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Can I use cannabis treat skin cancer?

Although comprehensive scientific studies have yet to be carried out into the efficacy of cannabis in treating skin cancer like melanoma or basal cell carcinoma, there is anecdotal evidence that concentrated cannabis can successfully treat skin cancer.

The most infamous of these stories is that of Rick Simpson, a Canadian engineer who developed his own cannabis oil, known simply as Rick Simpson Oil, to treat cancerous cells on his arm. Since, Simpson has made it his life’s mission to educate the masses about the powerful cancer-fighting benefits of this potent plant, going so far as to distribute it to free to patients in need.


What other kinds of conditions is cannabis used for?

In Florida, medical cannabis and medical CBD have only been cleared for a few conditions: cancer, muscle spasms, seizures and terminal illness. Patients with cancer, muscle spasms and seizures can use high-CBD, low-THC cannabis products, while terminal patients can use cannabis that is high in THC, as long as it has been prescribed by a physician.

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Are you in the market for medical Plantation cannabis seeds? Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds has you covered. Learn more about our medical cannabis seed strains, like CBD Critical Mass or CBD Moby Dick, or simply peruse our curated online catalog of auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds. We carry something for everyone.

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With a Hollywood connection (the city hall doubled as a high school in the There’s Something About Mary, and the golf course hosted Caddyshack), Plantation, Florida is a city in central Broward County. Here you can visit the Plantation Heritage Park and Plantation Historical Museum, or shop the Westfield Broward Mall or Fashion Mall.

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