoperiod plants. Because of this, auto seeds typically have a shorter life cycle and can be grown year-round in regions with inviting climates.

Their ability to adapt to changing seasons and light conditions makes them a great choice for seasoned and newbie cultivators, which has given them a reputation for being perfect beginner seeds. Auto seeds are also known to become very hardy plants, often bearing a resistance to mold and diseases, which is definitely a benefit to growers in climates with high humidity levels, like Winter Springs. Strains such as Kandy Kush Auto and Cannalope Kush Auto are known for their stoicism when faced with the threat of icky mold and mildew.  

Cultivating Cannabis in Winter Springs

Once growers in Winter Springs have acquired the ideal strains for their future gardens, the seeds must be stored until they are ready to be germinated. Although germinating the seeds would be breaking the law, it doesn’t hurt to learn about the process in case marijuana cultivation is legalized in the state. 

Germinating Marijuana Seeds 

Germinating cannabis seeds begins by introducing them to moisture, generally by placing them between moist paper towels. To sprout, the marijuana seeds must be kept in a dark area that is kept warm, usually between 70-85°F. During the process, the seeds need a fair amount of air circulation, so placing them in containers is a firm no-no. While it might not seem exceptionally important, the quality of the weed seeds chosen will have a huge impact on the success of germinating them.

Make sure to choose top-shelf seeds from a cannabis seed supplier that has a positive reputation, like our online seed bank, Growers Choice Seeds. Once the marijuana seeds have germinated, the seedlings can be transplanted into a growing medium. Indoor growth allows cultivators to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting, offering far fewer curve balls from Mother Nature than cultivating outdoors. However, for growers in Winter Springs who prefer to cultivate outdoors, it’s a good idea to use potted soil to better manage the soil quality and water drainage. 

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