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Can you get high from cannabis juice?

Technically, no, it’s very unlikely you’ll have a psychoactive reaction when you’re sipping on a cannabis smoothie.

Why? We know that raw cannabis contains cannabidiolic acid, or CBDa. Raw cannabis also contains THCa, or tetrahydrocannabidiolic acid (THCa). THCa will not get you high, it doesn’t become THC until cannabis plant material is heated, a process known as decarbing.

But, as a precaution, you should try to treat using cannabis juice the same way you would treat a joint or edible – use with caution! It is possible that small amounts of THCa can be converted which may affect a person with low tolerance for THC. So, as we would recommend with any cannabis newcomer, ease yourself into it.

Can I grow CBD cannabis for juicing at home?

Yes, of course! In fact, we highly recommend you grow your own cannabis when you want to venture into juicing or other forms of cannabis cooking experimentation like making edibles or even concentrated cannabis oils. That way you know the potency of the cannabis you’re getting, as well as whether they’ve been treated with chemicals or pesticides.

You always want to start your cannabis gardening projects with the highest quality Pinellas Park cannabis seeds, like those available online from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Peruse our selection of world-class cannabis strains, specially suited to your medical and recreational cannabis needs.

Looking for a THC strain like White Widow or a CBD strain like CBD Blueberry? We’ve got you covered.

Medical cannabis use is legal in Florida, but any customer worried their pot seeds won’t make it across the border from our Canada facility to their US address can select our stealth shipping option. Chat with one of our friendly customer service reps for the down low.

Buy Pinellas Park Cannabis Seeds in Florida

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