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In Port St. Lucie, it’s illegal to use marijuana recreationally. However, medical marijuana is legal for qualified patients with a medical marijuana card. Despite some gains, there’s been a lot of back-and-forth about weed legality in this Florida city.

Port St. Lucie, Florida, is well regarded for its natural beauty with nearby picturesque beaches, breathtaking golf courses, and magnificent trees. Speaking of trees, cannabis plants are not widely accepted in the city since recreational weed is illegal. However, medical marijuana is accessible for patients with qualifying conditions. Despite weed’s illegality in Florida, it’s important to know that marijuana lovers can still learn more about their favorite herbs.

Legality of Marijuana

While many residents and lawmakers have worked to make legal weed a possibility in the Sunshine State, it hasn’t worked. However, there has been some progress. Since 2015, certain Florida cities and counties have worked toward decriminalizing marijuana and making it a citation instead of an arrestable offense. Unfortunately, St. Lucie County, where Port St. Lucie is located, hasn’t done the same and remains on par with the rest of the state. There are very serious laws when it comes to selling and possessing marijuana.

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Explore Florida’s medical and recreational cannabis laws
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Marijuana Possession Laws

If you catch a possession of marijuana charge for under 20 grams, you’re looking at a misdemeanor and can expect less than a year in jail and a fine as determined by a judge. If law enforcement catches you with more than 20 grams, that is a felony. Since there is leeway in sentencing, you could get probation, face imprisonment, and/or fines. All of it is dependent on how much marijuana you’re caught with. 

Keep in mind that you can face serious penalties for not only weed possession but also if you’re caught with marijuana plants. Having less than 25 could get you up to five years behind bars, and more than 10,000 plants could get you 15-30 years in the Big House!

Eligible Medical Conditions for Cannabis Use

In order for medical marijuana patients to have access to medical cannabis, they first need to visit a qualified physician to make sure they have a qualifying medical condition. A doctor will determine if the individual will receive appropriate medical benefits from the marijuana. Once patients get physician certification, they will apply for a medical card that will allow them to access the prescribed marijuana from a licensed dispensary.

A terminal condition makes a patient eligible for medical weed and so do certain types of autoimmune conditions. Other ailments and illnesses that would allow patients to use medicinal weed are anxiety, arthritis, migraines, and more. 

Medical Marijuana Rules

Medical marijuana users still have quite a few rules they must follow to ensure they stay on the right side of the law. Qualified patients must only purchase their marijuana from medical marijuana dispensaries. Their cannabis products must also be in a tamper-proof container. Although these patients can legally purchase and use medical marijuana, it is still illegal for them to buy or have recreational cannabis.

While patients can use low-THC cannabis products in public, they cannot publicly use marijuana with high amounts of THC. Individuals also can’t drive or operate boats or aircraft while using high-THC products. Additionally, you cannot share your medicine even with another medical marijuana patient. To ensure you have your supply and to keep your medical cannabis card valid, you must meet with a qualified physician on a regular basis. 

Closest Dispensary to Port St. Lucie

Since you can legally purchase medical weed in Port St. Lucie, it’s important to know where the closest dispensary is located. Patients can easily find a medical marijuana dispensing facility since there are several in the city to serve individuals’ wide variety of needs. They offer plenty of the top marijuana strains designed to alleviate a person’s symptoms to improve their well-being. 

It’s important to note that all cannabis products must be dispensed before 9 p.m. in accordance with Florida laws. To find the closest property near you, do a simple search and you’ll find a dispensary that will have an array of products for your specific condition.

Weed Delivery Service Availability

If you can’t make it to a brick-and-mortar dispensary, you can choose an online dispensary for weed delivery service. These online companies will conveniently ship your medicinal weed straight to your door. All you have to do is go online and place your order. There are several options available, so just do a quick search and you’re sure to find a nearby facility to drop off your medicine. From there, you’re good to go!

Where to Find Cannabis Seeds in Port St. Lucie

As long as you don’t plant and grow your marijuana seeds in Port St. Lucie, you are free to purchase them. Since weed is illegal, you won’t be able to go into any local stores and make your purchase. Instead, you will have to stick to online seed banks to purchase your quality cannabis seeds. There are plenty of great options like Growers Choice Seeds and Pacific Seed Bank to meet your needs. All you have to do is go online and check out the best seed store for you.

Benefits of Seed Banks

The best thing about a seed bank is they offer such a wide range of options to ensure there’s something for everybody. You’ll find some of your favorite cannabis strains, plus plenty of new goodies that could soon become a favorite!

With such a wide selection, you also have more options in how many weed seeds you can purchase. They’ll come in packs of varying sizes, so if you just want a little garden, purchase just a few seeds. If you’re looking for something bigger and grander, you can choose larger packs to cultivate more marijuana.

One of the biggest draws is the pricing. You’re sure to find some of the most affordable rates from an online vendor. That means you’ll get more bang for your buck. Just put in your credit card, and you’ll also get the convenience of having products shipped directly to your door. No muss, no fuss!

Types of Cannabis Seeds

There are several types of cannabis seeds for marijuana enthusiasts to choose from. When you purchase from a reputable online seed bank, you can count on them to be fresh and ready to germinate, whether you choose feminized, autoflowering, or medical marijuana seeds.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the perfect choice if you’re looking to grow beautiful, healthy female plants. As a result, these cannabis plants don’t produce any males, so there’s no need for you to worry about cross-pollination and all the headaches that can come with that. 

Feminized seeds are known for producing large yields of high-quality marijuana with some of the finest genetics around. Growers love how these seeds are pretty straightforward to grow, and smokers love the effects of this premium weed. See how feminized cannabis seeds are a win all the way around?

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are synonymous with flowering automatically. With no need to switch up the lighting cycle, these plants can grow automatically without you having to do any extra work. These marijuana seeds go from the vegetative to the flowering stage with ease. Since these seeds flower so quickly, you can expect more yields each growing season. They are also the perfect choice for beginner growers. 

These seeds are also known for producing premium weed that smokers will enjoy. They come in many varieties, such as high THC and low CBD or vice versa. You can choose your strain based on the desired effects you’re trying to use.

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About CBD and its effects
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Medical Marijuana Seeds

Medical marijuana seeds are specifically cultivated to produce marijuana with plenty of medical benefits. These seeds are known to have higher levels of THC to increase their potency. This ensures that patients can get the true medical properties these strains have to offer. Before purchasing, do some research to ensure you’re purchasing genuine medical marijuana seeds.

Growing Marijuana Plants

Although it’s illegal to grow either recreational or medical marijuana in Port St. Lucie, it never hurts to learn about growing marijuana plants in the Sunshine State. Since the area offers the perfect conditions for many strains, they will thrive in this humid subtropical climate. The heat and the humidity are ideal for sativa and hybrid strains.

Since Florida is exceptionally humid, remember to limit watering your plants because you don’t want them inundated. Due to the state’s environment, you have to be on the lookout for a variety of pests and diseases. The best way to protect your plants is by keeping a close eye on them and watching for any troubling signs.

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