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In Plantation, Florida, you can’t light up your favorite recreational marijuana strain because it’s illegal. However, a few years ago, the laws changed, and medical use is now permissible. Consequently, you can purchase any of your favorite medical strains from nearby dispensaries. Although you can’t cultivate marijuana in the Sunshine State, you can purchase your favorite marijuana seeds from various reputable seed banks online.

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Legality of medical and recreational marijuana in Florida
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Marijuana in Plantation, Florida

Located in bustling Broward County, Florida, Plantation is home to golf courses and beautiful greenery, perfect for people who like to enjoy the great outdoors. Speaking of greenery, neither residents nor visitors can enjoy their favorite marijuana strains. That’s because recreational weed isn’t allowed in Plantation or anywhere else in Florida. However, patients can purchase medical strains for a range of medical conditions.

Although the state has taken a tough stance against the green stuff, adults can purchase marijuana seeds as novelty items. However, they’re not allowed to cultivate them into marijuana plants. With so many rules in place, we’re going to look at the ins and outs of marijuana in Florida, including the various types of weed seeds, the life cycle of the cannabis plant, and the best places to purchase premium plant seeds.

Recreational Marijuana

In Florida, recreational marijuana has been prohibited for decades, with the state taking a hardline stance against smoking for fun. People caught in possession of marijuana can face stiff penalties, including jail time and fines. For example, possessing less than 20 grams is a misdemeanor that can land you in jail for a year and result in a maximum fine of $1,000.

While there have been several attempts to legalize marijuana, they have all fallen short. Another amendment is poised to appear on the ballot for voters in 2024. Many are hopeful that it will pass, but plenty of others have given up hope.

Medical Marijuana

Recreational marijuana may have remained stagnant in Florida, but medical marijuana has not. Voters failed to pass a medical marijuana bill that year, but they overwhelmingly passed one in 2016. It allowed patients suffering from glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and more to access a range of medical strains. 

Patients can purchase their products from nearby dispensaries. However, patients can’t purchase weed seeds to grow their own medical marijuana plants at home. Patients must follow all the rules in their jurisdictions to ensure they remain in good standing with law enforcement.

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Top seeds suitable for beginner growers
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Choosing the Right Cannabis Seeds

Whether you’re a beginner grower or an advanced grower, you must know how to choose the right pot seeds to get the best results. With so many different choices available, it can be difficult. Each type of seed boasts unique advantages to meet any grower’s needs. Top choices include regular, autoflowering, and feminized seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are a favorite option for growers who want to cultivate unique strains. Since they’re untouched and in their most natural state, regular seeds produce both male and female marijuana plants. Pick your favorite strains, cross a female and male from each one, and, voila, you have a whole new strain! 

This gives you control over the THC and CBD levels to achieve your most perfect potent strains! Although regular plant seeds aren’t as fancy as other types, they are well-revered for their durability. The plants are sturdy and durable and more resistant to various plant diseases, mold, and mildew.

Feminized Seeds

By their name, feminized cannabis seeds give away what they do, which is produce only female plants. Growers don’t have to worry about cross-pollination and know what’s going to appear ahead of time. This makes these feminized seeds perfect for beginner growers. 

The female cannabis plant is well-renowned for premium buds full of THC and CBD,  producing potent strains. And, since female plants produce buds, that means you can enjoy and smoke your entire crop! Feminized seeds allow cultivators to produce healthy mother plants, which provide more viable seeds. These additional seeds make this type more economical to give you more bang for your buck. 

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds have some of the fastest growth rates of any of the seeds since they automatically flower! Yes, they are specially cultivated to seamlessly move from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without any additional work from the grower. Consequently, these are typically novice growers’ favorite types of seed.

Autoflowering strains are non-photoperiods, so you don’t have to determine how many hours of light or darkness they need to thrive, which makes the entire process seamless. Additionally, autoflower plants don’t tend to grow to be too tall, so they don’t require a ton of space.

How to Determine Quality Seeds

Regardless of which type you choose, you want to make sure you have high-quality seeds. Viable seeds will have a hard outer shell, so when you place them in between your fingers and squeeze, they shouldn’t feel soft or mushy. Further, dark seeds that are black or brown tend to be of higher quality and should have a better germination rate compared to pale green or white seeds. If you choose inferior seeds, you can end up with poor germination rates.

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Top marijuana germination conditions for success
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Marijuana Growth Cycle

From marijuana seedlings to the baby plant to the mature plant that’s ready for harvesting, the marijuana growth cycle is quite intricate. There are numerous stages you should learn about before you start growing cannabis plants to ensure a healthy harvest.


Everything starts with successful germination. While there are several germination methods, they all involve seeds in water. Some growers simply place a few seeds in a glass of water to get them to sprout their primary root. Others choose the paper towel method using only a couple of sheets of paper towels.

In this process, dampen your seeds, place them on a damp paper towel, and cover them with another piece of damp paper towel on top. Ensure you have moist paper towels and not sopping wet ones because the idea is to not oversaturate the seeds. You can then place the seeds and slightly wet paper towels in a plastic container for a moist environment.

During this time, the seed sprouts the primary white root and the cotyledon leaves appear. The seeds will need a consistent source of light to continue to grow, whether outside or in a hydroponic setup.

Seedling Phase

After germination comes the seedling phase. These plants are young and vulnerable and require around 18 to 24 hours of light. Growers should ensure that their seedlings are in moist, high-quality soil with lower humidity levels. While the seedlings don’t need to be watered, growers should remove any excess water, so the young roots aren’t drowned. 

During the seedling stage, the healthy seedlings will produce traditional-looking marijuana sets of leaves. Plants will remain in this stage until their leaves develop the full number of fingers of true marijuana leaves. 

Vegetative Stage

The vegetative stage is next and begins once the cannabis seedlings have seven sets of pointed leaves. Container size will matter, so at this time, put your plants in a larger container since they will begin to rapidly grow. A too-small container could negatively impact its growth. The stem will continue to grow taller and thicker during the vegetative phase. 

The cannabis plants start looking more like traditional marijuana. As their vegetative growth soars, you’ll notice nodes, branches, leaves, and more. Your plants will require extra nutrients to improve growth. In most cases, hydroponic cannabis growers want to ensure an 18-hour light cycle in the daytime and 6 hours at night for feminized strains that aren’t autoflowers.

Flowering and Harvesting

During the flowering stage, the plants need to be exposed to the light source for 12 hours in the daytime and need to spend 10-12 hours in the darkness if they are feminized strains and not autoflowers. Expose your plants to warm temperatures and medium humidity levels for a nice, moist environment. 

As your plants change colors, they are ready for harvesting. You’ll want to cut your plant into smaller pieces and allow them to dry upside down in a cool, dark environment. Now, your plants are ready to enjoy!

Choosing Your Favorite Seed Bank

Yes, there are plenty of seed companies out there, but not all of them are created equal. Growers Choice stands out since we offer seed germination guarantees to give you peace of mind. We are all about healthy cannabis seed germination to provide you with a premium growing experience! Check out all our wonderful strains and choose your favorite today!

Popular Strains

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  2. Cereal Milk Feminized Seeds – one of the newer kids on the block, this 50/50 hybrid is well-balanced and well-rounded, derived from Girl Scout Cookies, Snowman, and Cherry Pie for a sweet and delicious flavor profile
  3. Phantom Cookies Cannabis Seeds – a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with Cherry Pie and Granddaddy Purple lineage to provide an elevated mood and heady buzz, leaving users feeling clear-headed and relaxed
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