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Can seniors use cannabis to help with sleep disorders?

Who needs sleep? We all do. And Whether it can be attributed to a generation of liberal kids getting older, or that access to available information has changed their minds, more senior citizens are turning to cannabis to help treat sleep disorders than ever before.

Insomnia is an affliction that affects a large part of the population, people suffering from conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, depression, even restless leg syndrome. But according to the medical community, those working closely with seniors, cannabis can be a safe and effective treatment for the elderly.

How does cannabis help treat insomnia?

Thanks to the silly stereotype of the spaced out stoner, we all know that cannabis can have the ability to slow things down. Particularly, indica cannabis strains are well known for their “couch-lock” effect, a full-body high that relaxes muscles and mind, and can help users drift off into a restive and restorative sleep.

Indica strains like Cheese, or even the sativa-driven high of White Widow are both excellent options for treating insomnia.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Port Orange

The state of Florida has made allowances for medical cannabis use, with a focus on CBD heavy strains, though they recognize that patients with a terminal illness may benefit from strains higher in THC.

To treat your sleep disorder at home, you’ll want to make sure your cannabis is high quality and potent. The best way to do that is to purchase cannabis seeds and cultivate your own supply. For top quality Port Orange cannabis seeds, look no further than Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Our online shop features a selection of world class cannabis strains which care cultivated and cared for by our team of horticulturalists.

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Choose your preferred strain, which we will ship directly to your door from our Canada headquarters. For Port Orange customers worried about their pot seed packages making it through customs, we offer a discreet shipping option. Speak to our knowledgeable support staff for more information.

A little about Port Orange, Florida

Port Orange is a city in Volusia County, a principal city in the Fun Coast region of Florida, and the birthplace of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Recreational activity revolves around the areas green spaces, so spend your time at local parks like the Dunlawton Plantation and Sugar Mill, or shopping at the Pavilion at Port Orange.

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One very satisfied customer here. I received my most recent order to the US pretty quickly, five days I think. And it was well packaged. I have used Growers Choice in the past for pot seeds, and I would recommend them. Have had a high germ rate so far.

John P., Port Orange, FL