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Many consider Venice as one of the best places to live in Florida thanks to attractions such as Venice Beach, picturesque coral reefs, and miles of beautiful shoreline along the Gulf Coast. While cannabis enthusiasts and local communities can be found just about anywhere, Venice—and the State of Florida—do not permit the consumption, sale, or growing of recreational cannabis. For areas like these, Growers Choice likes to place more of an emphasis on education and learning. Read on for a glimpse into different cannabis varieties, local cannabis laws, and more.

What are Cannabis Seeds?

They may be small, but cannabis seeds play a large role in the ultimate quality and health of mature cannabis plants. Coffee-colored and just a few millimeters in width and height, cannabis seeds contain all the genetic information required to grow an entirely new cannabis plant.

Growers Choice is perhaps best known for its exceptional seeds, but it also provides a large amount of educational articles and guides that serve as a way to appreciate cannabis in a more indirect way—particularly for those who are not able to grow cannabis themselves.  Read on for a glimpse inside the intriguing world of the cannabis plant. 

Cannabis Laws in Venice, Florida

Currently, residents of Venice (and Florida as a whole) are not legally permitted to grow their own cannabis. The accessibility of cannabis products is also quite limited. However, there is some good news for pot connoisseurs and weed enthusiasts: voters may have the opportunity to vote on cannabis legalization next year. The 2024 Florida marijuana legalization initiative, also known as “Adult Personal Use of Marijuana,” has received a notable amount of support. By collecting over 890,000 signatures, it qualified to appear on the state’s November 2024 ballot. If approved, this initiative would allow for legal weed and permit cannabis consumption for adults 21 years and older. More information can be found here.

While the future of legal recreational marijuana in Florida remains to be seen, the state also has a medical marijuana program that provides licensed cardholders with access to low-THC cannabis.

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Fun facts about the cannabis plant
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The Intriguing World of the Cannabis Plant: Common Terms

If you’ve dabbled in cannabis at all, you may have heard terms in passing such as “landrace,” “terpene profile,” “sativa,” “indica,” and “THC.” We think it’s important that all our seeds are accompanied by in-depth profiles, but also, that we provide clear definitions for the terminology you’ll come across. 

As such, for those of you who are new to these terms, we’ve provided brief explanations of some of the most common ones you’ll come across during your research. 

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Feminized seed packs
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Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds 

Feminized cannabis seeds are highly popular amongst growers because they eliminate the challenges posed by pollination. Because feminized seeds do not produce male plants, the female plants can focus their efforts squarely on resin production. This results in more generous yields and amounts of resin. This benefit alone makes feminized strains a key part of any devoted grower’s cannabis seed collection.

Autoflowering marijuana strains contain ruderalis genetics. Cannabis ruderalis is famous for its ability to thrive even under harsh weather conditions. Most importantly, auto-flowering strains behave just as their name implies: they flower automatically. Normally, cannabis plants require a specific light schedule to flower. Autoflowering weed seeds, by contrast, will automatically enter the flowering stage even under a 24-hour light cycle. As such, auto strains are preferred by growers who simply don’t have the resources or time to adjust their light cycles. They are widely regarded as a much lower-maintenance option and have earned a reputation as an excellent choice for less experienced cultivators.

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The Etymology of Cannabis Names
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Where Do Cannabis Names Come From?

While most of us refer to cannabis in colloquial terms such as “pot,” “weed,” etc. you’re also likely to come across terms such as “sativa,” “indica,” “ruderalis,” and more along your cannabis journey. Here’s what they mean. 

  • Cannabis sativa: The sativa plant is known for its serrated leaves and slender, elongated size. Most importantly, however, they’re famous for their energizing, cerebral effects. Today, sativa strains are preferred by those looking to put some extra pep in their step and revitalize their thought process. Typically, sativa plants help enhance lucidity, perception, and creative motivation.
  • Cannabis indica: A wide plant, an indica is physically distinguishable from sativa plants thanks to its shorter, denser stature. Indica plants don’t just look different from sativas, they also produce markedly different effects. Most often, they provide a deep sense of deep relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. Typically, these strains are good for lazy days or quiet evenings.
  • Cannabis ruderalis: First discovered by a botanist in the 1920s, ruderalis plants are native to Russia. Today, this species is present in all autoflowering plants. In fact, we have ruderalis genetics to thank for auto seeds’ ability to flower on their own. “Ruderalis” is the Latin term for “rubble” and refers to cannabis plants that thrive upon land where previous vegetation perished under harsh weather conditions. All in all — this plant is tough! 

For Those Who Want the Best of Both Worlds: An Introduction to Hybrids

Hybrid strains contain both sativa and indica genetics—and therefore, provide a more balanced experience to users.

In fact, hybrid strains are some of the most popular strains today. As a general rule, they will provide the mental clarity and mind-sharpening properties of a sativa while simultaneously offering a sense of physical relaxation and sedation.

Typically, a strain will be classified as a “sativa-dominant hybrid” or “indica-dominant hybrid”  based on the specific ratio of indica and sativa lineage. For example, a strain with 70% indica to 30% sativa genetics is described as “indica-dominant,” or sometimes, “indica-leaning.” Conversely, if the ratio is close to 50/50, a strain will likely be described as a “balanced hybrid.”

Landrace Strains

“Landrace” refers to strains that grow naturally and wildly without any assistance from humans. As such, they are either a pure sativa or a pure indica.

Most often, they are named after the geographic location where they originated, and over many generations, have proven to be highly adaptable and well-suited to their respective environmental conditions.  Durban Poison, Afghan Auto-flowering, White Widow, and American Haze are all examples of landrace strains.

What Makes for a Quality Seed Bank? 

While there are plenty of online seed banks, what distinguishes Growers Choice from the competition is our devotion to providing a wide selection of premium cannabis seeds from passionate breeders. Our confidence in the quality of our seeds allows us to provide the single best germination guarantee in the industry.

We also believe that truly good customer service means providing a well-rounded amount of information about the cannabis experience. Each of our strains is accompanied by in-depth descriptions and profiles. We also publish in-depth guides on topics ranging from the role of terpenes to the differences between THC and CBD.

Our catalog includes a large variety of strains—from pure indicas to sativas, hybrids, and more. Additionally, our collection can be filtered for other qualities such as plant size, indica-to-sativa ratios, THC amounts, and more. This makes it quite simple to narrow down the selection to your favorite strains.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few strains residents of Venice may be curious to learn more about. 

Five Strains to Explore Further

Because we focused on the ruderalis species earlier, we figured why not shine the spotlight on some of our favorite autoflowering strains. In addition to their resilience, these strains are all able to flower on their own without any adjustment of light cycles.

Euforia Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

A sensory delight, the Euforia strain is known as the “energy drink” of the cannabis world, as it produces invigorating, elevating effects and rich flavors. Typically, these sensations are energizing yet won’t leave you with the jitters. This strain’s 80% sativa genetics are tempered, slightly, due to a 20% indica component, while its THC and CBD levels clock in at 16% and 7%, respectively. 

Glass Slipper Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

Until recently, this fairytale of a strain was as evasive as Cinderella herself. Thankfully, it is now more widely available and shows no signs of vanishing at midnight. A sativa-dominant hybrid, it produces an exhilarating experience accentuated by happiness.

Midnight Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

Speaking of midnight, this feminized cannabis strain was named for its visual appeal. A beautiful plant, it boasts forest green and purple hues. It’s equally as delightful for the other senses, too, and produces a balanced cannabis experience thanks to its 10% ruderalis, 40% indica, and 50% sativa genetics. This strain tends to produce feelings of happiness and relaxation, and boasts a floral, sweet flavor profile. It also has a flowering time of 55-65 days.

Willy’s Wonder Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

Named for the cannabis-loving crooner himself, these autoflowering seeds appeared in the 1970s and quickly won the hearts of cannabis fans. A popular plant, it provides a boost in creativity and energy, yet simultaneously helps users relax and unwind. Citrus-scented and sweet, this strain is a treat for the taste buds, and delivers a well-rounded experience. It also contains a THC content of 21% and 65% indica genetics.

Raspberry Cough Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

This energetic cannabis seed strain delivers a thoroughly enjoyable experience in the form of lucid thoughts and a mood boost. Energetic, focused, and creative, Raspberry Cough plants contain 65% sativa and have earned a reputation as a sensory delight thanks to their aromatic notes of herbs, spices, and sugar. Raspberry Cough plants have a blooming period of 60-70 days and is not a difficult plant to grow. 

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