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Can I still use cannabis if I don’t smoke?

Sure you can! Everyone seems to think that in order to get the benefits of cannabis you have to smoke it, but the reality is the stereotypical “stoner” may not even be getting the best of this potent plant! Using cannabis can look different for everyone. You can vape (inhale cannabis steam) instead of smoke. You can eat it as a cannabis edible (delicious, quite frankly). You can take it as a pill, or you can even follow the legendary actor Patrick Stewart and use it in topical form (spray, lotion, or oil).


Will I get high if I use cannabis?

Depending on the cannabis strain you choose to use, yes, you can get high. To what degree? We cannot state, because everyone reacts to cannabis differently. But if you want to take advantage of the awesome medical properties of cannabis without the psychoactive side effects, we always suggest you opt for an indica cannabis strain over sativa.

Indica strains are best known for their “couch-lock” body high, one that will help you relax, one that relieves pain, and one that has been known to help you drift into a decent sleep. For these reasons, we suggest you only use indicas at night.

Can I have indica cannabis strains in Port St. Lucie?

Generally, indica cannabis strains tend to be higher in CBD. The state of Florida has medical cannabis laws enacted that are specific to CBD strains, so yes, you can have indica strains in Port St. Lucie as long as they are high in CBD. We’re thinking strains like CBD Moby Dick and CBD Critical Mass. Both these strains have moderate THC levels, but those are balanced by the high percentage of CBD.

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What to see in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Located on the east coast of Florida, Port St. Lucie’s top spots include the Savanas Preserve State Park, a wetlands habitat and recreation area, the Elliott Museum, a modern museum featuring art and tech exhibits that chronicle Florida’s history, and the North Fork St. Lucie River Aquatic Preserve, a freshwater and brackish water system that is connected to the St. Lucie Estuary.

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Over and over again, I’m always impressed by Growers Choice. I’ve bought three sets of seeds from this shop and they’re all great. Never had problems with shipping, they always get here on time, and so far, no one’s bothered with them. I love my strains, especially Critical Purple. It’s awesome! I use it every time I get a headache!

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