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While recreational cannabis is currently illegal in the state of Florida, many residents dream of the day when they are permitted to cultivate their own cannabis gardens, which might not be far off! Below, we discuss the city of Winter Haven in Florida, the cannabis laws in the state, how to determine which cannabis seeds are high-quality, and more!

Winter Haven, Florida

The city of Winter Haven offers locals and tourists serenity like they’ve never experienced before! From an endless array of lakes and cozy cabins to beautiful weather and proximity to fun attractions, this city does not disappoint. Let’s dive into a bit of its history, as well as its current state.

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City of Winter Haven

Winter Haven is just as it sounds, offering a calming respite and incredible beauty to both locals and tourists, but it hasn’t always been this way. The area has seen its fair share of tumultuous times as well, primarily with the displacement of the Timucua and the Seminole tribes who inhabited Florida’s peninsula. The Seminole Wars in the 1800s were a particularly bleak time for the Seminoles in the region, with tribes losing a disastrous amount of people.

Winter Haven itself was erected in the 1800s and was officially incorporated as a city in 1911, gaining lots of new residents during the land boom of the 1920s. The citrus industry was a primary driver for transplants to the city, as it provided secure income and opportunity for expansion. Currently, Winter Haven is home to approximately 50,000 people, many of whom reside in quaint lakeside cottages and enjoy a slow-paced lifestyle. Of course, the city has evolved with the times and provides modern amenities and aesthetics, but the historical charm is still present in some of the architecture and local businesses.

Winter Haven is particularly known for its idyllic Chain of Lakes, which includes a series of 50 lakes that are either naturally occurring or man-made, each connected by canals. For those who geek out on boating, fishing, and water sports, Winter Haven is the place for you! The city is also considered quite family and tourist-friendly, with ginormous amusement parks like Legoland and the stunning, sprawling Cypress Gardens within a stone’s throw. As for the weather, it’s consistently gorgeous, with hot, humid summers and winters that are dry and not very cold.

Marijuana Laws in Florida

The Florida cannabis possession laws are not ideal for many aspiring recreational marijuana users, as it is still illegal in the state, but things are a bit better for medical marijuana patients! The cultivation of cannabis seeds is also prohibited, with no allowances made for medical marijuana cardholders. Despite this, many medical patients are thankful for the legalization of medical cannabis products in 2016, which are available to patients who have specific medical conditions and qualify through a licensed physician. Qualified patients can access weed from medical cannabis dispensaries, although they must adhere to the restrictions defined in Florida’s medical marijuana legislation.

While recreational cannabis use is currently prohibited, it might not stay that way for long! An initiative was recently proposed that aims to legalize recreational marijuana usage for adults who are 21 and older. This initiative will appear on the 2024 ballot and is being backed by big organizations like Smart & Safe Florida and Trulieve, which will hopefully have an impact on the outcome. If passed, this measure would legalize possession and use, as well as the cultivation of a limited number of cannabis plants.

Types of Weed Seeds and Strains

Considering marijuana cultivation might be legal soon, we suggest getting a head start on your research! Below, we explain how to determine whether an ungerminated marijuana seed is high-quality, as well as what feminized and auto seeds are all about.

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Learn how to tell if your cannabis seeds are high-quality!
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Quality Marijuana Seeds

The quality of your pot seeds will make or break your operation, which is why you want to be sure your little gems will germinate! A few ways to determine whether your seeds are viable or not include the following:

  • Appearance and Color: High-quality cannabis seeds are generally dark in color and have a firm outer shell. They should not feel soft, exhibit a green color, or be easily crushed. The dark color indicates the seed’s maturity and quality.
  • Size and Shape: Quality seeds usually have a uniform, symmetrical shape. If your seeds are misshapen, they may have genetic abnormalities that could affect their ability to germinate properly.
  • Surface Texture: The surface of your seeds should appear shiny and smooth to the touch. If they are rough or dull-looking, they might not be what you want to work with.
  • Age and Storage Conditions: Your seeds will have a higher germination rate if they are fresh, so make sure that you are purchasing from seed banks that are known for their quality and storage conditions. Additionally, if you are storing them yourself for later use, make sure you are doing it correctly!
  • Float Test: One practical way to check whether your seeds are viable or not is to conduct a float test. Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. Gently drop your seeds in a glass of water and take note if they sink or swim. High-quality, viable seeds will generally sink to the bottom, while seeds of poor quality will usually float. Keep in mind that this test is not foolproof, so it’s a good idea to employ other methods, as well.
  • Seed Hardness Test: Gently squeeze the seed between your fingers or use your fingernail to press slightly down on it. A high-quality seed should not crack or break with this pressure.
  • Reputable Sources: Purchase your cannabis seeds from seed banks that are known for their quality. Positive customer reviews and germination guarantees are great ways to determine whether a seed bank is trustworthy. Our company, Growers Choice Seeds, provides both! Classic cannabis strains like Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple are backed by lots of positive customer reviews, as well as our exceptional germination guarantee!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds have become popular because they offer growers a far easier cultivation experience than cultivating with regular seeds. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants at about an equal rate, which is not ideal for many growers because the male plants do not produce buds that contain THC and CBD.

Feminized cannabis seeds were genetically engineered to produce almost exclusively female plants, paving the way for a more efficient way to cultivate cannabis. Growers no longer have to spend long days slaving away in their gardens, trimming out the male plants. However, keep in mind that feminized strains are photoperiodic, which means they transfer from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage because of changes in their light cycle. If cultivators are growing indoors, they must attend to the light schedule themselves, which can be daunting for newer growers.

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto-flowering weed seeds are not photoperiodic, so they do not require a change in their light schedule to flower, which can be a definite draw for novice growers. They also exhibit a shorter growth cycle than original feminized cannabis seeds, offering the possibility of growing and harvesting more than one crop per year. Autoflowering strains like Gorilla Zkittlez and Golden Ticket flower in as little as 8-9 weeks.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are also incredibly resilient and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Most auto strains, such as Diamond OG, are generally the perfect strains for growing in areas that can be a bit humid or have abrupt changes in temperatures, although, they’re not bulletproof so set them up for success regardless! As for their size, they are usually smaller than the original feminized plants, which can make them ideal for growers who do not have a large amount of space for cultivating cannabis.

Cultivating Cannabis in Winter Haven

For cannabis cultivators who prefer to cultivate indoors when (fingers crossed) cannabis cultivation is legalized, we’ll try to give you a bit of creative inspiration to get your wheels spinning!

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Cultivating Marijuana Indoors

Building an indoor grow setup requires a lot of planning, as well as a bit of an initial cash investment. It could be well worth it, considering the heat and humidity that can permeate Winter Haven! Aside from the ability to control the climate, indoor grow setups offer far more privacy and security than outdoor gardens, which can be ideal for some growers. Here are a few elements to consider:

  • Grow Lights: Light is essential for plant photosynthesis and for non-auto strains to switch to the flowering stage. Options include LED, HID, and CFL lights, with LED generally being the most popular type.
  • Ventilation System: Air circulation is imperative to maintain the health of your plants and ensures that mold and mildew will have a difficult time growing on them. Ventilation systems can also help manage the classic skunky smell that cannabis emits, which can be a good way to maintain autonomy.
  • Grow Medium: Growers have the choice of planting in soil, which is more forgiving and natural, to hydroponic systems, which allow for meticulous nutrient management and potentially larger yields. Keep in mind that the startup cost for a quality hydroponic system can be a bit pricey.
  • Temperature and Humidity Controls: These are non-negotiable! They are essential for creating an optimal growth environment for your precious plant babies.
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