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Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park is a well-kept, beautiful city that offers small-town charm and proximity to the bustling city of Orlando! Although weed is not currently legal for recreational use in Florida, there is hope for the future. Let’s delve into all of this and more below!

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History of Winter Park 

Most of us don’t expect to hear the word “winter” when it comes to discussions about Florida, but the state has its fair share of cities that were originally intended to be havens for people seeking refuge from colder areas. Such is the case with Winter Park, which was initially intended as a warm winter resort for affluent Northerners. Along the lines of affluence, Loring Chase and Oliver Chapman, who highly influenced the city in its beginnings, envisioned a town that would be rich in culture and the arts. These values are still apparent, as the city is home to a multitude of museums, galleries, and the oldest university in Florida, Rollins College.  

Before the region was colonized, the area was inhabited by predominantly Native Seminole tribes. However, the devastating Seminole Wars and colonization drastically affected the local tribes, ravaging the culture and lives of the original inhabitants of the land. As is the case for all Native peoples during colonization, most of the Seminoles were either displaced, died from disease, or were killed. 

Present-Day Winter Park

Although the city had a dark past, present-day locals are committed to preserving its rich heritage and creating progress. Currently, Winter Park is home to approximately 30,000 people, with a growing diversity in the population. The city is still known for being quite affluent, with an average income that is higher than the national average. As such, the cost of residing in Winter Park is not attainable for the average Joe, unfortunately. 

The aesthetic of Winter Park is very charming and cutesy! The famous Park Avenue in the city’s downtown area is lined with brick buildings containing hip boutiques, trendy restaurants, and only the best hipster cafes (expect to see many a handle-bar mustache). Since Winter Park is near much larger Orlando, residents have the luxury of going for a night out on the town if they want to leave the small-town vibe of Winter Park for an evening. As for its natural beauty, the city is surrounded by a chain of lakes, including Lake Virginia, Lake Osceola, and Lake Maitland, which each make for a stunning day trip. 

Marijuana Laws in Florida

Recreational marijuana is currently illegal in Florida, but the state seems to be making big moves! Let’s dive into a few. 

  1. Medical Cannabis Program: Florida legalized the use and possession of marijuana for medical purposes in 2016 through Amendment 2. This legislation allows qualifying patients, with specific medical conditions, to obtain a medical marijuana card after receiving the go-ahead from a licensed physician. After obtaining a medical marijuana card, patients can purchase weed from legal dispensaries. 
  2. Decriminalization Efforts: Some Florida cities have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana, aiming to reduce the amount of jail sentences that are being dished out. We love this for Florida and hope the state will keep it up, eventually fully decriminalizing marijuana!
  3. Prohibition on Growing Marijuana: Despite the legalization of medical marijuana, Florida law strictly prohibits cultivating marijuana, whether for recreational or medical use. There can be pretty harsh penalties in store for anyone who is caught growing their own weed, especially if it is a large amount. 
  4. Travel Restrictions for Patients: Medical marijuana patients in Florida are allowed to travel with their medicine within the state, but things can get serious for them if they accidentally cross state lines with weed on their person. It’s not uncommon for instances like this to be considered drug trafficking!
  5. The Prospect of Recreational Legalization: It’s a possibility that recreational weed will be legalized this year! An initiative for the 2024 ballot has gained a huge amount of support, and if passed, this measure would legalize marijuana for adults who are 21 and older. Residents would be allowed to possess, consume, and cultivate a limited number of cannabis plants!

Weed Seeds and Strains

Considering cannabis homegrows might be legalized for Florida residents in 2024, aspiring cultivators better be prepared! Whether you decide on feminized or auto-flowering seeds, it’s a good idea to be well-versed in both so that you are fully equipped to nurture the garden of your dreams.

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Landrace Strains

Landrace strains are genetically pure cannabis strains, of either the indica or sativa variety. They have developed naturally in their indigenous environment and have not encountered human interference in the form of breeding. Landrace strains are highly adapted to the regions from which they came, with many being very hardy and resilient, having come from regions with harsh conditions.

Keep in mind that each landrace strain is adapted to the climate in its specific region. For instance, Durban Poison is adapted to the climate in South Africa, Acapulco Gold to Mexico, and Hindu Kush to the mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan.   

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds have become popular because they offer growers a far easier cultivation experience than cultivating with regular seeds. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants at about an equal rate, which is not ideal for many growers because the male plants do not produce buds that contain THC and CBD.

Feminized seeds were genetically engineered to produce almost exclusively female plants, paving the way for a more efficient way to cultivate cannabis. Growers no longer have to spend tiresome days slaving away in their gardens, trimming out the male plants. However, keep in mind that feminized seeds are photoperiodic, which means they transfer from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage because of changes in their light cycle. If cultivators are growing indoors, they must attend to the light schedule themselves, which can be daunting for newer growers but definitely not impossible!

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flowering weed seeds are not photoperiodic, so they do not require a change in their light schedule to flower, which can be a definite draw for novice growers. They also exhibit a shorter growth cycle, offering the possibility of growing and harvesting more than one crop per year. 

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are also incredibly resilient and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Most auto strains, such as Hawaiian Auto and Sour Amnesia Auto, are generally ideal choices for growing in areas that can have high humidity or abrupt changes in temperatures. As for their size, auto-flowering marijuana plants are usually smaller than the original feminized marijuana plants, which can make them ideal for growers who do not have a large cultivation space. 

Cultivating Cannabis in Winter Park, Florida

When deciding whether an outdoor or indoor garden is better for you, there are a few things to consider! We’ll also give a few tips on when the ideal time is to plant and harvest your cannabis. 

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Learn how to cultivate marijuana outdoors in Florida
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Outdoor Cultivation in Winter Park 

For aspiring growers who are in the throes of dreaming up their perfect garden, make sure you decide if that garden is going to be outdoors or behind closed doors. There are a few things that each cultivator needs to mull over when making their choice, including which strain might thrive outdoors and whether they have the necessary equipment or resources for an indoor grow setup. For those who think an outdoor garden sounds more picturesque, make sure you choose strains that are resistant to mold and intense heat, as Winter Park can be quite humid and toasty. 

The best time to plant cannabis outdoors in Winter Park is typically in late March or early April, and growers should plan on harvesting their crop before the humidity levels rise exponentially, which can lead to a higher threat of mold and mildew. A good rule of thumb is for growers in Florida to harvest before October. 

Where to Buy Premium Cannabis Seeds

Last but not least, your garden is nothing without high-quality seeds! Consider checking out reputable online seed banks like our company, Growers Choice Seeds. We offer a wide range of seeds for sale, each of the highest caliber. We also pride ourselves on providing a range of cannabis strains to choose from, from classic to exotic strains. Aside from our top-notch selection, customers adore our germination guarantee, which promises to replace your seeds if 90% of them do not germinate. 

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