Buy cannabis seeds in Tampa, Florida

buy cannabis seeds in tampa

Located on the scenic Gulf Coast of western Florida, Tampa has endless things under the sun to do. With outdoor activities galore, Tampa is a great vacation spot for so many people. 

So let’s take a trip to the crystal blue waters of Tampa and its surroundings to learn a little bit about the area, while also understanding where to purchase high-quality seeds from a trusted seed bank.

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Discover how much of a breeze it is to buy cannabis seeds in Florida.
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Where in Florida is Tampa?

Bordered by two bays that flow together to form Tampa Bay, the city of Tampa is located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

Also situated along the western coast of Florida, Tampa Bay is a large metropolitan area with a population of around 3,300,000 people. It has become the 17th largest metropolitan area in the United States and is divided into a wide array of neighborhoods with a host of unique features. 

What’s the Weather Like in Tampa?

Like many regions in the southeastern United States, Tampa features a humid subtropical climate. Humidity levels in this region climb sky-high in the summer months, complete with regular thunderstorms and dangerous tropical storms and hurricanes from early spring to late fall. Here’s what it’s like every season outdoors in Tampa:

  • Winters are typically very dry and cool. High temps are in the 70°F to 72°F range, lows are typically around 52°F to 55°F
  • Pleasant warmth and sun are typical of spring in Tampa, without all of the rain that summers bring. Average daily highs are 77°F to 85°F, while lows get down to around 57°F to 66°F during the spring.
  • Summers are typically very wet with storms and high humidity–not to mention very hot. Highs get up to around 88°F to 92°F, with lows in the 74°F to 78°F range.  
  • Come autumn, temperatures eventually begin to fade nicely, however, the threat of tropical storm season always still looms. Average high temperatures in Tampa during the fall are 85°F to 78°F, and lows are in the range of 66°F to 59°F.

What Kind of Cool Stuff Can I Do in Tampa?

With an array of outdoor activities, Tampa also has some other great attractions for visitors and residents alike!

  • Visit the beach – St. Pete and Clearwater beaches are great places to relax and splash around in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Watersports – on top of sunbathing and swimming, the Gulf area also boasts excellent parasailing, jet skiing, and paddleboard opportunities
  • The Florida Aquarium has thousands of fish, reptiles, and other wonders of the sea within its friendly confines in the downtown area of Tampa.
  • Go dolphin watching – it’s not everywhere you can go and see amazing marine creatures like dolphins do their thing on a guided cruise–take advantage of it while you’re in Tampa!
  • Go to a game – home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL), Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL), and the Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) there’s a pro sporting event to enjoy just about all year round.
  • Take the Riverwalk to a nice meal – Tampa is home to a delicious array of restaurants that feature fresh seafood and an international flair. Walk along the scenic pedestrian walking trail known as Riverwalk to check out parks, museums, and other attractions before stopping at any of the fabulous restaurants along the way!

Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Tampa

Despite its exotic locale, Tampa is no different than anywhere else in the United States when it comes to being able to purchase cannabis seeds. 

Since cannabis seeds are legal for novelty and collectible purposes in every state in the U.S., obtaining weed seeds is just as easy as a few clicks on your smartphone or computer. But that doesn’t mean just any old seed bank has the goods.

Growers Choice has high-quality seeds for sale 

Unlike many seed sellers online, U.S.-based Growers Choice has established relationships with cultivators across the country due to their excellent customer service, premium genetics, and germination guarantee. 

If your seeds don’t germinate, you can breathe a sigh of relief because GC will replace them for you for free. 

Grower holds a  germinated cannabis seed with forceps.
Grow high-quality seeds guaranteed to germinate.

What Types of Cannabis Seeds Does Grower’s Choice Sell?

Growers Choice sells a wide variety of cannabis seeds that suit the needs of all levels of cannabis growers. Whether you’re a beginner grower or an experienced grower, all of our selections make great choices for your grow room/tent, outdoor garden, or greenhouse.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the home grower’s standard these days. With no need to determine the sex of your cannabis plant anymore, feminized seeds are a major advancement in the cultivation of marijuana.

Each seed in a feminized cannabis seed pack is all but guaranteed to produce a female plant. Comparably, the other seed type known as “regular seeds” often produces a mix of female plants and some very undesirable male plants.

Female plants feature maximum potency, density, aroma, and mass compared to male marijuana plants. So naturally growing a female plant is the way to go for growing your own, and that’s why Grower’s Choice only carries feminized cannabis seeds!

Photoperiod seeds

Photoperiod seeds are a specific cannabis seed type whose genetic profile requires that indoor growers switch to less light (12 hours on/12 hours off) during the flowering stage’s light cycle compared to the vegetative stage (18 hours on/6 hours off).

This light cycle necessity essentially mimics the gradually declining hours of daylight throughout the summer growing season outdoors. 

Autoflowering seeds

After many decades of being overlooked, auto-flowering seeds have taken off in popularity as one of the most cultivated types of weed seeds. 

These seeds are special because how they have a much quicker flowering time, compared to their photoperiod counterparts, and also don’t require any changes to their hours of light to start flowering. 

Essentially, the plant will automatically go right from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage after about 3-4 weeks–hence the name. 

Man holding a plastic tube of ungerminated autoflower seeds.
Grow premium autoflower seeds in Tampa.
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Indica, hybrid, and sativa seeds

Indica seeds are often the go-to for cannabis consumers and growers looking for a potentially sedative and relaxing effect. Indica-dominant strains like Sundae Driver and Sunset Sherbet can provide those potential effects for any grower who is seeking them out.

Hybrid seeds are some of the most popular strains for growers these days. Besides having a reputation for incredible growth vigor, hybrid cannabis strains often feature an aroma, taste, and bag appeal that’s sugary, sweet, and gassy. Some great and popular strains to include in your growing set-up include Cereal Milk and Kush Mints.

Sativa plants like Super Sour Diesel provide consumers with reportedly uplifting and energizing effects that are great for the daytime and to gain some focus. It should be noted that sativa seeds typically have a longer flowering time as a cannabis plant compared to indica and hybrid strains.

Growing Weed in Environmental Conditions Like Tampa

According to current Florida state law, it’s illegal for any person in the state to grow any weed plants–both medically or recreationally. With that said anyone ordering marijuana seeds for collectible and novelty purposes should be aware of the potential risks that come with it. 

Growing Outdoors

Since the heat and humidity run the show during just about the entire growing season, growers of outdoor weed plants need to know a few things:

  • High humidity levels and rain can easily lead to mold, mildew, and bud rot on your marijuana plants. Keep them covered overnight and during storms to keep moisture at bay as much as possible.
  • Use a greenhouse for more control of the environmental conditions and weather in Tampa. Greenhouses are also great for increased privacy and discretion for the outdoor cultivator.
  • Choose strains that have good-to-great mold resistance and thrive in outdoor conditions. This will go a long way to ensure a successful harvest.

Growing cannabis indoors

On the other end of outdoor cannabis cultivation is indoor growing. Indoor growing allows the cultivator a lot more control over the environment, light, heat, and humidity to name just a few. However, depending on your grow space you may not experience as much room compared to outdoors. 

Here are a few tips for any first-time growers who may be looking to grow marijuana indoors this season:

  • Be sure to not stress or handle your germinated seeds too much during the subsequent seedling stage. Healthy growth from the very beginning gives growers the best chance of success. 
  • Ensure your grow light covers every single leaf, branch, and stem on your weed plant completely. Any spots on the plant that don’t get sufficient light coverage will not grow as ideally. 
  • Even though you want to get those dank flower buds chopped and harvested as soon as possible, it’s so important to never rush the vegetative growth stage. Ensure your plant is robust enough to support the heavy flower buds when they develop.

Pick Grower’s Choice for Your Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Top-notch cannabis strains, a variety of high-quality seed types, premium genetics, and amazing customer service, that’s what consumers and cultivators get when choosing Grower’s Choice as their online seed bank! 

And don’t forget our Germination Guarantee–shop stress-free knowing that whatever seeds you choose are backed by our guarantee and will give you a bountiful harvest this grow season!

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