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A weekend in Wellington, Florida

Looking for something entertaining in Wellington, Florida? The Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre plays regular host to musical and film events in their outdoor venue. There are two regional malls here, the Mall at Wellington Green, and the Old Wellington Mall. Olympia Park and Tiger Shark Grove Park are both great green spaces for picnics and kids.

Buy cannabis seeds in Wellington, Florida

Medical cannabis has been legal for qualifying patients since 2015, with a focus on CBD cannabis, although patients with a terminal illness can use THC cannabis strains. When you want to purchase high quality Wellington cannabis seeds, shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We have curated a selection of world-class cannabis seeds, all cultivated and cared for by our team of expert horticulturalists.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Wellington

For those customers concerned that their cannabis seeds will be “lost in transit”, we provide a stealth shipping option to ensure your pot seeds make it from Canada to your front door. Questions? Feel free to talk with one of our customer service reps, available via online chat.

the best cannabis seeds for sale in Wellington

Is it easy to put together a grow room for indoor cannabis gardening?

If you’re brand new to growing cannabis indoors, you’re going to need a few more pieces of equipment than if you were growing chives or tomatoes.

First things first, your grow location needs to be near water and electricity, although a single outlet may not be enough, since a grow room usually requires a handful of things like lights, pumps and a humidifier, etc. Also, make sure the space is well ventilated, and against at least one outside wall to make pumping out air easier.

How do I know which cannabis seeds to grow indoors?

For the most part, you’ll be able to grow any kind of cannabis plant indoors, although some lend themselves better to interior grow rooms than others, and some are easier for beginners than others.

Ideally, we’d recommend going with auto-flowering cannabis seeds, those that will bud after the plant has reached a certain period of development, as opposed to the number of hours of light it receives. Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds carries a selection of popular auto-flowering seeds, like Cheese and Tangerine Dream.

Tangerine Dream itself will produce very high levels of THC, up to 24%. It’s often recommended for amateur gardeners, and lends itself very well to indoor growth set ups.

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Made four orders, all were handled professionally and I think they people who handle customer care are pretty on the ball. I asked for the stealth packaging because I wanted to make sure I got my seeds, and I really think that was the way to go. These guys are the best.

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