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Grow high-quality cannabis seeds at your home in Sebastian, Florida, with the help of Growers Choice Seeds. Our marijuana seeds are top-tier, and you can find everything you want and more right on our website. 

What are Cannabis Seeds?

When planted correctly, cannabis seeds are what grow up to be the cannabis plants we know and love. These seeds are the foundation for cultivating marijuana, and without them, you simply wouldn’t have the plants that you’re seeking.

Are Weed Seeds Legal in Sebastian, Florida?

Currently, only medical marijuana is legal in Florida, and you have to have a valid MMJ card to enter and shop from local dispensaries. And, to get your card, you have to meet with a cannabis doctor who verifies you have a qualifying medical condition for marijuana. 

Even though the state has legalized weed for medical patients, they have yet to legalize cultivation. This means that you are not allowed to grow marijuana at home unless you’re a professional cultivator working with the marijuana farms in the area. 

Florida does adhere to federal laws, though, allowing for hemp and hemp seeds as long as they contain 0.3% THC or less. Along with hemp seeds, you can also legally purchase and possess ungerminated marijuana seeds, as these do not contain psychoactive components, either. 

Ungerminated weed seeds have varying levels of THCA, not THC. While THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, THCA is the cannabinoid’s non-psychoactive precursor.

So, because of the lack of intoxication these seeds bring, you can legally purchase our ungerminated marijuana seeds online and have them shipped right to your home in Sebastian, Florida.

Buying Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice 

If you’re looking for a high-quality batch of seeds for your home in Sebastian, Florida, you’re in luck. Growers Choice online seed bank offers a great selection of various types of weed seeds for you to buy online and ship right to your home.

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The best Sebsatian cannabis seeds for sale online
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Wide Varieties of Cannabis Seeds

When shopping, you’ll find that you can purchase a wide variety of cannabis seeds based on your personal preferences. On the Growers Choice website, you can find our premium cannabis seeds with sativa, indica, and even hybrid genetics — that’s what makes us one of the best in the cannabis industry. 

You will also find feminized autoflowering and feminized photoperiod seeds based on the type of cultivation you want. Feminized seeds are great for those who know they want female plants, while autoflowering varieties (which are also feminized seeds) are perfect for those who don’t want to manipulate light schedules.

Autoflowering feminized seeds are also ideal for promoting rapid growth, as you don’t have to wait as long for them to switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage as you do with photoperiod seeds. Instead, they do this automatically! This independence makes autoflowering strains extremely sought after — and GCS has so many different options for you to buy. 

From popular feminized strains like Girl Scout Cookies to lesser-known ones like the autoflowering Cream, our online selection is packed to the brim with premium options. 

Different Types of Cannabis Strains

Along with different types of weed seeds, you will also be able to find numerous cannabis strains in our seed bank.

Each cannabis strain creates a unique experience, and it’s important to keep this in mind when shopping for your ideal seeds. You want to factor in what kind of effects you’d like to experience, where you’re growing your weed and your environment, and the actual genetics of the strain.

Growers Choice cannabis seed bank offers classic indicas like Granddaddy Purple and Cheese, as well as pure sativas like Durban Poison and Jack Herer.

And, of course, you can find well-balanced hybrids like Runtz for effects that encompass both sativas and indicas. No matter what kind of result you’re hoping to experience, our thousands of different strains have you covered.

Successful Germination Guarantee 

Here at GCS, we understand that you don’t want to risk the chances of germination. Taking this risk means sacrificing time and money — and that’s not something every grower wants to do. 

But, that is exactly why all seeds you buy from Growers Choice online seed bank come with a germination guarantee.

Our germination guarantee means that we can ensure at least 90% of your seeds will sprout, and if they don’t, you get your money back. That’s how confident we are in our germination rates.

Understanding THC and CBD Levels

When shopping for cannabis seeds, you want to make sure you fully understand THC and CBD levels.

THC and CBD are the two main phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, and they both have therapeutic properties that are well sought after. The biggest difference, though, is that THC offers psychoactive effects, while CBD doesn’t and is more known for its health benefits.

People who are seeking purely recreational, intoxicating experiences should seek strains with high THC levels. On the flip side, anyone who is more interested in the supportive effects should aim for CBD-rich strains, especially if you’re prone to having anxiety.

Here at Growers Choice, we offer both high-CBD and high-THC seeds depending on your ideal choices. 

Selection Criteria for the Best Quality Seeds

When you’re shopping for the best quality seeds from GSC for your garden, you want to consider a few important factors: 

  • Seed Appearance: How do the seeds look? Mature, high-quality cannabis seeds should be dark brown (almost black) in appearance, likely boasting some light tiger stripes. Your seeds should not be white, light green, or soft and squishy.
  • Age: You want to make sure you’re buying mature cannabis seeds. Young cannabis seeds are not going to be ready for germination, and, thus, won’t sprout healthy plants. Of course, with GCS’ germination guarantee, these seeds are sure to be mature and able to sprout. 
  • Genetics: Pay attention to the parent strains of the seed you’re looking at. What are these genetics like and are you a fan of the typical effects they produce?
  • Our Reputation: Growers Choice Seed has a great reputation for being an amazing seed bank with great products and responsive, helpful customer service.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Properly

After you buy your cannabis seeds, you need to make sure you store them properly. Knowing the right conditions to store your cannabis seeds is integral to keeping them happy and healthy.

Regarding ideal storage conditions, you want to keep your seeds around 42-46°F (6-8°C) with a relative humidity level of between 20-30%. This tends to be what the conditions are like when storing your seeds in a refrigerator.

Along with keeping your seeds stored in cool, dry temperatures, you want to make sure that they’re kept in an airtight container that lives predominately in darkness. Airtight containers ensure that no excess moisture or bacteria get in and contaminate your seeds, while the darkness prevents any lighting from degrading them and hurting their potential potency.

Our biggest advice for beginners is to store your seeds in dark, dry, cool, and airtight conditions. Doing this will help aid in successful cannabis cultivation with your premium cannabis seeds. And what more could you ask for than successful cannabis cultivation? 

Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Sebastian, Florida

The first step to cultivating your cannabis seeds in Sebastian, Florida, is germination. Here’s how you can germinate your seeds at home, as well as some factors that may affect your cultivation journey.

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High-quality feminized cannabis seeds for sale
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Factors that Affect Successful Germination

When germinating your cannabis seeds, it’s important to understand all of the factors affecting seed germination, including the temperature and humidity levels.

For germination, your cannabis seeds are going to do best in warm temperatures and moist environments. Thus, keeping them at around 70-80°F (21-26°C) and about 80-90% humidity will be ideal for germinating auto seeds and other types of cannabis seeds.

Doing things like planting seeds correctly — with the crown pointing upwards — will also play a direct role in your seed’s germination rates.

In general, it’s crucial to create the best conditions possible as this works to increase these success rates overall. Thankfully, if your seeds are in good environments where they get what they need, you’ll be well on your way to curating healthy plants.

Various Techniques for Germinating Cannabis Seeds at Home

There are several techniques you can try for germinating cannabis seeds at home if you’re interested.

One of the most popular germination methods is the paper towel technique. This method includes placing your seeds between two damp paper towels and storing them in a dark, warm location with high humidity levels.

A talented cannabis grower could also attempt planting the seeds directly in the soil; you just have to make sure you plant them correctly with the crown pointing upwards. Otherwise, they will not germinate successfully.

Other people may try germinating their viable seeds in a glass of water for 24-48 hours, and then placed in soil or paper towels. This can sometimes help soften the shell, allowing for the sprout to break through more easily.

The Role of Temperature, Light, and Water in the Germination Process

It’s important to understand the roles that temperature, light, and water play in the germination process of your cannabis seeds, as well as the remaining growth stages.

Keeping your seeds in optimal conditions significantly increases the chances of successful sprouting, especially for old cannabis seeds.

If you do have old cannabis seeds, a good trick that can help with germination is scarification. If you gently scratch your seed, this helps the water penetrate and trigger growth.

In terms of light, your seeds aren’t going to want any until they’ve actually sprouted. Thus, keeping your seeds in darkness is integral to the germination process.

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Marijuana seeds for sale online in Florida
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Best Cannabis Seed Strains in Sebastian 

There are a lot of incredible options when it comes to growing marijuana in Sebastian based purely on climate and popularity. 

Among medical consumers, strains like Chemdawg Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies continue to be sought after in Florida for their hefty (and supportive) effects. 
Others are seeking out less common strains like Sunset Sherbert or Colombian Gold because of their funky, powerful profiles and rewarding results. 
At the end of the day, no matter what your flavor, potency, or growth preferences are, Growers Choice has the impressive weed seed selection you’ve been dreaming of for your home in Sebastian. 
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