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West Palm Beach, Florida offers sunny skies, near-perfect year round weather, and a bevvy of things to do. The Norton Museum of Art offers displays of American, French and Chinese art, and the Palm Beach Zoo features rare animals and a botanical park for kids. Additionally, there’s the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, and the Meyer Amphitheater, an abandoned hotel that was torn down and transformed into an outdoor waterfront stage.

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Indica or sativa, when you want the best West Palm Beach cannabis seeds, we invite you to look no further than Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry a selection of world-class varieties, ideal for at-home experimentation. We ship worldwide and offer discreet shipping options for patients concerned their pot seeds may be confiscated during transit.

Is it possible to make RSO from cannabis that I’ve grown myself?

Yes, you can! Actually, making RSO isn’t that much different from making cannabutter, but you need a few more things. Additionally, Rick Simpson himself recommends using indica strains, like Critical Purple or Great White Shark, for best results, though you can use the strain that works best for your medical condition.

You’ll need a handful of ingredients and supplies, including about a pound of dried cannabis material, two gallons of solvent (99% isopropyl alcohol), a 5-gallon bucket, and other tools. Place the cannabis in the bucket and pour in the solvent until the plant matter is covered, stirring and crushing the material as you add it. Continue to stir the mixture for about three minutes while the THC dissolves into the solvent.

Drain the solvent from the plant material into the bowl through cheesecloth. Place the plant material back in the bucket and add more solvent, continuing to stir for another three minutes. Drain again and discard the remaining material.

Transfer solvent to your rice cooker until it is about 3/4 full, and maintain a steady temperature of between 210 and 230 degrees. As the rice cooker heats up, the solvent will slowly evaporate. Continue to add your mix to the cooker gradually. Make sure your cooker is in an open and well ventilated area and avoid all flames. Once the solvent has evaporated, you can syphon the oil into a syringe for easy dosing.

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Growers Choice cannabis seeds are great. I’ve smoked them, I’ve turned them into cannabis oil, cannabutter, you name it. They produce healthy plants and lots of strong bud. Best in my books.

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