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In St. Cloud, Florida, recreational weed might be off the table, but you can legally purchase and consume medical marijuana. Additionally, you can purchase legal weed seeds, although you can’t cultivate them. Before spending time in Florida, there are some critical things you need to know about marijuana.

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Marijuana Seeds in Jacksonville, Florida
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Marijuana in St. Cloud

What comes to mind when you think about St. Cloud, Florida? The first thing should be its connection to veterans since its nickname is “The Friendly Soldier City.” Located in Osceola County, the city is right off the shore of East Lake Tohopekaliga, making it perfect for those who love water activities and beautiful beaches. An activity that’s not too accepted in St. Cloud is recreational cannabis since the state outlawed the green stuff decades ago.

While that’s a bummer, there’s some good news on the marijuana front. Several years ago, voters passed a comprehensive medical marijuana bill, allowing patients with specific medical conditions to access numerous cannabis products. To get a clearer picture of marijuana in St. Cloud, here’s a look at Florida’s current cannabis laws, the types of ungerminated marijuana seeds that are available for sale, and which reputable seed bank you should trust!

Marijuana Laws

Historically, Florida has been known for its steep cannabis laws, where the sale, possession, and use of all forms of recreational marijuana are illegal. However, local governments in some cities and counties across the Sunshine State have decided for themselves and made weed possession a civil issue. They have a greater acceptance of cannabis and don’t want people penalized for low-level possession.

Miami-Dade County started the trend in 2015. That meant people in cities like North Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, and Miami Lakes could possess up to 20 grams of marijuana and face only a fine or community service and not jail time. Broward County did the same a few months later, so residents in Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale Lakes, Deerfield Beach, Dania Beach, and North Lauderdale would only get a civil citation if caught with up to 20 grams of marijuana.

Palm Beach County followed suit only a month later, allowing residents in Boynton Beach, Hialeah Gardens, and more to enjoy more leeway. Additionally, the Tampa, Orlando, and Sarasota governments, among others, passed similar legislation.

If you don’t happen to find yourselves in one of these more marijuana-forward places in Florida, you can face serious jail time and fines for adult-use cannabis. People caught with up to 20 grams of weed may have to contend with a misdemeanor, which can result in up to one year in jail and a maximum $1,000 fine. Anything more than 20 grams is a felony, with up to five years locked up is a possibility. Selling less than 20 grams is also a misdemeanor with a possible one-year sentence. 

Medical Marijuana

Despite previous failed attempts to legalize medical marijuana, voters finally passed Amendment 2 in 2016. This allowed medical marijuana patients with diseases like glaucoma, various digestive ailments, chronic conditions, and more to access various weed products, such as cannabidiol products, smokable bud, creams, and more.

Once patients receive a diagnosis of a qualifying condition from their doctor, they can apply for their medical marijuana card. The qualified patient can then use this medical marijuana card at nearby licensed dispensaries. At these locations, patients can purchase their favorite strains in a wide variety of products. However, if the closest dispensaries aren’t convenient, patients can turn to online weed delivery. The same rules apply to a licensed online dispensary.

One thing patients should note is that even though they can purchase ungerminated marijuana seeds, they are barred from growing medical marijuana plants even if they have a medical marijuana card. That’s because cultivation of all forms is illegal.

Cannabis Industry in Florida

Although recreational weed is illegal in the Sunshine State, Florida still enjoys a booming cannabis industry thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana. As a result of Amendment 2’s passage, the state has created more than 30,000 jobs. This has also led to big sales that have surpassed $1 billion. Florida is predicted to continue to see a thriving marijuana-based economy. 

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Benefits of autoflowering marijuana seeds in Florida
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Types of Marijuana Seeds

Whether in St. Cloud or any other city in Florida, you have the luxury of purchasing ungerminated weed seeds. As we’ve said before, don’t grow them into viable cannabis plants, and you’ll be just fine! To get a heightened experience with premium seeds, knowing the difference between the most popular choices is always a good idea. Some of the top offerings include regular, autoflowering, and feminized cannabis seeds.


Growers with more extensive experience often opt for regular seeds since they are ideal for cultivating one-of-a-kind strains. These seeds are in their natural state, so they will produce both male and female plants. Consequently, you can pick your two favorite strains, grow them, take a male and female from each, cross them, and enjoy your new strain!

By growing your own strains with regular seeds, you have power over potency, so you can focus on elevated THC levels. For those who grow medical marijuana plants in legal places, you can increase the CBD content to enjoy the calming effects of strains for increased well-being. Additionally, regular seeds offer extreme versatility since they are durable and rugged enough to be grown indoors or outdoors.


Some of the most premium cannabis seeds on the market are autoflowering. Breeders have specially cultivated these seeds to move seamlessly from the vegetative to the flowering stage. Best of all, since they are non-photoperiod, you don’t have to switch up the lighting cycle to get them to flower. This makes these beginner seeds a breeze for novice growers.

Additionally, auto-flowering cannabis seeds are well-renowned for being super-fast growers. In many cases, you can expect these seeds to flower in 7-8 weeks. As the very essence of premium cannabis seeds, growers can achieve multiple harvests in a single season, ensuring you have a good volume of your favorite top-notch strain.


Feminized seeds are the ideal choice for growers looking for only female plants since they’ve been specially bred for just this purpose. Breeders have removed all male genetics to ensure no male plants grow. Consequently, growers don’t have to guess what will grow and also don’t have to be concerned about cross-pollination.

With the bud-producing female plant available, smokers get smokable flower. Not only can these buds be consumed, but they have higher levels of THC to give you plenty of potency. Another advantage is feminized seeds are known to be large-yielders to give you plenty of your preferred strain.

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Popular cannabis strains in Florida
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Top Marijuana Strains

There are plenty of great strains to choose from for a premium experience. One of the most sought-after is Khalifa Kush. This remarkable strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that was named after the popular rapper Wiz Khalifa. This amazing plant is lush and moderately easy to grow with a high 25% THC content to ensure you’ll feel its potency. Smokers will enjoy a cannabis experience marked by evenly balanced effects that are energizing yet relaxing. Despite Khalifa Kush being indica-dominant, you won’t have to worry about sedation.

Lemon Haze is a wonderful sativa-dominant hybrid strain that smokers love for its amazingly delicious flavor profile and aroma. Since it’s so stimulating and energizing, Lemon Haze is ideal for a morning toke to wake you right up! Some cannabis users also cite this strain as being effective for pain management.

Mango Kush might be tasty and fruity, but it also offers a great level of potency to ensure you feel all of its well-balanced effects. With a lineage that involves Mango and Hindu Kush, this strain is sure to give you the premium cannabis experience you deserve. Due to its ease of growing, beginner growers have an easy time with this strain because it doesn’t grow too tall and doesn’t take up too much space.

Your Favorite Seed Bank

When you’re looking for your next favorite seed bank, we have the answer–Growers Choice Seeds, which is proud to offer some of the top cannabis seed brands on the market from the most popular to the hardest to find. Our premium seeds have a 90% germination rate guarantee, so that’s one less worry for you!

With our secure system, you can feel comfortable putting in your debit or credit card info for peace of mind. You can also check from time to time for some exclusive deals that can result in some big-time savings on top of already low everyday prices. We ensure that growers get only the best growing experience!

Popular Strains in Florida

  1. The Hog Feminized Seeds – the name is a bit whacky, but this award-winning strain is no joke and was named the best indica in 2002. The pure indica features a high 25% THC level and yields up to a whopping 800 grams per plant.
  2. Asian Fantasy Feminized Seeds – normally hard to find, this psychedelic strain is truly a trip, so get ready for a wild ride! This 100% sativa is exhilarating and is sure to put your creativity on the fast track as you feel intense euphoria!
  3. Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds – well revered for its high THC content that averages around 20%, smokers can count on a big dose of potency. As a pure indica, you can count on extreme tranquility to guarantee your body is calm and at ease.
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